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This is Jayanta, I was working in an IT company. Someday's back I started facing problems with my eyes due to working on computers for long hours. My doctor suggested me to take some rest otherwise it can get severe. As I can't work for long hours on computer now, I quit my job and intimated the same to my company.
There was a clause in my appointment latter that I have to serve on month notice or give one month salary to my company. Now, the company is threatening me to complete the projects or they will take legal action. Please let me know, is there any possibility that I can show my medical reason as my reason of leaving the job. I have all the doctor papers. Please let me know as soon as possible.
From India, Calcutta
why do you need to quit. give them your doctors certificate. and tell them you have been advised for bed rest. and you will join them after you get well.
your co must have tought you are fooling them with this story. if you can go and visit them even that will work. or you can ask them to send someone to your house to verify personally.
communication is very important or else it spoils relationship for life.

(1) r u menione clearly about your reason for leaving the employment
(2) why u r leaving the organisation
(3) U can apply sick leave duly producing doctors medical certificate si nce it is valid
(4) pls go through ur appt order whether is there is any clause of compleeing the job
(5) had u given any legal bond while joining the employment
pls clarify
then only we can give better reply to you
manjunat das
From India, Bangalore
Hi Jayanta,
I assume the severity of the eye problem is little high - loo ks like you need to be on rest for a longer time. One thing I am sure of is - both the tension in the eye and brain are somehow related.
looks like you are even more stressed with what the company is saying now. Relax... they cannot do anything. Make sure that you have provided all medical proofs to them. If they want to go legal, let them go. It will only create a head ache for them, and not for you, as you are "having the medical proofs" and have a geniuine reason. THEY CANT DO ANYTHING.
now, what is essential is, you need some good amt of rest. Forget work - that is what taking rest means. Dont strain yourself too much. I guess - u r still not obeying what your doc mentioned! take care of ur health!
From India, Madras

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