I wanted to be held
to feel the warmth of your hand
i wanted you to look into my soul
just to understand
i wanted to get lost in your eyes
to be swept off my feet
i wanted forever to be ours
to own the sky and the sea
i wanted to be loved
but instead i got rejected
i fell so hard for you
i left my heart unprotected
please dont worry about me buddy
i wont again make that mistake
there is no more love to give
and theres no more heart to break

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
What u got.... U ventured on "Being a psychic" And derived some theories on Pain and Suicide..which needs re-thinking.
From India, Madras
Thnks chitrasuchi.........u understood.:-D:-D:-D But i havent thot of suicide yet.........asha :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Na Ritu, It was not a comment on u. Teh posting is really good. I commented on Ravi... See his theroy on Suicide!! in his post Suicide Suicide.
From India, Madras
i want the details of consultancy information about the foreign education consultancy is it good to invent wright this movement please help me about this information please reply me thank you
From India, Hyderabad
Give me ur mail id , have a mktg friend who is into a consultancy promoting international education .... Will ask him to get in touch wid u.....
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Narasimha, This is a forum for Humor. I suggest u post this request as a new Post in another forum. Otherwise, no one who knows the above information may be able to help u.
From India, Madras
Forget suicide dear.
Good u failed in the attempt.
The prize for u is LIFE... live it not for a single person...but for u . . .
Its a beautiful gift. No one can control ur life except u. don by self let death defeat u.. live and defeat pain... death cant kill it...
But LIFE and living vcheerfully can kill it

From India, Madras
i want to experience death,, how is it like, im so excited, to experience it,, :razz::razz:
From India, Pune
Love doesn't come with an open door...
It always break the door to come in...
and it goes back also in the same way.....
what we tell is.... It broke out heart....
But the question is why it goes back....??

From India, Calcutta

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