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Dear All,
I am working as an Executive HR in a private Co at Bangalore for the past 1 year. I am taking care of all the recruitments. After the interview is over, i will tell the candidates that "we will call you back". If the candidate is not good or not suitable, how to tell him that he is not selected in a polite way without hurting him. Please suggest i am waiting for your replies...
:) Thanks & Regards,
Anand Kumar
Executive HR
From India, Delhi
Dear Anand You can easily say... Right now the vacancy we are having doesn’t exactly match to your profile, in future if we get something suitable for you we will get in touch :) All the best
From India, Mumbai
pankhuri's comment dosn't seem right. if the profile is not suitable why did u call him for interview. it's advisable to say "there is only one post and you r number 2 in merit. we sorry." sounds OK ?
From India, Madras
Internally we are working on merit list, if you do not get any reply from us within 10 days time.. you can apply again for different posts advertised regularly by our company in TOI.
From India, Bellary
It is better for any HR person to keep in touch and build the database we don't know when the opportunity arises and that particular candidate may be a right fit for the current requirement hence in my opinion you can say thanks to the candidate and say that some more candidates are required to be interviewed and will communicate with in a week or so. A mail to his ID won't costs much and at the same time it shows the maturity, caring culture and dignity of the organization hence better to hold the decision even he is not suitable and send an email in a weeks time saying that his candidature is not considered for the position and will consider for some other position when opportunity arises. This makes sense and gives lot of satisfaction to the individual and creates lot of respect towards the organization or else you can a regret letter also.
regards - kameswarao
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Anand,
Do call the candidate and say " Having evaluated your candidature w.r.t the role we are looking for the interviewing panel feels that you______________________(cite reasons) like junior for the post, limited exposure, do not possess the requisite skillsets, communications skills, aggresiveness etc.
Also, tell him that we will keep the CV in your databse and touch base with him in case of any future relevant requirement.. Also, wish him all the best and tell him to stay in touch.
From India, Mumbai
Pls search citehr.
We discussed over the same topic a couple of months back. There are a good number of suggestions. Chk the link below.
<link no longer exists - removed>
If you can spare a few mins, you can search for more links and find better ones too!
From India, Madras
Hi All,
Just tell them that current role demands are not matching with your personality & attitude hence you have not been short listed, however we will keep u posted once the suitable opportunity comes up thanks for your interest in our company.
From India
To point on someones attitude and personality during an interview selection round - may not sound good. Its fine to confine it to the skills matching area alone :-)
From India, Madras
I feel as HR persons we should always let the candidate know about where he/she stands in terms of their candidature and if they r selected why so n if rejected why, it does not take much time hardly 2- 3 mins and candidate really feel very good abt the feedback..
most of the time we don’t tell them that they r rejected coz we feel sorry for the candidate but giving him a straight insight about his/her selection will actually release him from anxious wait at that moment it self and he/ she would know where they stand and what steps they need to take to improve..
so we should always inform them at that day itself about their selection status they would really feel good about it
From India, Vashi
Hi Anand,
I too work as Hr-Executive. Usually I use to say the word “right now we kept your profile in Hold, We are in a position to see some more candidates, So we will call u back with in a week”.
By telling this kind of words most of the candidate can understand they r not selected.
From India, Madras
I have applied for innumerable posts and not once have I heard from the organisation to say I have not been selected, forgot gving an explanation why.

Some do not respond to enquiry and try to dodge answering, upon being pressed one such organisation mentioned that they had kept me on their 'waiting list'. I was so upset that I insisted they take me off that list as I would not like to work for an organisation that called me for an interview as part of their head-hunting efforts and then had the gall to do that without asking my inclination.

Another company paid for me to fly down - second interview - for a decision between myself and another candidate. I was sure of their bias from the very beginning - they put us up in different levels of accomodation. I did not hear from them for over two weeks and when I enquired I was made to feel as if I had committed some solecism in doing so, 'obviously the other candidate was selected'.

The best response I had was at a PSU where they put up a list of the selected candidate and the waitlisted, in order of merit/selection. They had had a written test and interview too, so the whole thing seemed fair and above-board. Imagine, Public Sector wins hands down, private sector hai-hai!
From India, Mumbai
I feel to be true is the best policy.You can do it by pointing out what went wrong in the interview, it may seem harsh.But only by that way the person will be able to improve himself or herself. remember some tough statements can sometimes make a life.And do not tell that you are right, only tell that you are saying because you personally felt he is capable and can get the job at same position somewhere.Try it once.
From India, Rajkot
Dear Kameshwarrao, HRDX and RSK
I am very agreed to your thoughts

Dear Nareshsadre,
Using such harsh words like, attitude and personality not fit for the position and that too with role and responsibility does not sound professional because no one (individual or company) determines JD / role and resposibility for a particular position along with the exact personality and attitude match

I had terrible experience of 2 interviews for training positions in different companies. 1 was conducted by HR executive (In that incidence, mobile phone of the respected HR executive kept on ringing and he picked every call by saying "its urgent yaar" at least for 4-5 times during my interview. That really disturbed me and him too and one can easily assume, what would have been the result? For me it was an opportunity loss. After having this experience, I straight away deny for every interview call if conducted by HR executive and it has become one of the must question for me from the HR guys or consultants that who (designation and experience) will be interviewing?

In the 2nd interview on one fine Wednesday the Corporate HR of an MNC (fortune 500) interviewed me for around little more than 1 hour. After the interview she happily asked me to appear for final round (that will also include one presentation / training session of 30 min.) before the panel of GM sales and GM marketing and her in the next week Monday or Tuesday (exact day and time will be confirmed by HR executive on phone). Having this news I happily shared it with my family members.
Hello guys wake up ... what are you trying to read further nothing came up on Monday. By afternoon, I called that office and inquired the situation from the HR executive, she replied that some more interviews are happening, hence final round has been postponed to next week. Next week Monday the answer was "we have already selected someone for the position". Now one can easily make out my then situation. I thought of meet the Corporate HR in person and remind her what she said the other day but did not do since the selection was finally done. I could not understand whether it was a way of denying a candidature or someone got personal favour?
I am really afraid of the these poor practices and unprofessional approach of HR people.

I always prefer a mail to the candidate and proper feedback telephonically or by mail regarding what happened in the interview along with congrats mail (if selected) and inputs for improvement and further opportunities (if not selected).
An HR practitioner must understand that people appearing for interviews are outspoken, modern, knowledgefull and smart, hence choosing a right process and adopting transparency is an immediate demand of time.
I will also suggest not to make vague statements like: we will get back to you, We will inform you in some time and so on. These are the general sentences used by job consultants.
From India, Delhi
you can say your profile is not shortlisted for the further rounds of interview, if we have another opening matching with your profile we will let you know, thanks for showing interest in our organization
this can never hurt to the candidates.
From India, Indore
Dear ,

There are several ways to express your feelings on this(if candidate not selected)

a)We are interviewing more candidates ,if your profile match with our requirements then we will call you again.

b)We are looking something different profile than you,if there is any need for future vacancy ,we will call you.

c)Your profile match with certain extends but we are waiting for dept head's reply,if they selected you,we will call you for final round.

d)This is the stage of shortlisted of candidates,if you got the maximum rating,then we will invite for recruitment/meeting with CEO/final interview etc...

e)You have well experience in this field,but we will have a meeting with all dept head,seniors etc ,if you selected,we will call you back.

Please explain the all above criteria and tell the limit of final selected is max 10 days,if you would not get reply within 10 days then may some other selected for this job,but we can't say right now because your profile & experience is well.

Best Regards

Sajid Ansari-Delhi
From India, Delhi

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When I was recruiting, I used to tell all those whom I had to reject, about their strengths, their weaknesses, how they can overcome their weakness and where (in which position) they can better use their strengths, why I do not think they cannot fit my requirements. I used to have a very open discussion, always trying to help them improve. I never gave them any false hopes.
Believe me from the way we were parting, I can confidently say you that they were more than happy for at least meeting me and getting the right feedback.
Remember as recruiters we have a responsibility to the people we are interviewing - we have to contribute positively in return for the time they are spending with us. They are not intruding into our time, we have called them.
Hope it helps.

Dear Anand,
If the candidate was rejected. dont say immediately that he was rejected.plz say we will get back u evening. if he called by evening. tell him that he was rejected. then tell his possitives and negatives. why he was rejected. if u said his mistakes, and draw backs. then he will get idea why he was rejected. and later if he attend any interview, he will practice well and with confident will attends the interview. after that he will definitely get selected.
Thanks& Regards,
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Anandkumar,
It is in practice in telling that 'we will call you back' for the non selected candidate or the candidates on waiting list.
But one thing, dear anand, if you select a candidate the result shall be communicated clearly to him a)you are selected your appointment order will reach you within ---days.b)You come and join on _____date and collect your appointment order on that date.
Why I am telling this, One of my friend attended interview for a HR manager in a reputed company(i dont want to tell the name of the company) asked him after informing that he has been selected,that when he would join - as the candidate told the possible date, they agreed and congratulated him. Then even the date of his joining - as told by him - crossed, he wasnot getting any order from the company - on telephoninc enquiry he got th reply that you have joined on that date so we have taken the candidate next to you. (though the mistake is on the candidate that he would have asked about the appointment order - he was on the belief that the company is big and there shall be system in pucca)
In another case, my close friend was selected in interview of a big publishing company group, and told about his selection and advised him to see the workplace and the quarters where he should stay with his wife and parents etc., accordingly he visited the place of work and quarters and told the person incharge about his willingness to join and expecting the order from them. In spite of this, no information received by him till date even after a year.
From India, Madras
My suggestion would be :
1) since the no. of candidates called for the final interview will be 3 or 4, it will help in building up good relationship if the HR calls the concerned candidate to convey whatever decision is taken in the matter - (instead of making the candidate follow up on the matter)
2) do not give any false picture
3) if the candidate is not selected, tell him the vacancy has been filled and that he is unlucky that he could not get selected this time
4) ask him if he would be interested in any other possible openings within the organisation and if he is interested in any other opening
5) wish him best luck and promise to keep in touch with him.
this has to be done by some responsible executive who is capable and should be left to the operator or receptionist
From India, Mumbai
Dear Jyo_An and rsk11584 & all

I agree whole-heartedly with you.

PSU's are more ethical (no other way for them; as they arms of the State), transparent (again, because they are answerable to the people, in the Parliament and under RTI also); and FAIR (because of the Constitution of India and Fundamental rights of Equality).

Coming back to the original problem; I dont understand what is the harm in being honest and truthful ? Why should one try to act cunning and deceitful (though your company may be doing it, esp. in the area of Sales & Marketing)? HR should be an upholder of business ethics.

I agree, it may not be possible to list out the reason (it is not appropriate being an internal matter; members taking Interview do not list it out - their observations are vague etc); but the candidate must be told about the outcome, if he is interested/concerned about it.

So in my opinion, the following options are available :

# We are still going on with the Process...

# We are planning to Interview some more candidates...

# The Interview Panel has short-listed some candidates; unfortunately your name is not included in that list ...

# I am sorry to inform you that you have not been selected....


HR should never use the negative word, "REJECTED". Please remember, you are nobody to REJECT a candidate; just because the candidate took the trouble of attending your interview, it does not confer upon you the right to JUDGE a candidate, or to insult is capabilities and experience.

The word used should be "NOT SELECTED", if a candidate does not measure up to your own standards/requirements.


From India, Delhi
Dear applicant,
Thank you very much for your recent application and for the interest inthe position of ...............with .................
As anticipated we received an impressive number of highly qualified
applicants for this position.
This, of course, makes the selection process a difficult choice
however, it is our intention at this time to process those applicants
that reflect the most extensive preparation for this position. We have given very careful consideration to your application, comparing your resume to our present and future recruitment needs.
While your background and experience meet some or most of our
requirements, there were other applicants whose qualifications more closely fit our particular needs. We are therefore unable to proceed with your application.
We appreciate your interest in employment with .........., and we wish you success in your employment goals.
From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Hi, You can tell him that we regret to inform you that you have not been shortlisted for further round.Pls visit to our website and reapply after six months
From India, Pune
Dear Surendro
I liked your idea (its quite professional and daring) and approach which requires in depth understanding of interview process, psycho-social situations and of course table feeding before interview.
From India, Delhi
Dear All,

I am fully agree with Kamesh,and in our company,we are following the same, don't say thank you bye bye directly ,I t can affect the candidates career,their confidence level,might be after saying, you are not selected, can increase their frustration level........if you want to convey your msgs,why not in good manner...it will increase your company reputation, it will show ur professionalism ......after Interview is over ,politely say,we will get back to you very soon or within a week.

and then after a week you can send the regret mail also,

Dear Candidate,

At present there is a mismatch between your credentials, competencies to what we are looking for.

Hence we could not consider your candidature further for the said position.

Hope to meet in future for right / suitable position matching your credentials & competencies.

Wishing you all the best.

Note : don't forget to draft a mail,if candidate is not selected,this is a healthy practice, wanna say,candidates will start followup from you ,It will ake your time as well as candidates time also......and some candidate will not look for the other job till the result disclose from you ......

From India, Pune
Dear Mr. Anand,
You can tell that candidate that you will discuss his profile as well as all other candidates' profile with your Directors or higher official and get back to him if they select him.
Ashok Kumar Modi
From India, Bangalore
Dear Dev,
That's exactly the point. Unless we have the right credentials, we should not be carrying out a responsibility like Recruitment. After all if we have the expertise, we must try to develop human resource, even when we are not in a position to accept some ones candidature.
Thanks and regards,

completely agree with Raj Kumar.
We should be up front with the candidate and give him the apt information on what exactly is happening in the recruitment process...
If the candidate doesnot match the position requirement (dont use the word reject) then go ahead and let the candidate know what went wrong in the process and where was the mismatch in the skills...
Every candidate posses skills, As a matter of fact you called the candidate because you felt that he might metch your requirement... So there is no way you can use the word reject.
In our company we make sure to let the candidate know what are all the skills that was needed and what was are skills that he is missing.
From India, Hyderabad
Instead of playing meery-go-round, the candidates can be infomed that 'we are still in the process of interviewing more candidates. With ................many days well get back to you."
and within the specified period you may send simple mail (which costs nothing) informing that he/she has not been selected but their candidature will be considered incase of any vacancy arise. With this, the candidate will not feel offended and at the same time he/she can start looking out for other opportunites.
From India, Hyderabad
Hi All, Before calling a candidate to ur organization u should verify whether he/she is eligible or not.Bcoz. these type of replies sometimes create negative impression in the mind of cadidate.
From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Friend,
Replying him directly that his qualities doesnt match wont be better option as the database can be of use further also. So better to tell him that " It was nice meeting you. We are in the process of meeting few more candidates. We will inform you if things get further." This is in a frinedly note saying bye to the person.
From India, Ahmadabad
Hiii all, u can add we are in search of the right person not the best and the worst among few peoples. rgds sambit
From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi all,
The discussion turned out to be very amusing. I am afraid at the HR specialists thought process. Instead of thinking how to wriggle out of a situation, why not they think about how to leverage their position to the best advantage of Society in general and the candidates in particular and help develop the candidates through positive contribution?

Dear Mr. XYZ,
We thank you for showing interest in the position. However we regret to inform you that your profile was not found suitable for further assessment & subsequently we did not receive go ahead on your candidature.
We will keep your resume in our database & will get in touch with you as soon as there is a suitable work opportunity matching to your profile.
We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
With kind regards
Your Name
From India, New Delhi

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