Hello friends,
after a long time.. i need a favor from all of you.. specially those who have done some research on ESS ... i need to design ESS for my organisation... i want to know what are the things we need to take care while designing the questionnaire...
please help me by giving me the guidelines...
Thanks in advance..

From India, Delhi
Hey hope these will help……………………..
1. The knowledge of the company vision/ mission and strategies
2. What extent does the employee you understand the vision/ mission?
3. How confident is the employee about the Company’s ability to reach its goal?
4. Overall performance of the company
5. Corporate Social Responsibility
6. Whether the company has made reasonable efforts to allow its employees to balance their work and family?
7. Whether the company that invests in their people and focuses on empowering them?
8. Opportunities given to the employees to meet my family/ personal commitments
9. Whether individual differences are respected in this company
10. Working environments
11. Superiors
12. Salary, wages & other benefits

From Sri Lanka
You can ask question about...
Salary Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction
Infrastructure Satisfaction
Relations with boss and colleagues
Satisfaction with HR Policies and Procedures
About Training Need
About future growth of the company and where they see themseleves...in that.
I hope this will help.
Sanjeev Sharma

From India, Mumbai
Hi Gunjan,
Even I am conducting Employee Satisfaction Survey in my organisation. I have already circulated questionnair & now receiving feedback. I am posting a article & questionnair here, which is taken from Citehr only. I have only converted the questionnair in exell form for easy analysis but credit goes to Pooja, she has sent me this questionnai.
Thanks & Regards,
Sanjay Shende

From India, Mumbai
Question to be asked in ESS from various heads could be segregated and put it across. It would help the employee to think in releavnt terms and also the employers to analyse the data- which could further be used to analyse the exit's also and to improve upon- policies, compensation, benefits, trainings etc.
Also I woud like to add that it should be well propogated so that most of the employees are present and on the D day the entire organisation should assemble to gether and in a specified time frame they should be given the sheets to answer and then should be collected. So that there is no discussion on theviewes presented by the individuals.
The anlysis could also be shared with the employess for the fairness of the system.

From India, Bangalore
Thanks to all of you....
sanjay.. i didnt see any questionnaire attached... can you please send me the questionnaire at this [email protected]
will need more input... it would be great if you can add some more suggestuions like the process best to use to interpret the filled questionnaire(spercially the mathematical one) or any thing else..
thanks alot ..

From India, Delhi
Hi Sanjay, I am happy to know that my questionnaire has helped my HR colleague. I hope ur survey is a success!!!! Regards, Pooja
From India, Pune
Hi Pooja,
Thanks a lot. The questionnair is appreciated throughout the organisation. I was desperately trying to get in touch with you. I am looking your help in analysing the feedbacks, which you were supposed to send me by e-mail. Pleased do send me.
Thanks & Regards,
Sanjay Shende

Hi Gunjan
I am sending you more material on ESS by e-mail.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Sanjay,
Yes, I sincerely forgot to send u the evaluation. Why dont u do one thing. Once u have colected some feedback forms. Send me the details of one part of it. I will analyze that part thru calculations & send it back to u. It will be easier for u to understand. Believe me the analysis is very simple.
Semd me a part of the details & I shall do the remaining.

From India, Pune
Give me your e-mail ID pls. I will send you some forms. Can you also give me your mobile no so that I can speak to you for more clarifications or pls call me. Regards Sanjay 9967010142
From India, Mumbai

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