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Vidya Joseph
Dear seniors,

Good Evening...

I started my career in 2004 as Executive HR and now as Assistant Manager HR in a German Mechanical Company, Am responsible for complete Human resource activities.

Our ex boss gave me all the importance, support, authority, training, knowledge & mainly respect for the position HUMAN RESOURCE. He was a good administrator.

Last mid year he was transferred back to Germany & then there was a new Boss, again a German (MANAGEMENT CHANGE). He is totally a technical person & he doesn’t have good administration or HR skills.

He finds HR dept not so important & uses me only for preparing letters, memos, printing of resumes etc etc which any front office assistant can do….

I tried to tell him the importance of HR but he just snubs me saying to stay cool.

Recently he is built a fear management in employees. People get fired if they go against or don’t accept their order. I would not even know that interviews are going on in our organization, they call me only to prepare the appointment letter.

During our ex boss the HR dept was very strong hence the management people were on control but now even they are not. They recruit on there own, fire on their own, there is no control over salary etc etcc..

Am totally confused, broken, demotivated………. Am so disturbed that I don’t get any new ideas…..

Please help me, what should I do?? Is there anything which is an eye opening for these people about Human Resource department than my usual work.

Thanks in advance

Vidya .V

From India, Bangalore
Ash Mathew
Recruitments, Training`
Sr Manager Hr
Manmath Sahoo
Asst. Manager - Hr
Astha Sahai
Hr Executive
Training Manager
Aparna Sethi
Training And Recruitment

I was amased when reading this post. It defines my role exactly. As a senior HR Industrialist in Australia i have been used to full support. I recently took up a position in the Aviation Industry. What i thought would be a great opportunity has turned out to be opposite. The HR function has turned into a policy and letter writing position, all after the fact. My recommendation is that unless management changes, you will continue to have opposition against HR. Like me, i am sure you will continue to put in 150% whilst looking for another employer who will recognise the value you can contribute.
HR - Australia

From Australia, South Morang
Vidya Joseph
Dear Seniors,
when we are in trouble the only people we think of is you guys........ How could you make us wait so long for your help and guidance.
There is no help from your end nor our company, very sad..............

From India, Bangalore
It is a very sad situation. It is surprising to see that a german firm does not HR dept. Be cool. A day will come when he will realise the importance of HR. Till then Keep bringing to his notice the importance of HR in day to day affairs.
Good Luck

From India, Aurangabad

This is the situation which is out of ur control. U r in execution mode, ppl in decision making mode should hav to think the importance of HR. I am also in same situation, used to get dipressed at times, array these numb headed fellows neither know wat is HR task nor wat shud thy do. Disgusting, the other way, I keep myself motivated by sharing my ideas wit my peers, rgt here in cite HR and also providing soft skill training to school children, college students and other forums. Vidhya, don b panic, we r HR, we hav to manage ppl, manage him, wait for new boss or wait for good opening. Love ur profession n not ur organisation.

From India, Mangaluru
Vidya Joseph
Thank You Guys, Feeling Little Light Now That Atleast You People Are Able Understand My Situation. I Cannot Share This To My Family, Friends & Colleagues......... Coz Being In A Very Strong Position & Suddenly Dumped Like This Am Not Able To Take It.......
Thanks Again

From India, Bangalore

Vidhya, Being HR we hav to confront things, take it, feel it, act realistic and tat vl fetch u success. Life is full of meaningful experience.
From India, Mangaluru
Hi Vidya,

I am completely agree with you , because I have been experienced the same situation when I was in the midst of my HR career. In my last Job, I have also worked with one of the most Reputed MNC in logistics and that time I was going from a similar faze of my tenure. Just to add on what CHUM has advised that kindly be cool, patient and always be focused on your profile in spite of any disappointments. You will have to give your more than 100 % in your work without looking for any appreciation. Management will soon realize the importance of HR. Don’t get depressed; consider this period as a good learning experience. Wait for a change. In your next task over a period of time you will have one add on experience in your kitty.


From India
Ash Mathew

Hi Vidhya,

Your boss is not the person who will have the ultimate power on decision making. As a HR - I believe you must have some authority on taking this forward to the Senior Mgmt (the director?? / Chairman??)
while it might sound really infeasible - well it is feasible. This is the last option.
You are not going to do anything against the laws of teh Company, well, you are just going to ask them to act within the set laws of the company.

More than anyone - the Chairman / Managing Director will be interested in retaining top talent. And - the person who is new to the Company "cannot" decide on things the way it was in this previous Geographical area!! Your Boss needs Training on Change Management!! :!:

As a HR I understand that you are not just worried abt teh fact that HR is not being respected, but it is the whole working culture that has changed - people look up to you and think that you can do something. When they trust you - why fear this German who has no clue on what it means to manage people.

Ask him if wants machines to work or if he also wants good people to control those machines. If his motto is to create a completely automated system (no humans - only robots) then... please let him take the lead..
else - Act!

What you need now is Confidence in yur self!! You have proved that you CAN - a many times. This is not the place where you need anyone else to tell you that you are good and then do what you can. You have already received these praises right? You have already been acknowledged. So - take the lead now. If he asks you to take Print out, please tell him that in this Company - our Office assistant will not be doing anything - if you do everything! And you dont wanna burden your boss by letting him know whats the actual effort in retaining people!! (he cant!)

Tell him that - he may have managed people with the same attitude and autocratic nature. But that will not work here. If he is answerable for the production, then he is also answerable for why no production is taking place (this will happen if people start leaving)

The company has set rules and procedures on Recruitment and the HR HAS TO BE PRESENT during the interview. - let it be a strict rule from the Sr. Management and NO APPOINTMENT LETTER WILL BE ISSUED IF THE RECRUITMENT PRACTISES ARE NOT WITHIN THE LAWS OF COMPANY PRACTICES. It need not look like as if YOU want it that way, but the COMPANY wants it that way.

Vidhya is a person who does not want anyone to do things on their own when there are already rules set.

I dont know if I answered you - but just want to tell you, that people trust on your capabilities to do something, dont let that just be a dream. You know what to do right?? - Yes, but do it in a way that it does not create problems for you to continue.

--- hey, discuss with your ex boss too - he will know better to guide you on this

Take care!!:)

From India, Madras
Astha Sahai

Hello Vidya...
I understand your situation very well but please keep in mind that "patience is the biggest virtue".. Don't get demotivated and continue to put in in your best efforts in every task that you undertake...Take this as a learning experience and keep working hard..All Da Best!!!
Astha :icon1:

From United States, Fremont
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