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Could you suggest me some strategies, your experiences,expert observations to multiply the usage of intranet, make it popular and eventually a great success.
Where every second employee would want to visit the intranet coz theres sumthing for them too. Thats informative, participative, helpful and benefiting....
Got sum ideas?Kindly punch sum lines here...

From India, Pune
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Joydeep Ghosh
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Hiee Nisha,

Here is something generated out of Randomized idea generation :wink:

There is tons and tons of stuff you can do to your Company Intranet.

You know if you have a reason to do it once - you are bound to do it more than once.

Well one fine day along with your Network Adminsitartor change the link of the Intranet or make it invisible. That will get the intranet a lot of attention. Thats the media approach however :lol: .

Back to reality:

First things first what are you looking forward to add/change/upgrade to your existing system?

Do you have the count on how many people log in daily?

In one company I worked they had very cleverly linked their on-line attendance system to the Intranet - that means everybody had to login compulsarily!!! Once they got there you can take them to places with your content -

Simple ways to do that could be by having the regular updates like "thought for the day"/ "joke of the day"/"wise-sayings of the day".

Birthday wishes are a common thing - I am sure you will have that already.

Well you can look at the most variable part - look at newspapers they will give you ideas. Have it linked to some horoscope sites if you have a young crowd. Have it linked to movie/entertainment sites where they can decide and plan their weekends. My personal favorite is introducing a search engine which allows them to search the internet thru the intranet. See if your IT guys can provide you support. In these cases I along with my Network Admin strictly control what they surf and send through the internet.

Have something for everybody like articles, jokes, forums, contest and competition. Have a virtual fun @ work module. Introduce those 5 minute free flash games / brain teasers which help you to de-stress.

Like I said there is plenty. You can promote your Organization Culture by having on-line communities and knowledge forums. Moresoever you can support your Training & Development Team on their e-learning initiatives.

Have free e-books uploaded. job postings if you are a big group already.

Get voting polls on where the next picnic should be or whether graffiti should be putup on office walls (just kidding). Get them to fill on-line questionnaires/feedback forms on presentation by colleagues or their field customer stories

With the partying season still on decide what should be the next event or training session they would like to have.

So I guess you can do plenty with what I have said above. There really is no end to it. Once this helps you going fine for 15 months you will again have to introduce something new. Use the Utilarian approach and keep the bottom-line as learning.

Learn and share as much as you can in this "Information Age on this Information highway" so that they have a reason to remember you and your work.

Best Wishes

NiNad (Nad)

From India, Mumbai
Joydeep Ghosh
Hi Nisha
We recently have rolled out a similar thing. I would list the process of how we did it, it may help you.
We did a dip stick survey with the help of our regional hr at various location. We tried to find out what was the information staff members come to hr to seek for. A detailed list of this was collected by us at the coporate level, inputs where sought from the regional hr's on the top 20 quereis they answer on a regular basis.
Their was a seperate multimedia team who worked on various models of the site which finally went through changes based on the inputs from corp team.
One innovative idea which we implemented is "search an employee". Because of the facts that most of our staff members are moving around staff members wanted to know where their batchmates are located, this system helps them locate them.
I hope this helps.

From India, New Delhi

moreever you can initiate Photo of the week, Puzzle of the Week, Word of the Week, Joke of the Week and much more :p
From India, Mumbai
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