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I just want to convey my massage to all of you regarding Global warming as you all knows Global warming is becoming an important issue for all of us .so read ths articles ,think about this and take an appropriate action against global warming and spread this massage to others also.

Pls go through the each and every link .......

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Effects of global warming | Causes of Global Warming

Article | "Global Warming: 'Alright, But Can We Really Stop It?'"

The Gift of Light: Light up the developing world <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

How To Stop Global Warming - Articles

What is Global Warming?

The Earth as an ecosystem is changing, attributable in great part to the effects of globalization and man. More carbon dioxide is now in the atmosphere than has been in the past 650,000 years. This carbon stays in the atmosphere, acts like a warm blanket, and holds in the heat — hence the name ‘global warming.’

The reason we exist on this planet is because the earth naturally traps just enough heat in the atmosphere to keep the temperature within a very narrow range - this creates the conditions that give us breathable air, clean water, and the weather we depend on to survive. Human beings have begun to tip that balance. We've overloaded the atmosphere with heat-trapping gasses from our cars and factories and power plants. If we don't start fixing the problem now, we’re in for devastating changes to our environment. We will experience extreme temperatures, rises in sea levels, and storms of unimaginable destructive fury. Recently, alarming events that are consistent with scientific predictions about the effects of climate change have become more and more commonplace.

Environmental Destruction

The massive ice sheets in the Arctic are melting at alarming rates. This is causing the oceans to rise. That’s how big these ice sheets are! Most of the world’s population lives on or near the coasts. Rising ocean levels, an estimated six feet over the next 100 years or sooner, will cause massive devastation and economic catastrophe to population centers worldwide.

The United States, with only four percent of the world’s population, is responsible for 22% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. A rapid transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources will combat global warming, protect human health, create new jobs, protect habitat and wildlife, and ensure a secure, affordable energy future.

Health Risks

Malaria. Dengue Fever. Encephalitis. These names are not usually heard in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices in the United States. But if we don’t act to curb global warming, they will be. As temperatures rise, disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents spread, infecting people in their wake. Doctors at the Harvard Medical School have linked recent U.S. outbreaks of dengue fever, malaria, hantavirus and other diseases directly to climate change.

Catastrophic Weather

Super powerful hurricanes, fueled by warmer ocean temperatures are the “smoking gun” of global warming. Since 1970, the number of category 4 and 5 events has jumped sharply. Human activities are adding an alarming amount of pollution to the earth’s atmosphere causing catastrophic shifts in weather patterns. These shifts are causing severe heat, floods and worse.

From India, Pune

Take Action! to The Stop Global Warming

There are many simple things you can do in your daily life — what you eat, what you drive, how you build your home — that can have an effect on your immediate surrounding, and on places as far away as Antactica.

Here is a list of few things that you can do to make a difference.

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Inflate Your Tires<Keep the tires on your car adequately inflated. Check them monthly.>

Change Your Air Filter<Check your car's air filter monthly.>

Use Recycled Paper<Make sure your printer paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper. Save 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper.>

Check Your Waterheater<Keep your water heater thermostat no higher than 120°F. Save 550 lbs. of carbon dioxide>

Change the AC Filter<Clean or replace dirty air conditioner filters as recommended. Save 350 lbs>

Plant a Tree<Trees suck up carbon dioxide and make clean air for us to breathe. Save 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.>

Reduce Garbage<Buy products with less packaging and recycle paper, plastic and glass. Save 1,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.>

Unplug Un-Used Electronics<Even when electronic devices are turned off, they use energy. Save over 1,000 lbs of carbon dioxide >

Ditch the Plastic<2.5 million individual plastic water bottles are thrown away every hour in the US. Start using a reusable water bottle and just say no to plastic!>

Turn off Your Computer<Shut off your computer when not in use, and save 200 lbs of C02. Conserve energy by using your computer's "sleep mode" instead of a screensaver.>

Don't Idle in Your Car<Idling wastes money and gas, and generates pollution and global warming causing emissions. Except when in traffic, turn your engine off if you must wait for more than 30 seconds.>

Buy a Fuel Efficient Car<Getting a few extra miles per gallon makes a big difference. Save thousands of lbs. of CO2 and a lot of money per year.>

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Abhishek Tiwari

From India, Pune
Go through the PPT ...hope it wil give you enough knoweldge abt global warming .....
From India, Pune

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Please forward all the threads posted in CityHR to my gmail id , as our MD is very much interested in this and he is working on it and i want to forward the sme to few of my friends and any contacts could be forward to me.
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