Dear All, Is there any blacklist from where we can get or put information about absconded employees or those who are not loyal with their organisations??

31st March 2009 From India, Mumbai

Branch Manager - Operations
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Hi SagarSawant,
Did you get any reply or response for your query? If no, think why NOT?...
If you are looking to put someones profile in blacklist, please don't do it. Our small mistakes out of revenge or anger will spoil their life. If we dont like our subordinate's behaviour or performance, just warn him/her ones and if it repeats just terminate. It's not good to think like he/she shouldn't get employed anywhere. If someone intends the same with us..........
So, Please take it as advice, if you are asking this question for such purpose. If not, please ignore this message.
8th July 2009 From India, Vijayawada
First lets put things straight. Indian companies threaten employees under the name of "blacklisting" them, so that they cannot get a job in the future. However, you leave a company, short notice, absconding, insubordination, whatever, the employer CANNOT blacklist you from future employment.

If the employee finds out that a particular employer is preventing an employee from future employment, he can sue the employer for an ungodly sum of money in court and WIN!! The employer will have to go to the streets.

So, don't ever, ever think about blacklisting an employee. Things don't work that way, what you see as unfair, will not be unfair to everybody. If an employee disappears, absconds from your organization, think about what you can do to decrease attrition rates, instead of taking unlawful shortcuts. That is the correct route.

Please don't get caught in a class action lawsuit. It will be very detrimental to the company, to your life, since the chairman will first rip you - the HR, apart, and the 1000s of employees working under it.
31st March 2010 From United States, Minneapolis
If we do not like someone, it does not mean that he is not good for others also. May be the atmosphere and way of treatment , employee engagement will notmotivate him. Try to mingle with the employees to find and sort out the problem for giving a solution. if you try to blacklist the employees, surly it will lead to someother direction (personally also).
1st April 2010 From India, Madras
Yeah exactly. Do not try to play God. You are just one company. Stay within that realm and dont try to jeopardize the lives of employees outside that realm.
Employees these days are not fools. They will do anything and everything to bring the company down, if the company performs unlawful activities like preventing future employment in any company for employees.
2nd April 2010 From United States, Minneapolis
Dear Sir,
You are a great and new thinker of this era.
Please go ahead and develop a system to blacklist employee.
I think day will come only black lister will be there.
No human is perfect and I think you can be the perfect and can be replaced with GOD.
Best of luck in advance.
18th July 2012 From India, Calcutta
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