I want to ask regarding the Leave policy on following points:

1)How much EL & CL,Sl etc will be granted to the employee in a year?

2)How much we can accumulated in aYear.

3)How many types of leave can we carry forward & encasehable.

4)How we will calculated As on Calender Year or Financial Year.

5)what is the formula for calculating the El,CL Sl or other all Leave .

6) How many working day the employee may be entitiled for the EL ,CL,SL& other all Leave.

7)How much total day should be required for calculating the EL, CL, & Other Leave.

8)Actually How many types of Leave as per the Leave Policy.

9)Shall we give EL CL,ML to the contractor Labour.& If we will not give then it is encashable at the time of resignation.

Kindly give me reply for all my quiries in detail if i have miss some pints regarding the leave policy.

please explain In detail about the all Leave EL,CL,SL,ML 7 other Leave.

From India, Lucknow
As per Bombay shops & establishment act, 21 EL can be given to the employee who have worked for 240 days. ACuumulation isallowed upto 42 Days
Leave of 5 days for every 60 days of work is granted if he has worked for more than 3 months.
As per standing order, 10 CL are allowed which are the unpaid leaves
Only EL can be carried/forwareded & encashed
SL & CL are lapased at the end of year.
Financial year is calculated from 1st April to 31 st March (eg. the financial year 2009-2010 can be counted as 1st April 09 to 31st March 2010)

From India, Pune
hi menu 1. as per factory act 1 EL for every 20 days working . i.e. 18 EL in a year. You can encash only EL. This will be calculated from Financial Year.
From India, Pune
EL- 20
CL- 10
SL- 09
Only EL encashable
EL & SL may be carry forward
After completion of 240 Days will be eligible for the following leaves
EL- 20
CL- 10
SL- 09
Contract Labour is not eligible for EL leaves, so that is not encashable at the time of thier account settlement
Shakil Khan

From India, Hyderabad
dear niru
aas per law leave policy is diiferent in different states where your company is covered under shop and establisment act .for company covered under factories act leave policy will be different as quantum of leave is different.first u explain your location of state ,seconly whether it is service industry or factory.
j s malik

From India, Delhi
Dear Sir,
our comapnay is factory manufacture of Invertot ,UpS,500 Transformer Isolation Etc,accordingly which one Leave policy is applicable.
sir, after how many working day should be need for availing the 01 CL.
What is the Calculation of EL& CL
How much working days should be required for availing the EL CL,SL.ML Etc.

From India, Lucknow
see you are covered under factories act and regarding EL an employee is entitle is entitled for 1 day leave for 20 days working and max it comes to 15days year.so if someone has joined in april than he will work less days in a year and his no of leave will be less and will be calculated as given above.as per act this year leae earned can be availed in next year.
cl /sl in factories are given as per standing orders of the company which is generally 7 cl and 10 sl.(given to non ESI personnel)
see these are bare minimum leave which one should give and more leave you can give as per your choice as per leave policy.
generally company divide cl on prorata basis.M L are given 12 weeks as per maternity act to employees who are not covered under ESI.
j s malik

From India, Delhi
dear parul you have to carry forward leave upto 30 days which can be enchased at the time of leaving organisation. tks j s malik
From India, Delhi

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