Hi guys!
This is trupti here.. pursuing MBA in HR have got a porject but they havent given me any topic but then i have to submit in mid AUG . i want to submit the topic which is based on today's scenario do you have any topic related to HR which cn help my project and if u ll have any project plz mail me na.my id is

6th July 2009 From India, Mumbai

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Hello Trupti,
Who should give you a topic? When did you know you had to submit a project by mid August? I am sure you would have known about the requirement a few months before, if not when you enrolled on the course?
What topic interests you? Have you got access to an organisation where you can conduct Primary research? If so, you need to discuss with them what problems they face that you could conduct research on and try to provide ideas for resolving them.
In the absence of any ideas, instead of seeking ideas here, why don't you search CiteHr and the web to see if any ideas have already been posted. Please also see the message posted by me today at https://www.citehr.com/176305-managi...llocation.html
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6th July 2009 From United Kingdom
Hey guys!
Actually they hanvet specified any topic have to choose my own .. but then the prob is. i thought me being a correspondent i dnt have to do as they never intimated me got otknw frm other sources abut it.. well tense as i dnt knw how to do and wat present scenario i shud work on in a project i dnt wana go for wat all do . but then looking for present scenario in HR and wanna make a project on it as i wud have to give presnetation as well .. no ppts
6th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
Trupti, I am retired traditionalist not used to the present mobile 'Texting' language and I can’t understand your message. Have a nice day. Simhan
6th July 2009 From United Kingdom
Dear Trupti,
You can do the following projects:
Performance Appraisal / Performance Management System
Human Rresource Information System (HRIS)
Recruitment / Selection Methods
Attrition / Retention Techniques
HR Outsourcing
Competency Mapping
Talent Acquisition
Balance scorecard
Competency Mapping
Defining Psychometric Test for Recruitment Process

6th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Trupti,
It is surprised to us ,see your requirements that you have to submit project in mid Aug and you have got project,very late.
Anyway for below mentioned topics:
1.Time management/working hours,extra/late comer
2. Company policies on wages,working hours,benefits etc..
3.Recruitment / Selection Methods/Termination
4.Attrition / Retention Techniques
5.HR Outsourcing & employee interview & verification procedure
6.Competency Mapping & organisation structure
7.Talent Acquisition/performance appraisal
Best Regards
Sajid Ansari-delhi
6th July 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Chandrashekhar

Please do not request finished projects or questionnaires on this forum, without giving enough information.

Instead of asking for a completed project, please search CiteHr where some projects are attached. Then do a literature survey and formulate your aim and objectives for the research (in consultation with the host organisation). You also need a conceptual framework for that. Decide what hypotheses you want to test.

If you have not done any of the above essential preparation for conducting a project, I would advise you to please do so and then pose a precise question.

Please see my post on Research Methodology (Ppt slides attached) at https://www.citehr.com/106849-research-projects.html and Author Workshops at https://www.citehr.com/105093-publishing-international-journals.html <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) and my post at <link no longer exists - removed>

I am not sure if you have read any literature on questionnaire design. If not, go to questionnaire design + guidelines - Google Search= Also see http://citehr.com <link updated to site home> where an MBA project is attached as an example.

A Post by Prodcons also has information on Research Methodology.

Also view and digest the message that ahujamamamia posted at citehr https://www.citehr.com/169377-marble-story.html Try to become the marble statue rather than the tile.

Please read the post by Sayansayu at questionnaire or welfare measures - reg

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6th July 2009 From United Kingdom
I am surprised that folks are asking for fully prepared projects in this forum!! I thought this was a place where one can get guidance and support and not to be spoonfeeded. Its really sad to see this happening here. Apologies to the moderators if I have been too harsh. But I have felt the need for such comments since a good number of students come here just to obtain readymade projects.
6th July 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Giri, No need to apologise. I hope you have read my posts advising students not to ask for projects/questionnaires but work for themselves. Have a nice day. Simhan
6th July 2009 From United Kingdom
hi trupti
Just try the following link download the project report in HR
Human Resources Projects, Dissertation, HR Thesis, HRM Case Study, Working Papers, Examples, Resources and Research Work
Or specify the topics For project report.
Amit Suhag
7th July 2009 From India, Gurgaon

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