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Thread Started by #revhappy

Hi Guys,

I am working for a small MNC (60 employees in india) which is in the field of datawarehousing.
It is into niche technologies and the work is really good and challenging.
Work culture is excellent, 9-6 job no over working like some of the indian s/w companies. Salary is also excellent, I am getting 12 Lacs PA with 5 years of experience. So our company pays well all levels of the hierarchy

So I have just described a dream job that any s/w engineer can think of!
But there is a small problem: The company expects exemplary performance from its employees, high amounts of initiatives and drive, not waiting for an opportunity but making new opportunities etc.

So this means that the company constantly reviews employees and people who they think dont fit the bill and asked to leave immediately!

Another funny thing, employees don't leave our company(why would they with such gr8 salary and work culture!) but the company leaves its employees!
Already they have let go some 20 people at different times during the past 2 years! Thats a huge number for a company of our size.

I have just been offered a job with a large MNC over 50000 employees across the globe. The salary is 20% lower than my existing salary! (10 lacs PA)

Although I am doing pretty well in my current company, I am not very sure if I am performing up to the mark. So I am confused now whether I should take this offer at the large company or not.

Positives of joining large company:
Job security, I can relax and stay there for another 5 years

Negatives of joining large company:
A pay cut almost 15,000 Rs per month:no:

But my fear is if I let go this opportunity of joining the big company..say 6 months down the line my current company may fire me and then I wont be able to get even 8 lacs. Even if I get it might not be a company that I like.

Please advise guys! What would you do if you were in my situation?

29th April 2009 From India, Bangalore
Please guys help me! I need to decide fast. BTW have i posted my query in the right section? If not could you guys please let me know where I need to post this?
30th April 2009 From India, Bangalore
Working is MNC with great pacakge and work culture is just like having a sweet with lots of toppings on it ...but my dear freind ...if you are an assest to a company in terms of the effeciency then it's sure that they won't ask you to leave but if effiency decreases even by little percentage then they might ask you to leave...
You can decide better that how your performance is going....if good then stay..if not move the recession is going on...I guess either ways we are not safe...unless and until our performance speaks for us...
I hope this will give you clarity....
30th April 2009 From India, Coimbatore
hi,my suggestion would be to go ahead with the offer, though its just 20% lower,u r very much clear that down the line the present company may fire you within 6 months.
This is my personal experience with one of my candidate where i placed him in one the large company,his current ctc was more but he accepted the offer which is 25% less than the CTC which he his getting with the present company.its better to take the Opportunity rather than feeling job insecurity
30th April 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Accept the offer. the maximum risk in continuing current job - you can losse job and have to roam round for new one. maximum benefit - same salary
maximum risk in accpeting offer doesnot seems much. and benefits - work exp of working in big company, better work culture, more opportunities to learn more and after say 2-3 yrs whn you would be looking for better opportunities , best things will be coming to your.
and the differnce Rs 15000 per month , you can get even higher raise at next appraisal provided you work well
accept the offer go ahead
gud luck
30th April 2009 From India, Pune
I think the capacity & goodness of a company is only judge in the sense of its tolerance towards the sudden change in market behaviour. You have to carefully judge both the companies towards their risk profile. I can sum up some pionts here -

1. How Many current running clients / product profile they have?
2. What is the distributions of employees among these projects or clients? If any of the client quit or company decide to stop any project then Is the company have the capability to consume the spare employees in other projects or can they gear up other project to use the employees from closed project.
3. What is the future palnning of the company? its really very important, like is the new company is recruiting for a project which is hoped to be grabed (in term of tender) by them or in the existing project. In both the cases you have to do background information check up about the project & its future.
4. In my opinion, Never switch at lower salary from your current running job, what ever may be the circumstances. May be some exeptions in case some one is fired off or do not working. I think now a days HR people/consultants/directors in companies are very smarter, they divert the mind of candidate and urgue for choosing the package what they are offering, in the name of company salary structure. you need to be as good in tackling these conditions. Finally if you try you will get ever a good job suitable to you with plenty of growth.
I say the above point because I have seen several people who join at lower scale considering home town or some other thinks, most of them are put by HR persons in their mind to negosiate salaries, but all these people are not able to win the (self) respect from their collegues, Managers and directors; and again soon the problem is as it is as they loose confidense so they are even not able to perform well.

5. Which company satisfy your short and long term career goals?
6. If you are good in your work world is yours, dont disturbed with small firing but be alert. Also do you think your new company did not fired any one? This may be also a good point to consider to know what are the expectations of new company?

from these questions some you can easily discussed with interview board / HR and for some you have find your self. But most of the times by the reply of HR you can judge the condition of the company.
30th April 2009 From India, Jodhpur
I believe that you have to take several perspective into account b4 u make ur final decision

This is an era of recession where its forecasted that by the year 2009 gets over there will be over 50 million job losses worldwide (International Labour Organization). The unemployment rate in the US has touched 8.1% mark, a figure last seen in 1983.
Its an era of ultimate chaosness where the word job security stands as an obsolate word with mammoth organizations has been reduced to dust with the words en vogue like cost cutting and reducing head count and sometime slashing down the salary with smart moves and strategies (Jet Airways) and prevalent dogma being the last to join are first to be fired.

Moreover, its a performance oriented world where darwin's proposition of 'survival of the fittest' theory seems to hold good.

Another perspective which is important is that chances to learn and grow. If that oppurtunity ur not getting in the current organization then its worth trying to unplug and come out of the matrix.

However if the current organization is a dynamic, well governed and consolidated then u gotta give it your second thought because its at the end of the day what u take home is the salary and thats the bare truth

Hope you choose the correct path


1st May 2009 From India, Mumbai

You can think on these points before taking any decision:
  1. dont just think of your growth, think of company's performance, growth and do a complete SWOT analysis of company and PEST (political, eco, socio, technical ) analysis (of industry/sector which new company is serving)check if your growth in current company is stagnated or not...
  2. what are you going to do in next few months in your current company
  3. what is the level of professionalism in current company and new company
  4. being a senior person, you can try to check both companies' future plans
  5. try to find why and for how long the position in new company is vacant!!
  6. what has made them to offer you the job
  7. job security in both companies
  8. what are your responsibilities right now...
  9. as its recession time, think if the new company is following the parent country's HR & business practices, and is its business going to be affected by the economic conditions of that region.

The new company may offer you those challenges and real time experiences which you may not recieve in your current company for years...
I think you should " come out of the well of sweet water and surf the waves"
though money is a big factor but not bigger than growth and better profiles...
but do a thorough homwork...

gud luck
1st May 2009 From India, New Delhi
What u've just described is whether you want to be a Big Fish in a Small Pond or a Small Fish in a Big Pond.
Job Security Vs Salary
Given the current general economic scenario the answer is obvious but then again it depends on what segment of the customer the company is serving and what future prospects do you see of your company's growing in the future
Hope your doubt is laid at rest.
2nd May 2009 From India, Delhi
What I feel is It's better be a big fish in small pond then Big fish in big Pond..the only reason I say that is because in Bigger Ponds there will be Bigger fishes,sharks n whales .
And trust me you always stand a chance to be 1st in a class of 20 then in a class of 200.
So i would recommend to to stick to where you are !!!!!!!!!!!!
All the best ...........
4th May 2009
The key is whether the people asked to leave replaced by new recruits of the same skillsets (but may be of better quality) or are they of a different skillset exhibiting that employement is related to specific projects. In case the former is true than as many have suggested, you need to decide honestly whether you are able to fulfill the demands of the organisation.
Normally good small MNC set ups are ideal for recognition of good work due to high visibility and believe me no amount of remuneration gives you equivalent satisfaction as recognition by management.
Large companies may involve a bit of stability - this notion does not hold good in today's times, wherein most of them are looking to control employee costs, and you could fall prey to it in a "wholesale" decision.
All the best,
4th May 2009 From India, Mumbai
Thanks a lot for your advice, guys!
I just had a discussion with the MD in the current company to discuss my progress and she didn't say anything negative, she just said I need to play a greater role in the company.
So I take that as a positive sign and now I tilted towards staying back in the current company . I am still weighing out the risks and rewards and will decide very soon.
Thanks Again..
5th May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Guys,
I have decided to take the offer and join the big company. Looking at the market right now it is very scary, hardly any company is offering any jobs. I dont want to miss the offer that I am getting right now and even though there is pay cut of 20% I dont mind because that is the market salary, Our company was too small and hence they were overpaying so I cant expect other companies to match it.
Please suggest whether I am doing the right decision.
8th May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Guys,
I thought I would update you with my situation. It is a happy ending of the trauma I had for the last few weeks.
Today I went and spoke with my company's MD and told her that I want to quit the company and told her that I have an offer. She asked me why I am leaving.
I said I dont think my performance is up to the mark and for that she replied that I was wrong and they really consider me a valuable resource and she asked me to stay back.
So I have finally decided to stay back.
So the moral of the story is dont assume anything about ur performance, go and ask.
Thanks a lot guys!!!
13th May 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Frinds,
I have 4.5 years experince and i got opportunity to work in small chemical firm (start up) with hih pay say 10 lacs. Currently i got offer from MNC say 1000 crores company with package of 4 lacs.
I will be part of core tem and will work close to management if i join small firm with good pay pack. What you all suggest.
I just new in cooperate world and exploring. Some of my frinds say you can sharpen ur skill by staying in small firm too. You can implemet ur ideas. Money wise i will bypass my 3-4 years and earn same which i am going to earn after 10 years of experince.
please please give me second opinion in all aspect.
21st April 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Frinds,
I have 4.5 years experince and i got opportunity to work in small chemical firm (start up) with high pay say 10 lacs. Currently i got offer from MNC say 1000 crores company with package of 4 lacs.
I will be part of core team and will work close to management if i join small firm with good pay pack. What you all suggest.
I just new in cooperate world and exploring. Some of my friends say you can sharpen ur skill by staying in small firm too. You can implement ur ideas. Money wise i will bypass my 3-4 years and earn same which i am going to earn after 10 years of experience.
please please give me second opinion in all aspect.
21st April 2014 From India, Mumbai
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