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This thread is closed now. Thank you all for your contributions, thoughts & opinions
12th February 2009 From India, Lucknow
Dear Captain,
This is an interesting article & the first comment comes as a shock. Yes, it is known issue of Candidate's attitude & a few recruiter's too.
The initiative of a forum is interesting.
And to rsk, I'd say, Go ahead and open another forum to blacklist corrupt HR and Recruitment people for others to know.
18th June 2009 From India, Coimbatore
Accepting offers with multiple companies and then negotiating with them is not a crime or any wrong doing. Employee has every right to negotiate his salary with the company. If the company feels that they can't afford a higher salary then they can just convey it to the employee leaving it to his/her's call of accepting or denying it. Trying to cap over such thing is like stiffling one's fundamental right and freedom.
31st January 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear chandpathak

Maligning individuals publicly for the reasons given by you, is neither ethical nor legal. It amounts to trying people in a kangaroo court, "witch hunting" and possibility of an innocent person being victimized.
It is not only a violation of Human Rights but also violation of Privacy.

Taking names, especially in a public forum, i.e. on the web; and PASSING JUDGEMENTS UNILATERALLY, without giving the other party a chance to defend himself; I do not think, are the signs of a good, civilized society.

1. No show can be due to number of genuine reasons.
2. Joining & Leaving - in case a candidates feels that the assignment or the company is not what was promised; what option does he have ??
3. & 4. Offers are just "offers"; they are not "binding contracts" - that is what employers say when they retract their offers. !!
5. Giving false information - There are appropriate Laws for it.

In my humble opinion, no recruiting agency should act in a manner which implies that they have been conferred a right to PUNISH a candidate, just because he did not act in a manner which could have yielded them their consultancy fees from the prospective employer. Such vindicative attitude should not be there, as it is only through these candidates, that Recruitment Consultants earn their living. A Customer should always be treated in a way as advised by the Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Warm regards.
Raj Kumar
31st January 2010 From India, Delhi
Commendable effort. Keep up the good work. All concerned please contribute generously with proper consideration.
31st January 2010 From India, Delhi
Excellent approach but offer from diff companies is a fashion of today & if you can't offer him better package . Then just show him your additional fascilities & working culture. Some companies salary structure is not so strong but the amazing benifits & fascilities they are providing with the high job security.
31st January 2010 From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi ChandPathak,

A very nice and useful effort.

A candidate who thinks to play with the companies, can be put check by this procedure. They fear and the most change their attitude.

But......... there are also some problems with the employers...

1) Job vacancies will be posted. Even the application has been sent in-time immediately, with 100% required and desired qualifications and experience, the candidate doesn't get even the interview call. The candidate's effort and expense in sending application goes for waste...

2) If called for the interview, the candidate will have to bear his/her own expenses to attend the interview (for some companies). Even the candidate has appeared on scheduled time for the interview, he/she should have to wait for a long time for the interviewer to perform his duty for the purpose. This may happen if there are more number of candidates for interview. But this happens even when there is a single candidate. This happens due to negligence.

3) Sometimes candidates gets rejected due to unable to answer to irrelevant questions. Those questions are no way concerned to the position vacant. They dont come under behavioural, attitude, subject matter, experience etc... etc... They get rejected only because, the interviewers doesn't get the answer which they expected...

4) After completion of interview, there would be no specific fixed time declared for results, either positive or negative. The candidate will be orally said that, he/she may get the call within 1 week. But it doesn't happen. Even the interviewer doesn't know when he can finalize. If not qualified in the interview, the candidate doesn't get even the intimation of the same through email / telephone / sms... which is a minimum responsibility



Can these also be resolved by any source...

Thanks & Regards

31st January 2010 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Mr. Chandpathak,
I completely disagree with your viewpoint. Your statements & judgement are baised. Since you are a consultant you have given the view points of majority of consultants. If a candidate ditch the consultant or company, the consultant & company also at time either do not respond to the candidate or give silly excuses. Which is not right on their part as well. Secondly, we are no one to judge whether the other person is wright or wrong just on the bases of our perception. If you feel that such candidates should be blacklisted then what about those unethical consultants & company, aren't they supposed to be blacklisted as well.
Forget about other companies or consultant just tell me did your firm been every time correct in their approach while dealing with the candidates Did every time you gave them feedback on time? or Did you answered their calls diligently?
Waiting for your reply
4th February 2010 From India, New Delhi
What about if companies fire you on the basis of companies non performance or any management dispute or slowdown, will you make a forum to black list the same organisation?
I really don't see if somebody leaves you for money, whether we accept it or not or we believe on researches which says money is the 4th or 5th point for motivation, but it comes first and foremost when a person is unhappy with the hike in % or see his/her collegues are getting double digit salary growth in the same economy.
Yes you can blacklist somebody on the basis of Stealing the company information, fidelity,sharing the info with competition and so on. Stand alone rejecting your company offer before joining in not a henoius crime to get a blacklist, in this case you have to blacklist atleast 50% of IT professionals for 2006-07 ( Boom time).
4th February 2010 From India, Mumbai
ya I agree with CRK and Shriya and joshi, and also thank to you guys. see am also a hr professional and came across these kind of situation but Mr. Chatak statement is not at all acceptable your statment shows immattured. we provided interview feedback on time, we issued offer on time but some candidates not turned up after receiving the offer letter.

some times they provide fake details in their profiles but we can find easily as a hr you need to analyse the candidature while taking the interview. Not all the candidates doing this some of them doing. Employers and candidates both side hava a problem. we cant blame anyone in this regard. Its all depends upon the situation and company backround. we cant force them to join for a particular company/positon/salary. candidates have all right to take a decision. if your company is not good, there is no proper management obviously employees leave without giving notice or information.

First find out the solution for this issue instead of blacklisting candidate. Think practically with mature.

Your idea of bringing blacklisted candidates not at all acceptable and not at all appreciable one sad thing is many hr's gave positive reply for this thread.

Let's see some of our seniors opinion for this.................
4th February 2010 From India
Firstly.....I really wonder that what happens to these type of thread owners, why they become invisible after posting threads...if you are not confident then KINDLY don't start such issues and if you start then PLEASE be part of it...
Secondly I don't agree with this idea AT ALL....though I am also a HR Professional but we can't be immature in our thought processes and actions.
Many a times problem arises from company front also but no one will accept it...and we won't be black listing them as we don't have many companies but we do have many candidates RIGHT!!!!!
It's better that if we think logically and brainstorm I guess we HR Professionals can come up with better and practical solutions....
Let's try for that and do not get into all these biased ways...Sorry to say but according to me its not the right method.
8th February 2010 From India, Delhi
Hai all,
Really regret to see such kind of postings. i am with all the fellow members who are against the form topic. Blacklisting a candidate is not a small issue and i am sure if the form topic owner look back into his/her past she may also have confronted such kind of things anywhere at sometime in the past.
Doing such a thing we are going to spoil some persons bright career being unknown to practical and actual issue which resulted to.
As said by someone there are mistakes by both. Trying for a better opportunity is nowhere a wrong.
8th February 2010 From India, Hyderabad
I dont agree, we are not authorized to track all those details publicly. We have not rights to stop anybodies career, yes he did the mistake but can you answer why he is commiting this kind of mistakes. He might have some personal problem or might have worked for more than five years for a single organization and could not get the right appraisal because of BAD BOSS or internal politics or might have some other reason that we can not answer all those. So please dont track all these details and please dont play with any bodies emotion.
If you want to track and to take actions then please take actions against POLTICIANS from every industry who ever is playing everybodies emotions in evry where.
Thanks & Regard
(Think thrice before taking any action against anybody)
30th April 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Shriya

Thanks for your post. I had almost forgotten this topic when I suddenly received an update and saw your posting. I agree some companies & consultants too behave in unprofessional & unethical manner & we must deal with them too. Our ( Indians) "chalta hai" attitude and innate tolerance towards all things corrupt, unprofessional need to change.

On my part I am trying to do that. Please do give us a call as a candidate and see for your self. I even try to counsel candidates if I have the time to the best of my abilities.

Several clients have cheated us of our hard earned labour but we find this no good reason to turn unethical our selves. We simply drop the clients.

I still believe the candidates "shopping" for offers is not correct. I don't see most of them negotiating for "better role", "More responsibilites", "better career Path", "better training opportunity"..etc.

It is mostly MONEY.

I believe most are led by their greed to play one offer against another. If some people see this as their fundamental right I am sorry to hear this.

Accepting the offer and then joining else where offered more can't be a genuine reason. It is plain old GREED. Is Greed a Virtue? Is it a fundamental right? We need to do a bit of thinking and get to the root cause.

1st May 2010 From India, Lucknow
Yes I saw the responses, but I don't see any solution. Most are recommneding that we accept this as fundmental right of candidates. None has so far come with an alternate solution to check this nuisance.

If the candidate has accepted an offer after going thru many rounds of Interviews, after searching for facts about the Organisation on the net, talking to others etc, it only seems he has taken the decision to accept the offer knwoing fully well what is he getting into.

Why then suddenly he finds some fault with the company or has a "Genuine reason" to join else where? - AFTER the offer.

This mostly happens AFTER the offer, it hardly happens during the selction process. The drop rate during the selction process is negligible and AFTER the offer is significant.

I agree salary negotion not working out between candidate & client happens. It is perfectly fine to REFUSE an offer, but ACCEPTING the offer & then pitching this offer else where to get better offer and ultimately join the OTHER company AFTER accepting the FIRST offer is not Freedom of choice by any standards

1st May 2010 From India, Lucknow
Hi Vijeta
You say : "come up with better and practical solutions...."
I would appreciate if you could suggest any alternative which can stop this problem. Here we must focus on those candidates are "Shop" for offers. We you believe that "shopping" for offers is correct, please let us all know. Else let's have some good suggestions...I'll retract and take back my suggestion to blacklist rouge candidates. All I am looking for is to find a solution where in the rouge candidates are forced to think TWICE before ditching all parties invloved in the selection process and waisting everbodies time, energy & money to satisfy his own interests.
1. Politcian cheat country of its wealth - because they are in a position to do so
2. Candidates cheat companies - because they have freedom of choice
It is Cheating neverthe less in both cases.

1st May 2010 From India, Lucknow
Dear All
I feel most of the replies were emotional. I would apprreciate and encourage if we can have some practical solutions & suggestions to all the problems of rouge candidates / consultants / companies mentioned by everyone.
I respect everybody's opinion but we are where we started - some justifying candidates action & some against it.
In this scenario it will be difficult to find a solution , because for some - NO Problem exists.
BTW, Thank you all for contributing. I hope you all agree that we need to agree to disagree if we need to make our's a better society.
I am resting my case. It was a good discussion. In the process if I caused any hurt to anybody's sentiments, I sincerely apologize.
I don't know how to close this thread ! But if it helps - I declare this thread closed on 15 May 2010. All those who wish to air their views may do so before that.
1st May 2010 From India, Lucknow
Dear Mr raj Kumar

I would request you to revisit my list which describes what kind of candidates we must blaclist:

1.No Show on the date of joining
2.Joining and leaving without notice / reason / information within a week.
3.Accepting offer and refusing to join on weak / flimsy grounds
4.Accepting offer and then become untraceable / un approachable
5.Giving false Information on his / her CV about Qualifications / Experience / Projects, fake documents with Intent to cheat during Hiring process.

Please let me know if you would have sympathy with the candidates as mentioned above.

Also please do let me know - in your opinion how many out of 10 such candidates would have a "genuine" reason not to show up on the day of joining. Please remember that this is a "No Show". If there is a genuine reason, a sincere candidate would have called and discussed with the HR Manager or may be pushed his / her joining date. He / She does not become untracebale!!!! and this does not happen "once in a while" but fairly regularly at all levels.

Please let us know if a "No Show" is acceptable to you.

1st May 2010 From India, Lucknow
Hi Captain, I truly agree with the vision of the Raj Kumar a super Moderator. This will be illegal rather ethical Regards Poonam
1st May 2010 From India, Delhi
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