Indian culture vs Western culture.

Hello everyone....lets start our discussion on ths topic...

I think both culture are good....and I think WESTERN culture is good in many wayssssss............its very liberal and alwayz ready for a change nd also has INDIVIDUALITY.....and thing which is wrong with our culture is our rigidity....we can not change ourself easily..

I am not saying change ur own culture and accept the western culture only but why we are not ready to accept good things from the western culture.....do u kno both cultures hve got their own sweet charm.......their culture suits their environment it may not fit in our indian culture.......there a woman walking on beach with a swimsuit may not be an object of attraction because its their way of living...........where as in india a woman walking ina noodle strap tee will also draw a huge attention just because we still have that traditional way of living smwhre............

butwork culturemprofessionalism is better there.people are more punctual, peple are very dsiciplined and they have the manner ..in our India we dont knwo the table manner smet tiems and if we will say westerns are good ..nobdy is ready to accept this...do u know we Indians dont like to folwo the trafic rules....even we dont care and we can split anywhere....we dont know how to talk on phone,...no phone manner......but we can not accept thses things .....we are sying we Indians are very hard wroker and very much dedicated to wrk ..no we are not ...an american ,a british ,german they are far bettr than us ..do u kno if we are wrking of our 60% efficeiny they are wrking with 100% ...is it wrong ??shuld we not accept thses things,...

but when it comes to family ,relation... and deep rooted values..our golden bird india is far better than westrnsssss ..we kno wthe value of realtion....but they dont .....we are respecting parents teacherswhich is evolvd frm indian culture only...seeing god in everyone.. stones, human, animals arised from indian mythology.....Indinas culture is so good but smewhere i feel bad also ..which need to be change also............anyway hoping for more comments of the membersssssssss
12th June 2009 From India, Pune

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hello. .
i do agree with this, but then its a gradual process. .and indians are on the line to grab all the positives but then there is always a mix of people where it will take time for our elders to accept it. .but yes it will. .
17th January 2010 From India, Ahmadabad
There is no doubt that our indian culture is far more superior than any other culture in the world.We dont have to follow others or other countries, we have our own style and values!one more reason why we should thank our Indian culture is "we indians know who is our mom and dad are", Westerners does'nt know..Lol..There are not much Divorces in our culture.. We dont have any Step mom or Step Dad..or Step brothers and sisters..As for as the dress is concern "THe Best dress is the dress of pious,honesty,values,and Integrity" Walking in a beach with a swim suit is definetly not a good culture,I mean would we like our sisters to go in a Swim suit on beach?Answer is no? culture applies to every1 !we are part of culture,our brothers, sisters,mother,father, everone..There is nothing good in western culture so that we should adopt!its true we are hard workers,if we are not hardworkers then you must not have seen scientists,Doctors,mathematicians in foriegn countries!Proud to be an indian and following its Culture!
17th January 2010 From India, Madras
I dont think that our culture is rigid. It is just so flexible that it has accepted western culture in so many ways.

A person can wear whatever he or she wants to and is comfortable with. Be it jeans or noodle strap tee. The resultant indian diversity is a result of flexibility of indian culture.

And indians are punctual and disciplined just like westeners. You should not forget that Indians only after completing their studies go abroad and work in western companies leading to their success. And this is due to work worship of Indians.

And ofcouse our values are the best and so now being preached in the whole world including western countries.

i am not saying western culture is bad but i feel there is no culture in the west. Whatever they find entertaining (be it anything) they start following that which is not there in India and thus some people feel Indian culture to be rigid and prefer western over Indian.

I am proud to be an Indian and would appreciate & encourage its culture throughout my life.
6th July 2010 From India, Delhi
I Agree with shaily..A person can wear whatever he or she wants to and is comfortable with.and even I am proud to be an Indian and would appreciate & encourage its culture throughout my life. Rajesh
6th July 2010 From India, Pune
hii dont mind .. i m nt agree wd u dat indian culture is flexible....in sme part of country it might be flexible...bt in entire india... i
6th July 2010 From India, New Delhi
one s 4gt dat every highly educated person nw in india is working 4 foriegn countries and involved in the development of dat country but not in the development of india?
with this condition dont blaim india to be backward........??
apply knowledge even 4 mother country,then we can show our impact on other countries but not the other way!
27th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
yea een i do agree with shaily,,,,,,,
there is no culture in the west,the do wat they feel is rite,dont bother abt society,no family relations,no sentiments,no culture,no tradition is found in western!!
ther is lots of variety in indian culture,care,belief,trust ,religious,etc all r followed oli in indian culture,not else whr
27th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
our culture has it\'s own value.vedas,uponisad r the greatest book of the world.uponisad is known as house of knowledges.Hindu religion is the oldest &best religion of the world.we see in mayapur(isckon)more than 50% people are foreigner,they adopt baishanab religion & every time praying Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.so they adopt our culture that means our culture is the best.

12th January 2013 From Uganda
I would like to add a post from my blog, on a comparison between women in the west in in India.
It is titled: The Mona Lisa: female body image
The Mona Lisa: female body image | On Ourselves and Others
14th June 2014 From United States

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