How can I forget the day?
When my only vision was you
The very first time in my life
When I fall in love with you
The moments when I saw wonder
Adoration in your eyes
The spring has gone
But still I am alone in pain
You hold your arms and
Asked me to come in there
Your arms was around me so
I felt safe in protected
We walked together hand in hand
You showed me colorful dreams
I was blind with your love
And was lost in there
Thousand of blooms appeared
And those fade away
You washed my dreams and
Suddenly you left me in dark
Everything feels as a bad dream
When my eyes were closed
When I open those
There was nothing left
If itís just a crush for you
Why you put me in pain to suffer??
If past can be erased
Why this tears in my eyes??

From India, Pune
Whats this .. this cite is meant for professionals and to discuss serious HR related issues, kindly do cooperate in increasing your knowledge as well as the knowledge of other HR Members by taking active part in discussions related to HR. :mad::mad:
Dont be IDOTIC and post foolish posts and spoil your time discussing these posts,,

From India, Pune
U no worry Ritu... Bhaiyya ka suicide attempt fail jo hogya hai... so that effected him alot.., so laal batti liye ghum rahe hai... :idea:looking out for danger...:razz:
Waise Vani abhi ati hi hogi.. unhe lejane.. Dosa khane...:arrow:

From India, Hyderabad
Ravi y dnt you stop waisting your time, reading such posts.......... I guess anyone can easily make out the content from the subject line ..............:-? 8-)
From India, Delhi
Come on man dont take things seriously. If u reply in same manner then what to do we have to sing the same song many times...........Cool............
From India, Madras
hey guys... good news.. we have singer in our CITEHR family... Welcome singer KB.. Malini .............. cool .....
From India, Hyderabad
Grow up guys...girls...stay away....
.........:p:p:p:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen ::mrgreen::mrgreen:

From India, Hyderabad

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