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Thread Started by #lakshmi.reddy

Hi All I need your help and advice in dealing with a situation at office. Ours is a small BPO company with strict targets and deadlines. But we are quite considerate and generous while granting SL or EL. One of our female employees took leave a couple of months ago for about 1 month to undergo some treatment. We approved her leave on Loss of Pay basis. Her treatment was not successful. Now she wants leave for 3 more months for the same reason. She is not undergoing any operation but is just going to be on some medication which will make her feel tired. If the treatment is not successful this time as well, then she may need more leave. Eventhough she is a good employee, as a small company we cannot afford this inconsistancy and it would be a pressure on the other employees. A lot of company effort in terms of providing refresher training, etc will be required. How do you think we can handle this situation so that company is not affected and at the same time we don't appear unsympathetic? Looking forward to your advice. Lakshmi
16th June 2009 From India, Bangalore
dear in my view you can counsel the same thing to her as u have explained in your query. tell your complete problem to her ,she should understand your problem . regards j s malik
16th June 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi, Since your collegue requires long leave, which will affect your work also, you do her Full & Final settlement and let her know once she finishes the treatment if the vacancy exists she is well comed. Mean while you can appoint another person and get the work done. If he/ she is good at work can continue and if you can accomdate your collegue after she comes back from leave well & good , or else anyways you have done her F& f. Regards, Harshad
16th June 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear In my opinion you have to refer the policy of your BPO, after consulting it either your have to Counsel the staff in the light of the policy , and if it permits you have to help her. Nadeem
16th June 2009
Hello Lakshmi, Harshad is right. Anyway she is willing to go on Loss-of-pay. So you have 2 options. Either-- 1) you make her F & F settlement now, with an assurance-NOT commitment-that she can return after her treatment. OR 2) make some sort of amendments in your Leave policy to handle such extreme cases--to be handled on a case-by-case basis. In the long run, this could be more employee-friendly. Rgds, TS
16th June 2009 From India, Hyderabad
as u told urs is a small company , u can follow as per harshad and j s mallik advise. u should not hurt the employee and same time u need to protect the company interest. in this situation u need to have good relationship with the employee and same time need to avoid any legal interference on this
16th June 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Lakshmi, You seem to be in a situation very much similar to what I am facing. Ours is also a small BPO company and we too are very lenient in terms of approving leaves. Just like you, we recently had a case of an employee taking multiple medical leaves for treatment. While we normally give consideration for medical leave, in this particular case, the senior management decided to have a direct talk with the employee. We explained the situation and requested her to submit her resignation against full pay. We also assured her that we will be happy to re-employ her once she finishes her treatment. Additionally, we also assured her that if she rejoins, we will not consider the absence as a break in service and she will receive full benefits due to her. After understanding our position and offer, the lady was happy to submit her resignation. While she is not on our rolls at the moment, she has confirmed that she will be rejoining us in August. So, we have effectively resolved our issue without losing a good employee. Hope that helps. Regards, Gaurang
16th June 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Dada,this type of decision will always encourage the employees to give their best to the company becoz company will always think in support of the employees
16th June 2009 From India, Jaipur
Hello everybody, One of my friend has faced same problem, the employee has accepted for full and final settlement but now she put a case on the company about the termination(Actually she gave resignation) and the resignation of the employee is missing. what to do? Prasad
16th June 2009 From India, Warangal
Hi Lakshmi, Greetings! The problem is really understandable, but try to think by putting your leg into her shoe as well, she may be undergoing some kind of serious health issues, which can affect her future professional career or personal life as well, nor I am telling you to do the compromise with the company policies. Here wat you can do, is you can do the couselling with her, and illustrate the whole situation around and also try to get the possible way out if she can come down to the office anytime when company needs her most. You can also go for an alternate way, that try to get the full information about on which project she is working and how much her presence is important for this project? Here, you can recruit some one on lieu of her on a contract basis for a particular period, whereas you can give her that asked period of leave, that too without pay. As IT market situation is still not improved to you can find plenty of candidates would be ready to work on contractual period for 3 or 6 months. I hope this idea may work out. Kindly acknowledge! Regards, Ram K Poddar HR
16th June 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Mr. Prasad, Greetings, Well termination that is because of leave, may not be the full proof solution of any problem, it should have been sorted out by doing analysis and counselling. Else, it depends on company to company policies. Regards, Ram K Poddar Hr
16th June 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Lakshmi, i agree with Ram. If you are terminating the person then , u are losing the confidence of the other good employees also. Good employees give their best performance for the company so when its essential, the company should reciprocate in the same way. Tell the employee that a maximum of months can be given as leave. Put the employee on leave & take a person on contract for some time. I feel that would be fair. Regards Suman
16th June 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Prasad, The resignation might be missing but the F&F settlement statement which is duly acknowledged by the employee may be very much there in Accounts / Finance department. You might have paid the F&F settlement amount through bank and she might have withdrawan the same. The relieving letter & service certificate might have issued by you which she might have acknowledged and received. All the above can be produced as proofs for her acceptance. Over and above this think about any sabotage, some body might have purposefully snached the resignation letter, informed and made her to proceed against your organization / you. I may be wrong also. Regards - kameswarao
16th June 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Whenever employee submitted resignation ,on acceptance of that resignation by his/her HOD HR deptt has to issue the resignation acceptance letter to that employee. You can do one thing if you remember the date of submission of resignation then you just issue a letter agisnst acceptance of that resignation which would be used as evidance that there is no termination but she has submitted the resignation .
16th June 2009 From India, Jaipur
Dear Lakshmi, You can appoint another person with immedaite effect ,the terms of employment of the worker would be Badli which is approved as per Indian law. Whenever she gets full fitness then you can replace with Badli,the appointment of the Badli worker/staff would be temporary. Best Regards Sajid
16th June 2009 From India, Delhi
hi Lakshmi, I feel the following options may work out: As you said, u cannot invest money/time in training new one, you can provide her all the facilities like laptop, phones and others relevant to her work and get it work done whenever she is out of treatment. Else you can recruit less experienced person (not fresher) on contract basis and ask her to give training for few days and go on for leave. Once she is back to job you can cancel the contract Other one is like others told you as sit with her and explain about situation problem and u can do F&F settlement. And you can welcome her after she is back from treatment. Regards SitaS
17th June 2009 From India, Mumbai
If it is a health reason that to for a good employee we can support them. Because most of them never care about their health putting their efforts to develop the company. You are not paying anything and it will give good signal to rest of the employees. Everybody feels that company will take care of them if they or in worst situations. For company you have to explain them the importance of dedicated employees. This is just my view from other side of the coin... Thanks Heyram
17th June 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Here are my 2 cents 1. Never ever do F&F settlement the way its been said above, b'cos in a situation like this you will de-moralize her which will impact her from coming out of her illness, especially in the situation when she needs the HELP to the most 2. You said she is an GOOD employee, the word "GOOD" is very important here b'cos these are the people who become PILLAR of the company over a period of time. Being with them in a situation like this will setup MORALE values amongst others. 3. Folks, do remember the SOCIAL aspect of business b'cos w/o that company can slide thru the roof in 1 day. It's b'cos of people Morale & rigidity to fight everything keeps the company alive. My suggestion, as long as the lady wants to take leave ler her (you are not paying anways, so it does not affect your Financial Books), but if things turn around she will come back with FULL POWER that you will never be able to believe. Support her, she will go long ways...
17th June 2009 From United States, Bellevue
We have many open options to solve this issue 1. If the employee is confident that she/he will return to work after her extended leave period then company should extended her leave period 2. If the employee is not confident then final settlement and rejoining process will do.
18th June 2009 From India, Hyderabad
In my opinion u talk to ur employee regarding this, u tell her ur problem and asure her about rejoining. Mean while u can hire a trainee or contract staff for the company work.
18th June 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear friends, I encourage all of you to read a book called " Maverick " or " Seven Day Weekend " by Semler ,, chairman of SEMCO a latin american compnay. Anyway coming back to this problem. Three issues YOU are a small company WORK pressure does not allow employee absentism A person is good in work but requires treatment Do not add further wound to her pain she is suffering if that is really true. Ask her if it is okay for talking to her doctor and ascertain how long she requires leave. GIVE HER THAT BENEFIT OF LEAVE and employ some one from college or anywhere on temp basis say 2/3 months. If business grows retain both. When your employee comes fully recharged after her treatment she will be one of your best employee. While she is going thro the treatment let her proudly say what a company she is working for and this alone will bring so much good will and many to work for you. This is the human side and business side mix. YOU WILL always get some one who is interested working part-time and ask your existing employee if she can come inbetseen for few hours and take responsiblity to train. This is a win win situation for all.
18th June 2009 From Singapore, Singapore
Dear Lakshmi, One of you from HR Department can visit the ailing employee and while conversating with her, you can counsel her that she shouled resign from the services of your company and whenever she thinks fit for work must approach the Co for rejoining with an assurance that she will be considered on priority basis. I had personally performed the same with one of our employee and had been re-hired after she got fit to resume work. This will go a long way in generating confidence and loyalty towards organisation, amongst your employees and will help in making brand equity. Regards Amit Anand Gera
18th June 2009 From India, New Delhi
HI, HR has to maintain balance between the human face of the organization and commercial / business aspects as well. I would suggest the following: 1. There is no harm in giving long without pay leave for genuine reason. But at the same time organization has to make it sure that, leave asked for is absolutely necessary, unavoidable and also can not be shortened. 2. Under such circumstances employees should not be given a impression that, since it is a without pay leave they can take it even for not so serious reasons. It needs to be clearly communicated to all employees that, as a employee they have to manage their job, their family, their health and their home and organization can help them by going out of way sometimes and not always, since this kind of benefits can be asked by other employees in future based on the precedences. 3. Make sure reason and duration of without pay leave asked for is genuine. Get the copies of medical reports and have it vetted from some other doctor before sanctioning leave. Also check, will the illness / treatment will need further leaves in future as well. 4. All above precautions will help in avoiding misuse of considerations given to employee and other employee claiming similar considerations in future quoting the precedence. Thanks & Regards
19th June 2009 From India, Pune
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