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Thread Started by #ambersaleem

Dear Seniors!
I request all seniors to kindly give valuable clarification on the following:
One of our employees was recently terminated due to poor performance in his job. Now, he is requesting to issue him an Experience Certificate and a Relieving Letter.
Issuing him an Experience Certificate seems O.K. But, I am a bit confused with issuing a relieving letter to him. My doubt is, can he be given a relieving letter? since he's been terminated from his services.
Pls. clarify. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
Thanks & Regards
20th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Yes he definately deserves an Experience certificate and a Relieving Letter if he has served your co. for more than six months.:icon13:
20th May 2009 From India
Dear Ms. Minakshi,
Thank you somuch for your kind immediate reply. Still... the impression I have about the relieving letter is that it can be issued ONLY to those employees who voluntarily resign from their job.
Since, in the relieving letter, we mention a phrase, viz., "With reference to your resignation letter dated xx/xx/xxxx and subsequent discussions, we are herewith releiving you from all your duties and responsibilities with the closing hours of xx/xx/xxxx...."
Also, if an employee is terminated from his job, will it be appropriate to issue a relieving letter mentioning that "since you have been terminated from your job, you are herewith relieved from your duties and responsibilities with effect from.... / immediate effect"!
Hope you got my point and doubt. Pls. clarify. Eagerly await for your reply.
Thanks & Regards
20th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear ambersaleem <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) ,
You got it right! When an employee is terminated from his duties he cannot be issued a letter saying that we accept his resignation. Infact, the wordings would be the same which you have used - "since you have been terminated from your job, you are herewith relieved from your duties and responsibilities with effect from....". If the employee denies to accept such letter then also you need not worry and get that letter filed in your docs for future reference.
I hope this helps you..
Tk Care
21st May 2009 From India, Delhi
He can be given a Resignation acceptance instead of a relieving letter & if he still insists then then issue his a relieving letter mentioning clearly that he has been terminated from service due to whatever reasons but hope the process of termination was followed in this case or it may create problems
21st May 2009 From India, Madras
it is not good to write termination in relieving letter .you can give a letter to him by mentinoning so and so worked in our organisation from this date to this date as a designation.
he has been relieved from company on so and so date .there is outstanding dues against him.
both purpose will solve.
j s malik
21st May 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi All,
Everyone has a different view on this. We should consider the reason for termination here. The person is not terminated due to any disciplinary action as well as he was not absconding from the job. It was a performance issue and that is why the org. decided to mange his exit. My view is that he/she should get proper relieving and work-ex letters saying that you have accepted hi/her resignation. It would hardly matter to you if he/she joines some different organization, so why not issue him a letter. May be he finds a profile where he is not a no-performer.
The basic reason for holding the releiving letter in any organization is to restrict the employee (who has left the org. due to wrong reason) to apply or work somewhere else. This reason doesn't holds true in this situation.
So better help him in his career.
21st May 2009
Dear Ambersaleem,
Relieving letter states that "Employee been removed from the company roles & reminds the enforcement NCA & NDA, aftermath the suppuration". Which is must for all who leaves the Company.
where as in Experience letter you can be neutral about his tenure while describing his tenure in the organization instead of negative note. As it effects his feature.
21st May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Amber,
First of all do not use the term Termination. Employer cannot terminate an employee just like that. Its a long term procees. If the employee moves to labor court you will be in trouble and you cannot justify yourself. However giving a relieving order does not affect you in any manner. You have sent him out saying that Non-performer , then whats the point in not relieving him from his duties ???
21st May 2009 From India, Madras
the termination letter itself is his relieving & experience as the reasons behind his termination can be any thing which is against the interest of the company & its policies. So pls do not deal such cases liberally.
21st May 2009 From India, Delhi
1) On wat basis have u terminated him

2) if poor performance on wat basis you assessed the performance

3) Did u give oral warning, followed written atleast twice before terminating

4) Take resignation letter from him

5) Give Relieving letter & in that mention the experience duration.

6) do not use the word Termination which is very harsh

21st May 2009 From India, Coimbatore

Dear all

You can use this language

This is with regards to your the separation communication dated on 30th March 2007 stating personal reasons. You are hereby relieved from your services with effect from 21st April 2007.

We wish you all best in your future endeavors.

With Best Wishes,

Hema Malhotra

21st May 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Dear all
It seems bit unnatural but true that each n every case of termination would attract doubt on reemployement so as per Malik that should be bit pain ful for getting and landing up in next suitable job well you can argue but today's mistake of someone should not be burden for him/her for tomorrow's working.So relieving latter should be excluding wordings of terminated...
Thnx n regds

21st May 2009 From India, Lucknow
Dear Ambersaleem,
As per the Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Act,1946 every person is entitled to take service certificate(exp. certificate) at the time of dismissal,discharge or retirement. However regarding issuing relieving letter you can follow the comments of Mr. J S malick. However being a HR peson you must see that a employee career must not be spoiled. Not performing well in job doesn't mean employee only should held responsible there are so many factor involved in that, ofcourse it is a vast subject to be discussed.
21st May 2009 From India, Mumbai
In this case you need to issue relieving letter to him even though he is terminated by u. If you dont relive him it means that he is still with your company. But while giving experience letter you can indicate his performance is not upto mark
21st May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
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21st May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ambersaleem,
As you mentioned that employee was terminated for poor performance. hope you had followed full and fair process.
We can not give both termination and reliving letter to one employee. As you had given termination letter to employee so question of relieving do not arise. Pls give customized letter to emp. as suggest by mallik ji.
21st May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ambersaleem
I think iam not wrong if i say that when releiving any body we should not spoil the career of the resigned employee as a HR guy. We can mention in the cloumn performance during his tenure as( Satisfactory instead of Good or very good.)
Suraj Varma
21st May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Michelle,
This i s a thread, in which, we are discussing on relieving letter. I request you to oprost a new thread for your requirement So that can have more attention.
I could presume that you will get more in this rescission.

22nd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Well, apparently there is difference of opinion on the topic from all your clarifications.
Though all your valuable replies are verymuch helpful, advice given by Ms. Preety Khanna, Ms. Sangeetha Dutta and Mr. Shringarika Srivastava seems more good. I hope I should go with a combination of your replies to handle such a case.
Anyways, Onceagin Thanks for all your clarifications.
22nd May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
It is a must to issue him a reliving letter, resignation acceptance letter, experience letter as per your co.'s exit policy.
It is a must.
It is not a good practice at all to mention that you have been terminated. Atleast be empathetic to the person we are in HR. I hope he must not have done any malpractice hence he is being terminated.
As a practice if he is confirmed employee you have to give him a notice pay also as a good practice or as per the company policy.
Feel his feelings if I am at his place I would never speak good about the company in future.
Take a wise decision, and be supportive to the resignee.
22nd May 2009
The employee is not meeting your expectations and requirements but he may flurish in other organizations. A fair example is that in GE every year a 5% of bottom line performers will be relieved, he may be performing @85% but they are the bottom line in the entire organization hence they are relieved and one of these type of person joined in some other company and he is now after 8 years he has reached No.3 position.
Coming to experience letter, you should not mention that he is terminated as suggested by Mr. Malik silent on the same and issue the letter or else obtain a resignation letter from the employee which will be safer for both sides and issue the relieving and experience letter. We should not be an obstruction for the employee who served for the organization and leaving with a good note ie., except performance no negative note and as I mentioned earlier his knowledge, performance may be useful in any other organization.
regards - kameswarao
22nd May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Seniors
just wanted to confirm is there any rule for comp off.i m in to hotle industry and one of oue employee was asking for a comp of for a NH, and she was alredy on her week off on that it fine?
22nd May 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear Ambersaleem, Please updated us with the decision you made in reality and consequences of the same. Which is vital for all HR members. Regards, shiv
22nd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
If any body requests/insist for issuing an experience certificate or releiving letter we may issue same to him.

Normally we write

This is to certify that Mr. has worked with this Org. from--- to ---. He has ;left the services of this org. on his own accord and he has been relieved of his duties. His last assigmnent at the time of leaving this co. was (Designation).

You may also mention the brief of hsi duties.

During his association with us we found him ----

We wish him all sucess in his future endeavouir.

Head HR

But since the employee is terminated due to his poor performance
You may only write as:

This is to certify that Mr. has worked with this Org. from--- to ---. He has been relieved of his duties. His last assigmnent at the time of leaving this co. was (Designation).

We wish him all sucess in his future endeavouir.

However it is always advisable to pusuade or convince people to resign and then handle the exit as it were the case of routine resignation.

Termination is advisable once a proper enquiry is conducted, allegation proved and proper opportunity is given the the deliquent employee.
22nd May 2009 From India, New Delhi
You can go ahead and provide him with the experience Letter and the Relieving letter. Just to be on the safer side ask the person for the resignation letter and keep it in the employee case if any file audits happens in future.
22nd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ambersaleem, It is must to mention for what purpose you are relieving the person from his chair. But its not good when you decide bec of the Performance. Regds, M.S.R.M
22nd May 2009 From India, Dindigul
hi all,
as per my understanding,
1. Relieving letter means that the person is relieved from his current organization and can join any other company. Relieving letter generally has details like name, designation, duration etc, as mentioned by Mr. Malik
2. Experience letter is more or less technical and detailed letter. It reflects on the areas the person worked, responsibilities taken etc.
The person terminated as in your case can be issued relieving letter and experience letter.
22nd May 2009
Dear Ambersaleem,
According to me, if the employee has been terminated on performance grounds, there is no need to mention that in any of the letters issued to him.Poor performance can be on many accounts , some of which like no proper induction in the project, skills mismatch etc -somethings for which the employee cannot be blamed. In this case, mentioning the term"termination" is not going to help the company nor the employee. In the interest of the employee, you could have a feedback session with hi, and appraise him of why the decision was taken and the improvement areas he needs to focus on.
But if termination was on account of disciplinary reasons like ---some fraudulent reasons, this can be mentioned in the termination letter.This will ensure that the companies where he tries to get a job , do a through check.

22nd May 2009 From India, Pune
the HR Person who has done this posting has to do a reality check

He did not come out openely on wat basis the termination was done based on performance

the Person is happy with the views of the members who has made his Job easier.

The member has not come out in full about the happenings that led to the termination

we have got only one side of the information
22nd May 2009 From India, Coimbatore
Thats true Sardar Ji, Where as it takes about a 10 pages to write entire story. Performance evaluation strategy is confidential and few procedures can’t outlet. Regards, Shiv
22nd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Thats Right, it is not required to reveal the secrets of Performance Evaluation,, I am asking him only to answer the queries that i have raised in this regard
22nd May 2009 From India, Coimbatore
Yes I completely agree with you. He must give some info on this, Dear, Please drop the requested information. Regards, Shiv
22nd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Confusing post Sunil, There is no as such, As of my experience, Company is a mirror. It shows your image. REgards, Shiv
22nd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi ,
I need information regarding ESI and its implementation in the industry.
Please render the needful information and Help me in this regard...
Waiting for your positive reply !!!ASAP !!
Thanks !!!!
22nd May 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Ambersaleem, stating termination clause in releving letter gives bad impression notonly to employee but also to employer , so play safe in the market.. regards jawahar
22nd May 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friends,
I agreed about the above mentioned points a HR can serve relieving letter not mentioning his/her termination and this is only possible when the terminated employee is ready to leave the organization.
and if the individual do not except the same then apart of keeping the record you have to send the termination to his/her home by registered ID this will help you to be in safer side.
23rd May 2009 From India, Indore
Why the word termination to be used on ground of non performance. Ask the employee to put his papers and relieve him accordingly.
The word termination in the relieving letter may spoil one's career, one must keep in mind.
23rd May 2009 From India, Pune
Dear sunil, Actually the post is all about Relieving letter. There nothing to do with company here. Regards Shiv
23rd May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
I must appreciate advise of Mr. Malikjs for not to damage future employment prospects of terminated employee by avoiding reason to terminate his services.
Generally, as principle good organization avoid such adverse remarks because its not gentlemanship and civilised approach towards others dignity. We must respect individual and his family commitment. Everyone do commit some mistakes for which he is terminated but that shall not be punished twice for one offence first punishment as termination and second punishment is writing on his relieving letter as terminated for cause.
Please be good and gentleman,
24th May 2009 From Saudi Arabia
Dear All,

The issue is to be given the employee a relieving letter as for a reference? or a relieving letter for a concern on a particular issue the employee was resulted on termination from the organisation?

I think all organisations have their own personnel policies. If the policies do not stated what you should do, I think you apply your discretion here. But, if you are not sure whether to follow the policy or not as because you feel the employee had not done good contributions and participation during his/her time with the organisation then I think it is wise to write the good points only that the employee had done for the organisation. I also believed that nobody had worked for any orgnisation had not done any good to the development of the organisation he/she had worked for.

How do you put in word? What will be the letter format should be? Perhaps and I strongly say 'generalise in words the good side(s) of the employee as a reference' as I believed if you do this you will help in reducing poverty in the community the employee is belonged at least 2%.

Thank you. Sinasina
25th May 2009 From Fiji
That's right always the case should be fare play and win win situation and everywhere it is give and take policy so why to spoil one's career instead do as ususal and releive the employee gracefully unless until there is a call for untoward action from both side.
Thnx n regds

25th May 2009 From India, Lucknow
Dear Saleem
It may not good to mention that he has been terminated. Just he can be given experience letter stating the period of service so as to allow him to work else where in stead of mentioning TERMINATED which gives very bad impact and the chances of applying/getting appointment becomes difficulty. Some how he was punished by sending out of the organisation.It is more than enough.
25th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ambersaleem,
Firstly, has ur organisation asked him to resign or given him a termination letter on the grounds of non-performance?
If its the later case, then relieving letter doesnt make sense. Here u can give him an Experience Certificate only which also helps him in future. Whereas in the former case, if there is a resignation from the employee, u can give him the relieving letter. In such a case u can also merge the acceptance of resignation and relieving saying "ur resignation dated .... is accepted and u r relieved wef.... ". Also an Exp Cert can be give. This will help him in his future assignment and also the good-will of the company remains.
11th September 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear sir
iam working at infrastructure there is near about 300 workers uor project is going to over with in 3 months now we are processing workers removing in project so kindly advice me and send one draft copy please .......
26th March 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ambersaleem

First of all let us understand that any employee leaving(for any reason) a company / organization would need to seek an employment with another company/organization. So naturally the new company/organization will ask for all necessary documents of the previous company/organization from the new employee, as I am sure you would do.

In that case it is our responsibility to give all necessary documents(including relieving letter) to an outgoing employee. So that the employee can go and seek employment in some other company/organization. Because for whatever reasons(other than Disciplinary issues or Absconding) the employee is being terminated, I am sure he/she will find employment somewhere else where his/her skill and capability will be put to best use. In such situation our one letter should not be a detrimental for the employees career.

If it is a Termination, we as HR should try to make it as much mild as possible in the letter. As somebody else mentioned, not necessary to mention termination, "XYZ" has been relieved from "Design" from so and so date............................

Hope you understand
24th June 2013 From Qatar, Doha
f company terminate someone for his poor performance...will he get 3 months salary? What is that policy and how it is evaluated?
24th August 2015 From India, Gurgaon
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