View Poll Results: Why do you change / feel the need to change a job??
Location / city / travel distance is too much 2 3.39%
take home pay / salary is inadequate 13 22.03%
brand / status / reputation of company not good 4 6.78%
Family / personal / spouse / health issues 2 3.39%
BOSS (does not require explaination :-) ) 7 11.86%
job profile / responsibilities / accountability / targets etc 17 28.81%
Co policy / work culture / work environment / politics etc 7 11.86%
facilities / benefits provided are inadequate 3 5.08%
New sector booming / other reasons etc 2 3.39%
further studies / skill upgradation / courses etc 2 3.39%
Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

Yogesh Pahuja
Hr:-beh & Soft Skills Training, Thomas
Asst. Manager - Human Resources
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Dear Members,

Thank you for your responses to "how frequently do we change a job?" has given an insight into the trends currently prevailing.

As rightly pointed out by members in the replies in the thread, reasons for change of job could be many.

I thought it would be appropriate to also find out the reasons why an employee would consider changing a job and see if we get a pattern in this also.

There could be more reasons than those listed in this poll. What I have done is tried to categorize and list out the most common ones.

I have consciously avoided use of generic terms like better prospects / job satisfaction etc as they do not convey the core reason for leaving.

Focus on the reason that would make you feel the need to change a job / the reason why you have changed a job in the past / or the reason why you are looking for a change now and accordingly cast your vote.

Do indicate your views also.

The pattern this may indicate could bring out some very interesting insights for the benefit of the community.

Yogesh Pahuja
From India, Ahmadabad

Dear All, I think major driving factor for any person to change a Job should be either work or the family. Family drives your economic needs, social needs. Job drives your personal, mentail needs.
From India

i saw the pole and ofcourse voted fr it...however when i saw the result i just want to share what went thru my mind...

when i voted the result was- maximum votes to job profile/ accountability/ targhet option...

well now i want to make a point...when i was going thru options the first thought that came to my mind was of course- one wud change a job fr good job profile and oppurtunities only.

but...but i gave a thought and was just contemplating that being in HR we have faced many candidates who are with good companies, enjoy good profiles and yet settle down for not so good profile if salary jump is significant.

See ....from HR view point and to make it sound good in interview its the right answer that we change job fr growth and good profile bt in practice though this reason is significant but it does not out weigh the importance of salary...

i mean never in life i hav come across somebody at any grade, senior or junior, who would settle for less salary or even same salary if job profile is better as compared to his present job. And a thousand of times i have myself and even all HR guys must have seen people settling for a lesser challenging profile if the desugnation and salary is lucrative...

Yes... family reasons may outwiegh anything.

I do not doubt the integrity of votes but somehow we should rethink coz practice speaks otherwise...

job profile is a reason but for some and probably for people who have attained financial zenith in their respective area...but cannot be a reason for people who are at exploring stages of their career, both financially and profile wise...

anyways lets see what the votes say ....

From India, New Delhi
Nice topic for discussion....
Job Profile, Salary...etc..etc are ofcourse reasons. But, somehow, I think that the crucial factor is BOSS. If you are not comfortable with your will defenitely start looking for change. Profile or salary is a matter of concern in your very early stage of career...after that your frequncy matching ith your BOSS is all about. You cannot continue in your same job.... if you are not comfortable with your boos and having a good profile and package. Most people might not say this as reason at the time of interview...but, I somehow strongly believe that it is really a factor for an employe leaving his/her job.
Please Comment..
From Netherlands
very right ... it is believed that ppl dont leave the company they work for...they leave the people under whom they work... rolly
From India, New Delhi
wow its true yaar.......
i really accept that the people looking for change because of BOSS n pay Package.........
My Boss is very proudy......he is very different....
its very silly matter...people will laugh for that......
i asked for leave for Dasara for 1 day(Sat day)....but he didn't accept....i convinced last he allow me.....i din't came to office tuesday...because we hv not get reservation on that i went to off wednesday.....My Boss told me that We don't want more work from u......
really i was schoked for that....simply i came out
i'm not worrying abt my job....with in 1 week i'll get another good job with good pay..
i'm thinking that what i hv to tell in interviews,
could u plz suggest me.......
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sridevi
you have a point...however in interviews suggesting you an answer is a very tricky thing...
a lot of factors could play a role...length of tenure in your current company..notice period..job profile...role...
what I can definitely indicate is possibly what not to say..things like talking ill about your current company or your boss or infrastructure / facilities etc is not taken too positive by the interviewers
I am not sure if this helps.
From India, Ahmadabad
Various factors varying from person to person is responsible for changing of job, that may be various reasons as mentioned in the above questionnaire. In my 6 years of experience in PSU, I have identified and felt that the most common reaons for change of Job in PSU is :
i. Job satisfaction : this is due to lack of job description, responsibility, too much of hierarchial hindrance, improper promotional policy and above all less compensation package.
From India, Bangalore
Hi Yogesh
I would like to add another perspective
Changing a Job ;reason changes from time to time
All the options that you have given are valid from time to time
Money at a cetain stage(exploratory age, still in the establishment period)
Job Profile , Career Growth(more or less established)
Health(can be any time) Security, Family, Responsibility
But above all what I feel the main reason
Persons leave their bosses cand not organizations.
From India
i have changed two jobs in two and a half years and in both cases unfortunately reasons have been boss related, i am working in the role of an EA, both established organisations, I am having difficulty in getting good opportunity explaining my reasons, since one is not supposed to have bad luck twice in a row.

But the second one i left was just not rgarding boss, it was related to organisation style of funtioning as well. People were asked to go on the whims of the boss and there was no time pattern of work, one was on a call 24x7 anytime of the day or night.

life had become difficult to balance.

in such cases i am surprised that hr in organisations do not keep a holistic attitude and understand that there are situations to be considered when organisations don't teach their leadership teams to be considerate.

even though hr in organisations during interviews are never told this truth but ..most of the hr in the organisation like the ones i was working had no power and no say in the practices and systems. their job was to just hire and fire people.

best regards

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