HR Manager - Statutory compliances & Employee Relationship
No Asha,
I am not from Arvind, but I do have some idea about their designations. One of my cousin is working there into production department. Long time back I applied for Admin Job but i din,t get call from them.

From India, Bangalore

HR Manager - Statutory compliances & Employee Relationship
Hi Asha,
Even I do agree for your point as even great people tend to make mistakes. Even I faced those types of mistakes practically & even the effects of the same. Mistake is human Nature & the same has to be accepted if it is proved as mistake.

From India, Bangalore
Human Resources
Dear All,
Sorry to say, but i would like to correct and update you all, that some companies are practicing exactly, which Mr. Dilshad has mentioned. Specialy in Hotel industry you can see such type of designation. In these companies HR Manager is senior level than Manager-HR. HR Executive is senior than Executive HR and so on. Logic behind this is that in HR MANAGER the department name (HR) is coming before the MANAGER word and that's why emphasise is on HR and in MANAGER HR, anybody first is a manager. That's why this difference exist.
if you are still misunderstood, again contact me on
Rajesh Sharma

From India, Delhi
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Hi friends

By chance, while browsing, I came across this thread.

INTERESTING !!!! :mrgreen:

Even after five months, the query has not been resolved satisfactorily and conclusively. :-?

Dear Dilshad,

You had posted this query in "Talk to Seniors" sections, and you did receive some answers.

Are you satisfied with those ?? Or, you still have your query unanswered ??

Did you ask, as a member suggested, your boss, what he meant by - there is a difference and that you don't even know that ??

I am sure you are feeling bad at being criticised severely. there is a quote : "Any fool can ask a question, for which the wisest have no answer." But your case is different - Your query is not meaningless and it has an answer. In fact, I compliment you on asking this unique basic question, on which some aspect of Organization Theory and Organization Design rests !!!!!

In fact, I consider it a WONDERFUL question ! You can ask any professors in the relevant discipline (esp. Org. Theory ?Design) at any IIMs and he will give you full marks for good CP - Class Participation !! :icon2:

Unfortunately, HR practice is based on ad-hocism and there are no regulatory bodies (like CA's, Cost Accountant's, Doctor's, Lawyer's etc have), no practices, no Standards etc. As such, the distinction is neither understood nor implemented.

So one can have any designations whatsoever, as long as the Management does not oppose it or supports it. But your case is different - in fact, you have a good, smart boss who understands that there is a difference. On a lighter note - Isn't there a diofference between Delhi-Howrah Mail and Howrah-Delhi Mail ??;)l

Before I go on explaining;(it takes a good deal of effort to convince those who are 'reluctant'); I would like to quote some of the good answers. If you combine all these judiciously, you will be convinced that there is, indeed, a difference. A very big difference, that is known to all Management consultants who specialize in Organizational Change/Design, BPR, Succession planning etc., some Industrial engineers etc.

Hope, to some extent, you have got your answer !!!

If you still need further information, and how these designations evolved; or

what is the difference between Executive HR & HR Executive.

BTW, to be correct and proper, it is written as "Executive - HR" and not 'Executive HR'. Remember the following:
  • There is always a hyphen between the two words when we write the designation first; e.g. Manager - Internal Audit, Senior Manager - R&D.
  • But it is never hyphenated, if you write the function first; e.g. its Finance manager and never "Finance - manager"; its Product manager and never "Product - Manager".
  • There are few exceptions where the designations have become generic, due to usage. Such as Store-keeper;
  • Conversely, some designations which are generic in nature and profession since ages; are never hyphenated. such as Watchman/watchmen; Babysitter etc.;

Who says there is no difference ??

and your question is "foolish" ??

Do keep asking such questions, which "clear the fundas". :icon6:

So here's a supplementary question for you :

What is the difference, if one writes " HR manager" or HR Manager" ? :icon10:

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

Journalist Profile-Pan India
Dear All,
sorry in advance...
if some body want to know that why people are shouting.
Dear all terms are same . difference is what is the His/Her profile. HR executive will working HR division if he or she has some profile or work of Admin so that we can say that HR & Admin
Dont think so bad if some is giving u silly answer,
A simpel answer Kan idhar se pakdo yo udhar se pakadna to kan he na
-so enjoy
Anish Shama

From India, Bangalore
Yes difference lies.
Executive means you already lies in superlative powers.
E.g. If you say Director, XYZ company. It means XYZ company have one director.
And in other case XYZ Company, Director it means you are member of director board.
Starting with the word executive has more control and power over the department. But when it comes later you are the executive of the functions coming under the department.

From India, Pune
Although in general there is NO DIFFERENCE but i also second Niks as this is also a fact that many MNCs are practicing like that and follows the different hierarical structures & cadres for e.g senior executive & executive managers has some difference in their role in org.....
Furqan SAEED
HR Manager..

From Pakistan, Karachi
ER in Human Resource
I don’t thing so you are going with the correct reply. But may be u r right. Regards Sudhir
From India, Faridabad
ER in Human Resource
Hi All,
If we are discussing in the term of Human Resource then the designations HR-Executive & Executive-HR are accurate.
There is no need to differentiate in both the designation.
It seems imperfect enough only Executive. So to determine the function area along with designation Executive, HR-Executive or Executive-HR are accurate.
I hope this seems correct.
Warm regards

From India, Faridabad

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