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Dear Folks,
I have a employee who is always reporting late to office.
I have tried my best to fix the problem sent him a cautionary mail and also spoke to the employee personally.
It did pay off and he is making it early these days, but I was wondering what are the other methods as HR we can adopt to address the problem of late coming.
Awaiting your suggestions !!!!!!
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sunita,

It is great on our part to boost up employee morale and problems of such kinds. The issue that we are talking about is about Industrial Relations. But than it is also duty of HR to sort out such problems within its need, power, effectiveness and efficiency.

Now,there are certain things that as an HR we can handle:-

1) Develop a card swapping mechanism wherein the margin of time can be pre-programmed and fed to the system which can lead to the cut off of the half day salary if not followed.
2) As an HR in an organization, if it is found it is only one employee who is coming late or is not able to make it on time than the approach you adopted is effective.
3) Another way is to be strict enough to let the security guard know regarding the time margin and than strictly prohibiting the entry of any employee to the work place.
4) Lastly follow a very liberal and easy going way (Known as the Google Way) which will help in being a very boastful employee morale and help to attend the growth and target in the time frame.

I hope this might help us in getting what we are looking at. But as an HR we wont be able to do justice to the issue, We will have to be Industrial Relations Personnel in order to give answer to this question.

From India, Madurai
Dear Sunita
As I do't have any knowledge about the nature of the organization. Still I would like to suggest u to take the help of some incentive plan for timely reporting.
Plz mail me back if u want by mentioning ur company nature
From India, Guwahati
Dear Sunita,
As Zalak said, go for some attendance software (showcard / punch card).Also you can mark Half Day for the employee for those days he entered late from the office timing & ask him to fill leave for those days.....
From India, Madras
if your organization is small then keep a register for signature in your office and after some fix time,means after 10 minuts of your office give this register to the head of your company for his last signature and this after the boss signature this is not poosible to sign any body and he will ask directly from the boss or create some some other formality for late signature.
if your organization is big then put a finger machine and this is enoug.
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Give him repeated warning 2-3 times, if he is still coming late,throw him out of the organisation. Don’t tolerate indiscipline in office.
From India, Nagpur
Dear Sunita,
In my last organization there were several habitual late comers .To curb this HR followed the policy of deducting one day's leave when an employee came late to office for more than three days in a month.In case the employee didn't have any leaves left one day's pay was deducted.
Swati Verma
From India, Delhi
As a HR we can do:
01. Counsell him and try to know the reason for late coming.
02. Address the same to his boss and try to heat him from his boss.
03. Ded the leaves from his account ,if comes late more than 03 times in a month.
04. Make a circular and stick on Notice board reg the late comings in the office.
05. And last but none option is take disciplinary action by simply giving him warning letter as per ur standing orders for more than 03 days in a month and can suspend for 01 day ( not attending duty).
Suraj Varma
From India, Hyderabad
whats ur problem
is he putting enough amount if work?
is he productive?
the problem with us we want a person in time but not productivity
and if he is productive we cannot give him a leverage of coming late u know why?
tomorrow every one will do it ?
in fact u can use his late coming as a gr8 tool to get things done from him even things like going against any union directive
just think of the infinite possibility?
u have a dedicated soul who knows its because of u he is safe ?
let him be ur ears eyes and hands for all th dirty work?
From India, Mumbai
Well, all I could say is that if the person is productive and doing justice to his assignments n finishing up the tasks on/before time then late coming can be well ignored.
If not then with the help of the Attendence S/W he can be subjected to the strict statutory actions.
From India, Faridabad
hi dear sunita
i feel that this will not the only thing you are mentioning about i feel some dissatisfaction will come out or some office environment is coming out in this way. Just try to look into the working style and kind of work person is doing. U pick one employee who is more confident after late coming and might be he is oldest employee or he is having more interaction directly with higher authority and he feels himself above other employee. You can not spell one word for every one.
Rest i dont know wht ur office size and reporting culture
i feel so many things will comes in way to manage timing in office.
From India, New Delhi
Dear Sunita,

In absence of much information, just going on the content which you have posted I’ve certain points to make.

1. Do you allow grace period? e.g. If the office starts at 9:00 a.m. then allowing people to reach office by 9:10 a.m.

2. Do you have a policy mean for late arrivals, if not then it’s time for you to frame one. E.g. clearly specifying slabs of late arrivals and then result.

You could decide or fix the number of late arrivals permissible, after which it could be adjusted either against salary or paid leaves. For instance, allowing employee to report to duty 15 minutes late twice in a month. (Depending on your organization this time limit could be from 30mins to 1 hour). For these late arrivals (though permitted), the employee will have to fill in a late arrival Permission Slip on that very day – get it approved from immediate Head or Manager. And then submit it to H.R for their approval too.

It’s a personal experience that such methods do work. And very rarely (possibility is almost nil) that you will have to remind them again. Employees themselves will take care and even the approving authority will be in loop.

Also if the staff size isn’t big enough then please try to find out possible reasons. Followed by Counseling. If still nothing changes then verbal, written warnings should follow. (Please make it a point to elaborate everything step by step very precisely in the policy). This might help you.Most desirable action would be finding the root cause that this late coming is just out of habit or there or some reasons too!

From India, Vadodara
Thank you members for all your responses, as some of the members have asked me about the size of the org, then let me tell you its a mid size org with head count less than 100.
Yes, I do agree with most of the members that if the employee is productive and is dedicated towards his work (working late hrs on his given project/assignments ) then some kind of relaxation can be given, but incase he/she is just idling away with not much work and then reporting late to office then it amounts to some serious action.
From India, Hyderabad
If the guy is productive enough than it is better to ignore his late coming. OR he can be directed to be in office in the evening till late in evening.
From India, Bangalore
hi all
i personally agree to the suggestion given by Ms. Shalini. We are also practicing the same policy in our organization.
Sunita- ours is also a medium sized company. what we have done is that our office starts at 9.00 am but we have given grace period of 30 min. besides that we have divided time slots for leave deduction. Eg. if the person comes after 11.00 am then 0.25 is deducted from his CL/ PL.
secondly if by coming late he is compensating by sitting late and completing his work, then he needs to mail to the HR dept through his immediate supervisor for waive off in leave deduction.
This does not affect the productivity of the employee.
Similarly something of this sort if implemented can solve the late coming issue.
sheetal sahasrabudhe

Dear Sunita
I guess it is enough of efforts you have already put up on this guy. It will be better to move from thought to action.
Do deduct his salary with reference to the late marks. Exa- 3 late marks= Deduction of half day salary.
If he is smarter to his work assignments, be cautioned before implementing this action. Else you may loose your potential employee.
From India, Mumbai
Our office time is 10am and the grace period will be given for 5 min. and if you come after 10.05 it will be calculated, as a late till 11am. Each employee are allowed to utilise 2 lates in a month and on their 3 late whey will be loosing a day salary.
If you cross 11am, you are considered as an absentee. (if you work on that day also).
Yearly, you are allowed to take 30 leaves. If you cross that Management will warn you. This is also affects our yearly increment. This priciple is common for all senior and junior employees.
I don't know whether it is right or wrong, but it is effective.
From India, Calcutta
if the problem lies were his relatives may be hospitalised and needs serious attention i feel u have to excuse. if literally he is coming late u cna warn him and can take necessary action after issuing a memo.
From India, Bangalore
Hi Sunitha,
One simple solution, you make those guys work late then they will surely come on time.
If some body is coming 30 mints late make them work one hour like that simply just warn them to work double time if they come late.
This will surely fix the problem as i have practically used this and worked out for me.
From India, Hyderabad
Hello Kumar,
I guess making them work for 1 hr everyday after their usual work hours will not serve the purpose cos they may not exactly work but chat with colleague or browse internet and while away the time.
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Sunitha,
Here in my office, I coordinate with the Team Leads which is helping for me to check the employee is spending this extra hour only to complete his day targets.
Also I am not expecting that the late comer will really work extra hour, but it will put him to think why is it happening to him and chances of changing his mind to come office at regular time may happen.
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Every one,
Can any one please forward me the sample of warning letter for late coming in office (attachment: in word format).
For the record:
1. have warned many times by Hr and Reporting manager of the concern person.
Thanks & Regards,
Cliford Thomas.
From India, Mumbai

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