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Dear All,
I recently faced a problem due to that i lost my job i want to share the fact with you all HR people and require your suggestion on the same.It take ur 10 min to read this but see my condition????

I lost my first job in the month of oct 08 due to recession bec im high paid second high paid salary (6 LAC)so company give me notice when i was out on leave for some personnal work. I accepted the decision thinking i got a new job in the market bec i m mba in hr having 6 yr of exp in generalist profile and im doing my phd in hr from mumbai univ.But due to recession i didt get upto 3 month than i got a call from a small company to start up there HR bec they dnt have hr dept .I accepted the offer bec i dnt have anything in hand at just 16000 rs a for 12 days working they hire me for part time i have to give M-T-Wednesday .A Heavy downfall from 45000 monthly to 16000 rs.In the period of 4 months i intrduce lots of thing Attendence Register,Puncing attendence,Hr Mannul, Training mannul, org chart, employee record ,appointment letter ,recruitment etccccccc i was happy bec there is job satisfaction now when everything goes fine i face a heavy situation where i find people working from 18 yr ,10 yr 80 % staff of the company are working in that company from long time .I find those people telling a new joinee that this company is bekar ,faltu ,no use to work, etcccc all bad points about company i warned them as i thought its my duty but they dnt listen to me they are telling all new employee the same thing but the new employee kept silent.

This gng from last 4 month i have apointed alleast 4 new staff all made up the same about the company that company is bad and they r trying new jobs

So i decided to tell the mangement about this thing i went to the vp and md and tell the fact by giving the name that they employee are saying this wrong thing abt the company to new joinee .

My boss called up a meeting of all new and old staff and he asked new employee the same amoung 4 new employee only 1 reply in my side yes they are telling
But rest 3 say we have not listen any thing we do our work

Now he asked me clerify your point my pointing that all old emplyee are saying wrong thing abt comany he asked old employee also all said sir we have not said any thing wrong i m spech less what to do i felt so insulted cant express also i dnt have any proof to clerify my point i request new employee to tell the fact but they kept silent telling madma job chala jayega or market bhi karab hai apka to kuch nahi ur from gud family we r poor people.

After two days i and the 1 new employee (who is in my side) got a noticeto resign saying that my people mgt is not gud BUT THEY ARE HAPPY WITH MY HR WORK so they dnt require me as they dnt need hr more bec comapny is gng in loss etc etc the people who are working with them fm last 10+ yr they want to belive more and they told me ur lying i dnt have any point to clarify the fact bec i cant record the words what old emplyee are saying.

So freind what you suggest me i m wrong ?????

Doing duty is wrong?? or you have to kept silent and take ur pay and do the work which is assigned to you

Now i dnt make my self ready to work in any company.

A NeedY & pOOR hr

From India, Delhi
good change ur line, by the way now do you understand how it feels when HR does injustice to candidates by misusing their power,, before this posts gets criticism im escapeeee
From India, Pune
This is my point of view.. I think that company is running more than 20+ Yrs and more than 80% of Employee is senior right.. Obviously its difficult to mingle those seniors with new employee .. To solve this, u could conduct some activities that made both of people to participate... that may help to fill the game. ... According to me ,your management is right... why they want lose profit(i.e 80% of employee) to talk in favour to you even they know what you are telling is right.
HR should be smart between employees and employer!!!:idea:

From India, Madurai
Dear Sharmila,
As per my openion, at least u can do is to have satisfaction dat u did ur hr job honestly n wholeheartedly. Results are not always in our favors. But, i m sure, ur hr experience would give u fruits though later.
So,no need to think of changing career. Instead, work to get new job. And enjoy.....:-P

From India, Vadodara
Dear Madam,
As per me what happened with you is helpless condition.U can only help with urself. U told that u lost job and then rejoined for another company for a less salary, you introduced many more things there, everything was ok till that. But wat happened next will happens to all under different situations. I am finding many posts on the topics like changing the attitude of seniors, bosses etc. But u r confident enough, u have a capacity to analyse the situation, then why r u giving up urself!!!?. After loosing a job, in a bad market, u got a job and tried to do ur best to ur job, then why this confusion?
Ask the above questions to urself, u will come back definately with a greater force.
And I'm not commenting on the senior employees or the management of ur previous company. Because if u r committed, u succeed. Take rest for few days, start rocking again, dont leave HR line for an incident like this.
Giving up once in life costs a lot, if I am right ! ! !
Best wishes,

From India, Bangalore
Dear Sharmila,

"sabse jada pathar usi ped ko lagte hai jisme sabse jada meethe fal hote hain"

So 4rm my pt of view u hav done a right thing but make a little mistake, u r directly going to MD & VP den u hav the sufficient proofs wid u.

mere sath bhi kuch aisa hi hua tha but wat i have done ki i directly go to the Regional head of delhi/NCR. Maine apne kuch khas frnds sse baat ki thi aur unhe kaha tha ki tumhe sab kuch Mr. RM ko batana hain personally and ur name will not be leak out but the condition is dat u hav to tell the truth.

And den a meeting is arranged 50% employees told the truth bcoz dere names r not 2 be disclosed. RM & HR head meet personally 2 all employees in conference room 1 by 1.

and den this person is fired frm d company. and u know wat our company is 1 of the biggest mnc in the world.

and me bcum the star of d company aur mere case mein maine paiso ki hera feri roki thi. Company ko lakho rupo ke chune se bachaya tha.

is baat ko 1saal ho gaya hai aur aaj bhi Mr RM muje naam se jante hain jab ki muje company chode 8 months ho chuke hain.

now i think u understand ur mistake. Well u don't worry u'll definately done a gud job. Atleast tumne himmat to jutai. u hav a gud expirence and definately u will get a gud job.

For any other query u can mail me at (note after harpreet it's _ is dere)

and u mail me ur cv also

From India, New Delhi
Dear Sharmila,
All this is just a learning. Now you know that from next time onwards:
a) you will not opt to work for a management that has no intentions of valuing your initiaveness
b) you will not report of any problem before having a documented proof of the same - eg. like email.
Please know that such info abt company being bad and not a nice place to work is being done by most company employees. They fear they will lose their job or the new comer will get more importance - and they may lose their value.
Forget abt the past - plan for ur future.
Search for a better job - it is tough, but keep looking. Never letgo faith on urself.
Suggest you show the work here in this second company as a consultign job - that you took as a part time assignment

From India, Madras
thanks to all but i want to know I HAVE DONE RIGHT OR WRONG???
My question is i dnt have proof bec they always so how can i arrange a documental proof?? and those new employee kept silent bec they dnt want tl loose there job .In our comapny i m next to vp so i can report to vp only and vp tell everyrhing to MD and if MD called each employee in a cabin and if he asked the fact i think they will tell the fact but my MD is stupiud person he called everyemployee in common meeting so the new employee can afraid in speaking the truth.
i hope u all got my point i know i can get a much better job i m confident abt that but this situation happens first time with me i have faced big big problem in my small career of 6 year and before this i have worked in corporates only so always mgt decide which is right but not in this company.

From India, Delhi
Dear Sharmila,

ARe you trying to convince yourself that you haev done the perfect thing, but your management is stupid?

Please understand that each and every things that has happened to you has been a great learning for you, may be a small lesson just on time, so that you escape from a major problem in future.

You have anyways moved out of that job, and even if we tell you that you were right or your MD is stupid - your confidence abt urself remains unshaken right?

So dont keep thinking abt what happened, because you cannot go back and see what best can be done to have avoided that issue. I cannot say if what u have done is wrong - becos, in a few cases, sometimes you have the power and authority to explain the management abt the negative talk - but sometimes, esp in owner driven companies - even a new VP may not have the authority as much as a sweeper who has been working closely with the MDs family for the last 15 - 20 yrs.


So - again, its just a learning. Stop thinking or demanding to know if u were right or wrong. In all senses, what you did literally was "correct" - but pls remember there needs to be some proof. Need not be that everything documented is the only proof - it can be even a mere witness outside the company, or witin the company. But the statement must be strong.

Such issues must be handled only after u have gained good trust amongst your Senior Management.

Know your environment and act accordingly.

From India, Madras
dear sarmila,


i read ur story, my opeinon is that u do a major mistak by giving the name of the employees who are long associate with company? because the company mgmt faith on those....... and u are 4 employees are also new..... my self is totly agree with mr harpreet singh. i told my story about 16 year back when i was working with a mnc, on of our boss joins us and he give the false digree of mba (from reputed univercity) and the same boss was beloved of our head of deptt (VP - HR). from the same insitute one of my freiend pass out same yr which he mentioned in his records ( all the personal file was kept with me) so same matter i put to our VP- HR with the record but action was taken on me becouse i camplent about my boss, but some how i continous the job left after 4 yrs ( during this period i was very much famous becase i start T & D and all the mgmt was very happy and our productivity was incresed 125%) during mu tuner with this company same VP - HR left the job and new one join mean while he was also pamotted to DGM. when i resigned the same company my new VP was surprised (becase i also got parmotted to Jr Manager ) on my resignation, and get mu psl file and see that i was onec warned than he call me now about that, i told whole the story becuse I resigned, he relived me and then he take himself enquir about the same and he got truth which i told him....... he sack him. and i was the dobble hero( even i was left the org.) as on date left last 14 years all the mgmt know me well and also welcome me to come back but at present i working again in mnc as corporate head HR

telling the my story to u my motto is that u do the bulender misket by telling the name, may be they are also beloved of the mgmt so try to find the fact & take some employees in confidance than complet.

my best wishes to u and get new job earliy DON'T REPATE THE SAME ......

From India, Delhi

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