Dear All,

Have you noticed some Leaders who are very successful? They lead their team with a cool head and many follow them. Why people follow them? Very simple - for them effective leadership means listening attentively to problems and opinions by all. Effective leadership for them is being able to go down to the ground and get the dirty work done. The average person will be very impressed if their leader is willing to empathize the situation they are going through. In simple words - leading by example!

As leaders, we have a choice either to lead by example or by extortion. Leadership by its nature bestows us with powers and many of us lead by enforcing the powers and influence we have. But if we want to be efficient leaders, we need to “walk the talk” and not only “talk the talk”. The question is how do we most effectively lead by example? Let me take you through my new article titled, " Want to be a Good Leader? - Lead by Example, Not by Extortion ! " which provides some simple tips which can help us to lead by example. Please click on the link to read the same:

"Success Through Excellence" - Shamim Rafeek: Want to be a Good Leader? - "Lead by Example, Not by Extortion"!

Do let me have your comments on the same. Have a great week ahead.

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From India
Excellent Sir, However i have a strong feeling that good leaders cannot be made they are born. What would you have to say on this. Regards Dev
From India
Dear Dev,
Thanks for your feed back and with due respect to you, I beg to differ on that. I do believe, good leaders can be made. All they need is right attitude and willingness to learn the skills.
Good luck.
Blog : "Success Through Excellence" - Shamim Rafeek

From India
Dear Sir

I hope you won’t mind if we have a discussion on this?
Let’s take an example of defense officers, they all are in leadership role (By authority) at different levels, they go through an extensive training which varies form 9months-4yrs. Leadership is the key focus area. How many of them are true leaders and lead by example? how many of them follow the basics of team building? how many of them follow/ believe the strongest resource of any organization is people?
I also agree with the fact that all fingers are not the same and there is no black and white that exist.

Acc to my best understanding and experience 1st requisite of leadership is self conscious... which cannot be built or changed, it develops with your surrounding and experiences that one comes across; child’s phyc is formed when he is 5 yrs of age post that its all experience, we can change peoples reaction to certain things and not the individual as an identity.

Willingness to learn and attitude can be created, implementation of ideas can lead to effective leadership, however it would not be original or shall i say not real.

Openness to accept that one is "not good" can only lead to effective learning. We have to throw old clothes out from our closet to make space of new ones; to change the phyc is imp.

Leaders are born due to situation ie experience a true experience in their life, which is not acceptable by ones conscious. Biggest ex in Mahatma Gandhi. (Situation Leadership)

If leaders could be made in training rooms we would have had a dearth of followers

From India
Dear Sir,
I have practiced leading by example, unknowingly. I used to sit with my assistants whenever they were not able to complete the assigned job or whenever they had problems. Now you have confirmed that I am moving in right direction. Thank you.

From India, Bangalore

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