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Thread Started by #archnahr

Dear all,
Did you miss the last meet on September 17???
Are you interested for another MIND-BOGGLING MEET??
Do you want to have fun this time?
If your answers to all the questions are YES, then...................
Register for MEHFIL-E-DILLI , this time our own CHR will be here for the meet. :D
DATE: 8th October
TIME: 11.00 AM
VENUE: GARDEN OF FIVE SENSES, Saket, Mehrauli road.
REGISTRATION FEES: Rs. 150/- per person
you all are free to bring your friends, colleagues, family members, just ask them to be a member.
Hope all of you who missed the last meet will surely come this time.
And those who were there, I know they cannot resist the meet this time also.
Be Good :D

25th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Archana,
I look forward to the experience of this meeting - of sharing knowledge and experiences, guidance, information and above all - FUN!!
Who is organizing? Do we pay in advance? What time does the team gather?
Parichay Dewan.
25th September 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hey Delhi/NCR and all the rest ppl,
If you want to gain knowledge while having fun then HR Meet is the place to be.
PLS register yourself well in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made to avoid any last minute confusions.
We expect that every memeber of Cite HR residing in Delhi/NCR or anywhere in India or abroad can be part of this meet and share his rich experience and if has any specific HR related doubt or querry can discuss the case with the participants, there will be senior members also present so you might get some insight from them and the rest of the members can gain and learn from each other's experiences.
Hey Archana,
See you there on 8th, do let m e know if you need a hand in any task.
25th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Rajat,
Many thx for your encouragement. Your call during our previous meet was a big boost to us. We are meeting again on the 8th, we look forward to your encouragement. Of course, your actual presence would be delightful... :D
I am going to make a BIG statement here - I think DELHI TEAM IS THE BEST TEAM..!!!.
We gel together very well, we always take group decisions, and the team members cover every level of seniority & experience. Beginning with Archna's leadership & co-ordination, backed by the seniors, down to the enthu & ideas of the HR babes I think we plug everything, no unmapped areas anywhere. What say guys ???!!!
Lets GO FOR THE 2ND MEET guys, and make it a more memorable & fun Meet than the 1st !!!
Hi Aanchal,
Sure I'm smiling and beaming sunshine... :D :D :D By the way, why do u call us Intellex? :wink: Get well soon, you gotto be there on the 8th.
Warm regards,
25th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Parichay,
Welcome to Mehfil-e-Dilli. The registration form will be posted here shortly, in the meantime pls provide your contact number so we can establish contact with you. Keep checking this thread for updates also.
Warm regards
25th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hey Delhi Gang !!!
Yes Devjit 100% areement Delhi Gang sure is the Best & Bestest...
HURRY PEOPLE register yourself now itself to meet the most Happening lot of people in the Country.....
REGISTERED members please wear your CHR badges for the meet otherwise we will charge you the fee once again :) Archna & Nitin you too do not forget & Sughosh as well.......
8th October another Hungama awaited...
26th September 2006 From India, Bangalore
dear archana and other members,
yes, truely i missed the first meet at delhi.
i back to delhi yesterday and hopefully involve in the second meet.
The picutres of the first meet are really excellent and i am able to judge the fun and enjoyment you people had.
accept hearty congrats for having made the first step towards great one.
senthil raj

26th September 2006 From Costa Rica, San José
Delhi Gang is surely the best, but we want to make it "Better than the best" with the presence of CHR and many more members who could not make it to the last meet.
Hi PArichay,
welcome to Mehfil-e-dilli, we are surely looking forward to meet you.
Just drop in your contact details, so that we can establish contact with you.
26th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hey Saurabh,
Thanks a lot for extending your hand. I don't think we have to make any arrangements this time as all the things are in place.
Hi Senthil,
SO you are back, we really missed you in our last meet. How's your wife??
We will have more fun and much valuable discussion this time.
Looking forward to meet you.
26th September 2006 From India, Delhi
hello archana and other delhi friends,
thanks for your enquiry.
My wife is better and health of my son and daughter are progressing.
Following your steps, a meet at chennai is also under process. Hopefully it will be held successfully as experience of yours will be immensly help.
When i meet you or talk to you, i will get some input for the chennai-meet.
During my visit to chennai, i had a chance to go for personality/counselling assessment for my son who was under medical care. The results are good and i believe some of the points will be really good for the people like us also. May be when i meet you all, i will discuss those points also.
senthil raj

26th September 2006 From Costa Rica, San José
hey all...
Im so sad that i will not be able to attnd the 2nd meet also .. as Ill be cming to my hometown delhi only arnd diwali ..
Anyways hope to catch all of u all smtime latr then .. njoi .. keep me posted ..
26th September 2006 From India, Calcutta
Hi Senthil, Good to know ur back in Delhi. Glad to know you had a good trip, and we are surely looking forward to sharing ur experiences. Warm regards, Devjit
26th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hi all, I would like to register for this meet! Please let me know the time we meet! Regards, Parichay
26th September 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi All,
So, all set for the NEXT MEET. As Usual, COUNT ME IN, I would be there on 8th October whatever the conditions might be.
Would call Devjit or you in coming two or three days.
And YES, count me in for volunteering NOVEMBER meet. Please excuse me for this meet :oops: . SORRY.
26th September 2006 From Netherlands
HI Parichay,
The details are given in the start of this thread. Read the first post by me and you will get all the details.
Hey Kiran,
Good to read your post, its been long time since you posted something on the thread.
Without digicam we won't let you in this time, :wink:
C ya
26th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hey Gang, Since the venue is outdoors, what say abt a good game or two to liven up proceedings? And we could have 1-2 topics in this meet also? What say all? Warm regards, Devjit
26th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hi guys,
hope this time all r coming........ to make this meet more valuable & rememberable........
Devjit u r right we can think of games this time to make this meet lively....& this time kiran promised to take digicam :lol: so it will be fun too.....
27th September 2006 From Australia, Sydney
HI DILLI Members,
Hi Kiran,
True your entry permissable only with the Digi Cam :)
Hi Devjit, Ashish, Archna...
Yes sure we can have games this time....
Archna you rember I handed over some chits to you on the first meet??? I think we can go ahead with the games we culd not on the first meet...
Also Ashish, we can have outdoor games as well this time as Garden of Five Sences has ample amount of space... What say..
Devjit, incase the games part need organising sure we can meet as if I am not wrong you come down to Sec 58 noida??/ Otherwise even Annchal is thre near by.. Ashish hope you are not feeling excluded mine are plain suggestions that will save u from travelling & meeting up for organising
Warm Regards
27th September 2006 From India, Bangalore
These are the details for registration:
The money will be collected by the following people till 7th October, 2006.
At the registration desk all of you are required to fill a Registration form and pay the registartion amount of Rs.150/-
Following are the list of people who will be collecting registration fees in different zones of Delhi, NCR:
Mr. Parashar (9810357062)----- Chandigarh, Lucknow, North Delhi
Mr.Kiran (9910238688), Ms Archna (9811334792)----- South Delhi
Mr. Devjit (9871716726), Ms.Geeti (9891283622), Major Pandey (9818285623)------ NOIDA
Major Pandey (9818285623), Sughosh (9811445558)--------East Delhi
Kindly register on time to avoid any inconvenience.
27th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Geeti,
Ya sure I can come over in the evenings. I'm a little held up for a few days with parents & Durga Puja & ofc work so I'm not able to involve myself fully right now. Things shud improve after Dussehra, and I will be more available for sure. Let me know when & where I shud come & I will be there.
Warm regards,
27th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Rekhs,
Welcome to Mehfil-e-dilli. :D
You can register yourself by paying in cash to the any of the members (near your area) mentioned in the last mail posted by me.
Their contact numbers are also given, feel free to call them to fill the registration form and pay the amount. :D
The timings are 11.00 AM
Date: October 8, 2006
Venue: Garden of 5 senses, Saket, Mehrauli road.
Looking forward to meet you all.
27th September 2006 From India, Delhi
hello archana,
I will be attending this time on 8th october.
Can we effect the payment on 8th at the meeting venue. I am afraid some of the members may find it difficult to meet the people. Even i may find difficult, since i came from leave, i have lot of work to be completed as once again i am leaving for chennai from the third week.
Just think this alternative and inform whether the fee can be paid at the meeting venue.
senthil raj
27th September 2006 From Costa Rica, San José
Hi Geetika, Its perfectly Ok with ur suggestion ....... & if u guys required any assistance then i’m available any how... cheers! Ashish Jain
27th September 2006 From Australia, Sydney
Hi Senthil,
As discussed on phone, we will be charging the registration fees before the due date.
It will confirm the number of people who would really like to attend the meet.
So, I hope we can meet for your registration.
27th September 2006 From India, Delhi
hello archana,
as we discussed over the phone, i accept the reality takes place for conducting such get-to-gether and I will meet you for the registration.
thanks for your concern towards the participatns and as well as the meet.
senthil raj
28th September 2006 From Costa Rica, San José
HeloooooooooooooooGang oops Delhi Gang...,
Once again things are in motion looking forward to meet one & all & share their experinece...
Warm Welcome to all new Mehfil e Dilli memebers I assure you you will have a gr8 time on 8th October...
Have a gr8 day..
Warm Regards
28th September 2006 From India, Bangalore
Hey all, WHy saddi dilli is sleeping???? WAKE UP GUYS and REGITER YOURSELF LIMITED SEATS AND ALREADY 24 people have registered. DIAL a number and Register yourself, confirm your seats. CHEERS ARCHNA
28th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Rajkumar,
Kindly fill in the registration form and deposit registration fees before 7th October.
The details are given in one of the posts by me, where I have mentioned the names of Poeple who will be collecting money near your area.
Provide your contact number as well.
28th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Dilliwallas,
Rush your registrations at the earliest. The seats are limited indeed. There's going to be fun, frolic & lots of discussions on the 8th, in a 'different' setting... :D We had a ball the first time, even more scheduled on the 8th...So don't waste time, book your seats NOW !!!
Download the attached form, fill it & contact any of us nearest to you. The list is already posted by Archna previously in this thread.
Warm regards,

28th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon

Attached Files
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File Type: doc cite_hr_142.doc (32.0 KB, 17 views)
File Type: doc cite_hr_142.doc (32.0 KB, 17 views)

Come and join Delhi Meet, mehfil-e-dilli not only for fun but also to share your HR related experiences, problems and queries.
This platform is launched with the sole purpose of getting united and finding out the solutions which is difficult to find out otherwise.
Join if you are interested to Learn. :wink:
29th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Archana, I am a new member of this forum. Can I register for this meet? I asked the question earlier but am still wondering how to go about it. Thanks & Regards, Parichay.
30th September 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Parichay,
We would love to have you with us on the 8th. All you have to do is call the person in your area of Delhi from the list below, and submit the registration form. The from is available on this thread itself.
In case you are not able to contact anybody for some reason, just post your contact num here, and one of us will contact you tomorrow.
Warm regards,
30th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hey Dilli Gang,
So, All Set for our second meet. Eeverything is fine, but the only matter of concern is my mobile number in this thread was given wrong :cry:
My mobile number is 9910235655.
Yes, incase if some one wants to register and finds it difficult to meet me, what we can do is, Just call me and we will fix out some common point of meeting and then we can meet out there. So, it would be easy for who all wants to register. But, this offer is only for south delhi guys :P .
Archana and Geeti,
So, I would not be allowed with digi cam, right?? Hmmm....Ok, this time will get that for sure :) .
Actually, I did not go through this thread after posting my last post. But, from today...I would be checking this thread on regular basis and would be in touch with you guys.... are really good. If we are playing some out door games...please do let me know if they are theme games or fun that we can go ahead accordingly.
will be in touch.....
30th September 2006 From Netherlands
Hi kIran,
I'm really sorry for posting a wrong number of yours.
That is the reason I was getting all the calls from South Delhi and you were not. :wink:
Now, I'll divert all the calls to you, what say.
Hi PArichay,
I think you are from Gurgaon, so call me or Kiran 9910235655, both of us are in SOuth Delhi.
We would surely like to have you in Mehfil-e-dilli.
30th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Good morning Kiran... :wink: Welcome back... :D The digicam is not just a digicam for you, its ur passport to peace and happiness... :wink: :D Warm regards, Devjit
30th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
HOLA Bestest DiLLI Gang!!! 8)
Hmm better late than never!!!
Here im..still not Got the permission to sit on the PC,nd guess wat First thing wz to Open CiteHR..I mizzd the thread..hmm read it all nd gt updated.
Hi Archna maam,Dev,Geeti,Kiran..
Hw r u all??hope to c u all on 8th..(Doctor ko maska mar rahi hun permission kelie! :wink: )
HY DILLI...Jaagoooooooooo
Grden of 5 senses z waitn to gt a invigorating session it had never seen before!LOTSA OF FUN nd MASTI..
1st October 2006 From India, Mumbai
hi Devojit, Can u tell me the process of the registration? like where to pay........ how to pay......&to whome i hve to pay........ I want to join.... Pls guide Garima
1st October 2006 From Japan
Hey Archana,
No Issues....If you are busy with some other work...just divert the calls to me for the registartion fee collection, I will take care of this stuff...
Yeah Dev, I realized that it(DIGICAM) is my passport for peace in next meet. So, YEAS and YEAS, this time I am going to get that in meet because, It is now in my BAG with, no one can take it or use t without my permission :lol: .
Hey Aanchal,
It is fun to be ill and take rest...YOU are dear, Have fun.. and ofcourse, WISH YOU A SPEEDY RECOVERY :) .
To register for the is pretty simple and easy. You just have to meet one of the members and pay your registartion fee 150/- on or before 7th October. Whom to call depends on your location. If you are from south Delhi call me or Archana or else just check out for the details in Archana's previos posts....
1st October 2006 From Netherlands
Thanks Devjit!
I look forward to the opportunity of meeting people from the field of HR - especially because I'm just about starting my drift towards HR.
I am from Gurgaon. Anybody from Gurgaon to whom I can submit the form? Or should I upload the form here?
My number is 9891565108 - anybody from Gurgaon, please contact me.
Thanks & Regards,
Parichay Dewan.
2nd October 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Garima,
Thx for your interest. As Kiran has already said, pls contact the designated person in your part of Delhi. The list is in the previous pages of this thread, you will have to do a lttile searching... :D Alternatively, pls post your contact num here, and 1 of us will get in touch with you. You just have to submit the registration form (also already posted in previous pages) and pay the registration amt of 150/-.
Hi Parichay,
Due to this Dussehra weekend, most of us are busy. Since you have given your contact num, one of us will definitely get in touch with you and arrange your registration. Pls download & fill-up the registration form in the meantime. Looking forward to your company on 8th. I have seen your query abt HR career & education options. I am sure you will get some 'marg darshan' from the seniors.... :D
Warm regards,
2nd October 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Goood Mooooooooooooorninggggggggggg Delhi,
SO guys we all are back after a streched weekend and blasting Dusshera. :D
I really love this time of the year when we can see INDIA in real festive mood.
Hope you all had a good time in these days, I had a great time that's the reason I could not open my Laptop during these three days.
Welcome Garima & Parichay in Mehfil-e-dilli, just let us know your contact numbers and we wil be in touch.
3rd October 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Dilli Gang,
Only 4 more days left...let's rock....
Got to know from devjit that you are out of town...anyhow, please let me know if you are in midst of dealing with someone here in Delhi so that I can carry forward with them. Just let me know their mobile numbers...I will get in touch with them.
garimas and parichay,
Just let us know your mobile numbers so that we can have a word and go ahead with the proceedings...
3rd October 2006 From Netherlands
Hi Kiran,
I was out of town till Monday and now will be going again tomorrow evening.
I had a word with Parichay, nothing is pending.
In case any new person joins in you have all the responsibility. :D
Share your responsibility with Geeti, Ashish, Anchal and Nitin. Saurabh is also back.
I'll speak to you tomorrow.
3rd October 2006 From India, Delhi
guuuuuuuuuuuddddddddd mrrrrrrrrnnning Diiiliiii..
Juz 4 dayz to go!!!gt goiung nd register!!
Hy Archna maam welcme ib touch wid geeti regardn d meet..
Dev z outta town too! : :)
keep threadn all!
hmmm..there z a recovery in 60% possibility of me cming there! :)
3rd October 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Anchal,
So, your health is progressing, that's good. :D
I know that you all are responsible people and will take care of everything in Devjit's and my absence.
I'll be in touch and will be easily available on my phone 24*7.
Maintain the contact with all the registered members.
HAve a great day.
4th October 2006 From India, Delhi
Hey guys,
No more people from Delhi interested in the meet. :(
You will have an opportunity that should not be missed.
A chance to discuss all your problems face to face with Grand fathers of HR and HR wisdoms. :D
Register register register.
4th October 2006 From India, Delhi
[quote="archnahr"][size=18][color=blue][b]Dear all,
Did you miss the last meet on September 17???
Are you interested for another MIND-BOGGLING MEET??
Do you want to have fun this time?
If your answers to all the questions are YES, then...................
Register for MEHFIL-E-DILLI , this time our own CHR will be here for the meet. :D
DATE: 8th October
TIME: 11.00 AM
VENUE: GARDEN OF FIVE SENSES, Saket, Mehrauli road.
Hi i am a new member from delhi wishing to attend the sunday meet. How do I register?
My id is
4th October 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Meenakshi,
Welcome to the forum.
Just give us your contact number and one of us will be in touch.
If you want you can call me on 9811334792.
You will have to fill a registration form which is in this thread in any of the posts and you have to pay a registration fees of Rs. 150/-.
We welcome you in Mehfil-e-dilli.
4th October 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi everybody,

Some information regarding our venue ...........its a wonderfull place for visit in our own delhi. I've collected some information on the Garden from one of site on delhi tourism , thought it will encourage u all to come & join us on meet......... :D

The Garden of Five Senses

This unique garden is located at Said-ul-Azaib village, close to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi. The 20-acre site is spectacularly beautiful, set amongst majestic rocks. The proximity to the Qutab is an advantage for the visibility of the project. The project is designed to stimulate one's sensory response to the environment. An amalgamation of colour and fragrance, textureand form evokes the awareness of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.

An introduction to the different zones in the Garden:

Khass Bagh:

The garden is built on the lines of the Mughal Gardens. At the entrance of this formal garden, there is an exciting piece of sculpture, 'a fountain tree' cast in brass, by John Bowman. Slow moving water cascades in channels along the length of this garden, Flowering and fragrant shrubs and trees line its paths. A walk along the central axis leads to a series of fountains some which are lit up by fibreoptic lighting systems.

Colour Gardens:

Narrow pathways, made of various natural materials, snake along compositions of colour, with flowering shrubs and groundcovers that complement each other. The common lantana displays itself at its best when it is covered by multiple hues of hundreds of butterflies which depend on the plant for food.

Neel Bagh:

The meandering paths then lead you up to Neel Bagh, which is a pool of water lilies encircled by pergolas covered wit climbing plants of different colours and textures. At the center of the court is a stunning 'Wind chime' crafted by ceramist Kristene Michael. It is made up of hundreds of ceramic bells hanging overhead to catch the wind.

Courts of Specimen Plants:

Moving southwards from the Court of Lilies are a cluster of courts which feature plants whose names are commonly heard but those which are not often seen. Some of the courts of specimens are-

Bamboo Court

Cacti & Succulent Court

Tree walk

Herb garden

Court of palms

Tactile area:

Apart from the various texture & colour that you encounter in the materials used in the Garden the Tactile area is especially designed to stimulate the sense of touch. Whether beaten rocks with remarkable textures and colours from the banks of the river Ganga are proposed to be a focus in the Tactile area.

Solar Energy Park:

A solar energy park has been set up with the help of Ministry of Non Conventional Renewable Energy Sources. This section of the Garden is meant to bring about awareness in utilization of renewable sources of energy. It comprises of a 20 Kw. Solar power plant, which meets the requirements of running the Solar Park.


Blocks of sandstone nestled amongst the natural slope of the site serve as seating for the open-air theater. The backdrop of magnificent rocks adds to the dramatic setting.

Art Walk:

En route to the rear end of the Garden, you come along an open exhibit area for art. A colonnaded space serves as a permanent frame for suspending canvases. It is hoped that this space would also be used for holding art workshops.

Planting Design:

The planting within the Garden has been designed to keep the imagery suggested by the name Garden of Five Senses.

Parasol trees such as the local 'kikar' spread all over the site have been left intact to provide shade. Over the rocky ridge where the soil is not friendly to planting the vegetation is mostly untouched and consist mainly of the thorny 'Ber' bush. The lower parts of the site, is designed to explore the various forms, colour, texture and fragrance that can be induced by Plants. Fragrant Trees Shrubs have been planted all along the paths and various zones. Almost two hundred varieties of plants have been introduced in the project.

Works of Art:

About 25 different sculptures and murals have been commissioned for the project making it one of the largest commissions of public art in the country. The works are primarily contemporary. However a "Phad" wall painting by the Rajasthani Master craftsperson Shantilal Joshi has been made on a wall. Also remarkable terracotta pots by Master craftsperson's Angoori Devi and Giri Raj Shah have been installed. Amongest the Contemporary sculptures are works by Radhakrishnan, Enaz, Subodh Kerkar, John Bowman, Kristine Michael, Ratnabali Kant and a large number of works by young students from Delhi college of Art.


4th October 2006 From Australia, Sydney
hiii can anyone tel me procedure of registring for delhi meet I m anxious to attend the meet
4th October 2006 From India, New Delhi

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