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Great Job Kavitha!!
I too once carried a pen knife...but by the time I searched for it and took it out.. the chance for using it always missed . .. . :icon2:
But I always pray - I should never come in contact with a thief. I dont have the guts to move out of the room even if I hear a meow or bow bow outside my house, esp during nite times.
Yea and dont think I am lucky to have a dog safeguard the house..he is equally scared.
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As an HR person, it will always be advisable to frame a general policy of your own to prevent sexual harassment at workplace. This has become obligatory for employers following the Apex Court verdict in Vishaka's case. I have prepared a Policy against sexual harassment and is available in my blog. You can make any modification as you think fit and make it your policy applicable to all employed in your organisation. Please follow the link. <link updated to site home>

Yes friends, u r right.,
But as long as govt. brings rigid law on this evil practice towards women, the company policies will not work. I mean according to our company rules and regulations and code of behave we can terminate the employee or else seek a legal action but what happens ultimately they (convicted) are easily escaping from the punishment by using loopwholes in pinal codes.
A rigid bill should be introduced in eithers of central and state.
Thanks & Reg.,
The aftermath of sexual harrassment is very difficult for a woman to handle. No matter how much efforts the law takes to punish. . . the culprit is either thru the punishment or escapes easily...

But that has nothin to soothe the mind of the Women who have been thru this. Its difficult to forget those scars in life. So, I would always suggest to be self protective of urself , before landing into such a situation and waiting for law to take a call. What do u get out of this? Embarresment!

I would say - lets fite against this. Dont give in room for anyone to think u r weak and cannot fite back. As Kavitha Said - its presence of mind that matters. No matter how much we are well prepared with a knife or pepper spray, we must ghave the guts to use it at the right time.

:-) On the lighter side - Women, just make sure everybody knows that u have a knife thats real sharp and u have cut many with that (keep it urself that u have only cut vegetables with that:-D)

Hey but that makes sense - jus let ppl around u know that u possess a good handy weapon that u have mastered to use!
Dear Sirs and Madame,

Working After Hours in office:

Working late hours or coming in to work on the weekends can have its benefits. The quiet office affords you the opportunity to get more work done. However, it is also a good time to become a victim.

l Make sure you are familiar with your building’s security system. If there is none, you must learn how to summon immediate help.
l If you must work late or on weekends, let someone know where you are and when you are expected to return home.
l If you feel uneasy about working after-hours, explain your feelings to your boss and try to work out a satisfactory solution to the problem overtime in your office. Try to coordinate your work schedules and/or exchange phone numbers in case of emergency.
l If you must sign in one a lobby ledger, use only a first initial with your last name.
l Turn on the light in the main areas and in some of the other offices to make it look like there are people around.
l Have the phone numbers of building security right by your phone.
l If you encounter someone who looks or behaves in a suspicious manner, do not hesitate to call security.

Working Alone

Whether you work alone in an office or in a retail establishment, you need to make special provisions for your safety. A little paranoia can’t hurt in these instances:

l If you work in a high crime area, a good lock on the door and a security buzzer can keep trouble out and let your customers or clients in.
l Inform the security guard in your office building if you are in an office or a policeman on your beat if you are in a shop that you work alone and should be checked on periodically.
l Have a plan formulated ahead of time in case someone enters your premises looking for trouble. You should be prepared to hand over and cash or merchandise that is asked for to protect yourself form physical harm.
l Install a panic button that summons police or a security guard in case of emergency to provide a degree of protection.

When You Leave the Office on Business

Often, the very work you do can put you at risk of becoming a crime statistic. Certain jobs require that you leave the office. When you do, use common sense. If you must leave your office to meet with a client, or are leaving your office with a client, make sure someone knows where you are going, what it is you’ll be doing, with whom, and when to expect you back.

You are probably thinking that everyone at your office is too busy with their own work to keep track of your schedule. But think of the consequences to your workmates and company if something were to happen to you while you were on office-related business. In addition to dealing with whatever injury or fight you suffered, your company would have to rewrite office policies and develop better safety plans for the employees. So why wait until someone gets into trouble to take precautionary steps? Insist that your company follows safety strategies before an incident takes place.

Put up a board with the names of everyone who will take part in the security system. Next to each name, the worker should enter where she is going and when she is expected to return each time she leaves the office on business. (An erasable board works well for this purpose.)

There could be columns for a telephone number and/or address where each worker can be reached. Then, if someone doesn’t return within a reasonable amount of time, the police should be notified of where they were last seen.

Develop a “buddy” system. If you must meet a client in an unsafe area, have a co-worker go with you. Again, someone back at the office should have the destination and expected time of return to the office.

While on the road, it is a good idea to phone in every few hours. Apprise someone at the office of your whereabouts and next destination.
If you meet clients in your office, keep the door open if you can. If not, have a telephone signal set up with a co-worker in case of an emergency.

Meeting a client in his home or office puts you on his turf. Putting him (temporarily) in charge. Assume control by assessing the rooms around you and the people present. Give the impression that you feel confident, even if you are feeling cautious. If you do go into a private home, note the location of the front door. In an emergency, it won’t do to run into a closet.

Source: Internet and the book of What Every Woman Needs to Know About Personal Safety

Best regards to you all,
Dear all,

We won't let Sexual Harassment Syndrome happens in office, Having to fend off sexual harassment every working day causes tension, anxiety, frustration and anger. Because it takes time and energy to deal with a harasser, job performance suffers. The anger is often internalized as a deep sense of guilt.

Physical ailments caused by the anxiety and frustration of being a victim of sexual harassment may include headaches, nausea, insomnia and other medical illnesses.

To all females staff: When you are involved with sexual harassment, the most important thing to remember is to protect yourself, and to refuse to feel guilty or responsible in any way for your problems. You are a victim and are in no way to blame for being the target of this illegal behavior.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is finally being acknowledged, and it is no longer just a “woman’s” problem. Employers are clamping down on illegal behavior because they fear expensive litigation and a decrease in employee productivity. Ignoring the existence of sexual harassment can be a costly mistake.

Dear Sumit, Radha, Asha,
I have gone through the your views and comments.
Sumit has taken nice initiative atleast people in HR forum at least can think of safety of female employee:
  1. The female employee should be respnsible for their own safety. For that they should follow the dress code, try to avoid late night in office, not to share their personal matter with any unknown or even to their near and dear ones. Because any one can commit crime we can not predict any one.
  2. They should follow strictly the working hours that is 09:00 AM to 6:30 PM (maximum). In no case they will stay after 6:30 PM.
  3. If they stay after 6:30 PM, then the management should be held responsible for any thing happens to her during commute.
  4. The cab Driver should be trained accordingly and they will be instructed the proper route plan.
  5. Armed Secuirty guard of the concerned company should accompany the female employee up to her home.
  6. The female employee should reach to their house, intimate they have reached safely.
  7. Any sexual harrashment/even comments to them should be dealt very seriously.
  8. If any female employee submitt any compalaints about her peer or any other male employee, the male employee has to prove that he is not wrong.
thanks and regards,

I must say that the HR Colleagues are coming up with some great thoughts!!!
Asha, Kavitha you have been more than just torch bearers on this topic and I really appreciate that! Now what next!
How do we start this initiative?
How about VOFA???
Can we create an HR union against it???
I dont want to do just for the heck of doing it.... but if we can start it and continue the initiative and tell our police that we can protect our females in the society, it would be fantastic!!!
Please suggest!!!
Problem of today's women is different. We need to go to the root cause and analyze.
We have given up our traditional cultures, we do not teach our children about what has been told in the Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata and such other epics. As a result the value system has declined and now seems to be not recoverable.
To make India safe for women and others we must adopt some of the philosophies taught in these epics and go for a joint family instead of a nuclear family..............I hope if this happens there may be some change.
Ethics, Morality, Honesty, Sincereity and selfishness are some traits to be imbibed in our families............
Dear Sumit

Good move. Though we claim ourselves developed still women feel insecure?

1. Change and respect should come within. Treat other gender respectfully.

2. Company should have a policy in this regard for 'Dignified treatment' and should be published.

3. As law there should be committee for "prevention of Sexual harassment"

4. Govt has contemplated many laws which need to be published and understood.

5. Work woes to be monitored. Good etiquettes and manners to be inculcated and practiced.

6. Women should also take care/precautions and live within their limit maintaining distance. etc.

As HR professional I conduct half day session on the same topic titled " Creation of Dignified Workplace for better performance".

Anybody interested can visit this title in this site which was posted.

Thanks. It is everybodys duty to see that all are safe and respected at their workplace. Let us strengthen this at our workplace by all means.

Wishing you all the best.

Ram K Navaratna

Cheif Executive

HR Resonance


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