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Dear AKS, Better be quiet and shift to other concern better than this take this as lesson and be in distance with all
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I have a different take on this. I think one can develop feelings for a person and it is quite but natural for a human being though to fall for someone. Yes we do understand the age difference here ( What if Salman Rushdie does the same nobody minds). You may wish to consider the fact that the boss has been truthful about his feelings for her. What she can tell her boss, without giving a cold face and only serious stuff , is that she was very uncomfortable to know that he had feelings for her and that she respected her as her father and guardian. she can also mention that she is already engaged/ married/ in a relatioshionship etc..Avoiding the boss and creating a stressful work environment will not help.Storing messsages, texts, mobile numbers will make things worse as the person will always have a negative attitude towards the person.Take it on face and handle the whole situation very politely with very little embarrasment to yourself and him. Make sure that u don;t speak to anyone regarding this in the office.You do not really have to go through the Anti SExual Harrasement Manual and approach the Ethics Officer now. You may wish to escalate to that level at a later stage if you see no improvement in the situation. All the BEST
I saw this post initially when it was posted in citehr and was thinking whether to reply or not, But lots of bad people are there, some demand favours and some give favours to climb up the ladder.
But obviously you cant be disturbed at work, some girls in your case may choose to give favors and relax in the job if the boss too is of their age, and some may directly choose to fight back.
In this some may even choose to leave the job, because sexual harassment case means both the male and females name is going to be defamed, even if the female has not done anything her name gets defamed. And for females once their name gets defamed its too hard, but try your best either to SOLVE IT THERE or GET A SMOOTH EXIT.
Now as a true HR ur realizing the HUMAN in the HR, but dear this is absurd, and the boss for his age of 62 should think 1000 times before setting up such proposal. And if she mentions that she is married, engaged, he will tell her just for favors its a very complicated case, and to handle it you need to be having excellent logic and presence of mind, because tomorrow if you get stuck up it will be stuck in quicksand.
Seniors (elders) are required to protect, guide, lead the young ones, not propose to them. Nishabd and Cheeni Kum is Bollywood - this is real life. And this 62 year old has a FAMILY.

A 27 year old has gone to work place to work. Not to accept propoasls from seniors. And her intentions become pretty clear by the very fact that she has posted this issue here and sought help. Yes, she has to say a POINT BLANK NO.

To secure herself, she needs to have this escalated - coz how many other such girls would have had the guts to come up and report the matter? Professional matters to be handled professionally. She is not over-reacting in any case.

Also, as an HR person, it is her DUTY now to have the Secual Harrassment Policy in place (if already not done).

As human being, giving all humane considerations, it is advisable to respect the 27 year old's NO and stop approaching her for any other favuors. She has refused to accept such advances and her intentions need no proof. (AKS please second me on this).

Nonsense has to be killed FROM THE ROOT LEVEL before giving another chance for any other serious threat. The 62 year old who has a FAMILY, may rather go and show feelings there. None of us are casanovas and none of us cannot NOT control our feelings. Its on you how you exercise your controls... on yourself.
With all due respect towards the opinions shared here on post, would like to put forward following points in my argument:
1) I am not saying that what the boss is doing is justified or correct. NO! NOT at ALL. But we must all remember that we do not live in an idealistic world...
2) You do not have any proof of being proposed so that you take up with the senior management.
3) I have no clue what the boss is still doing at 62 when the retirement age is 58.
4) Please do not make a mountain of a molehill. The guy has proposed ( you know what that means_ i guess you do-ASKING.) To accept it or not is your prerogative.He has not forced himself on you.
5) The reputation and perception of HR within the company depends on how you handle the situation.
6) You may start jumping and crying about someone proposing you or confidently handle the issue, speak face to face and nip the issue on the bud.Choice is yours.
Hi All,

To some extent I agree with Pritesh in the sense it is quite natural phenomena . But yes , considering the fact he has his own family and is elder to her, should not have uttered this nonsense.

I suggest that the girl should be very strong and behave normal to that stupid GM otherwise it may create a negative and stressful environment for her and she may not be able to concentrate .
But yes she needs to speak to the GM very seriously on face to face about the matter clearly and warn him indirectly :icon7:. I am sure if he is sensible enough, he will understand.

On the other side if this matter comes to limelight , it might affects his reputation and so he might find a way to throw her of the company, which will not be good for her.


Its true that making issue of it its not good but yes you have to be aware whts happening around u...Yes its not an idealistic World but we have to survive in this world only so its always good to know where we r heading and wht we can do abt such issues.
My point is that AKS is facing this issue she only knws wht r d other issues related to this so by sitting outside we can just guide her in our own best ways..
And knowing abt laws will always benefit her coz whts stored in future no one knws..
I dnt think anyone over here is suggesting her to scream or cry on this issue...all r just giving her various ways to tackle this...HOPE point is clear now
I agree with Vijeta... no one is suggesting she screams or make a mountain out of molehill, but yes, she needs to oppose it for sure... while maintaining the reputation and perception of HR.
We all need to give her the confidence and encouragement to face the situation and not just ignore it.
All the best
I don't agree with this post at all in principle, Because its personal matter between individuals whether they accept or reject its their personal view. If tomorrow she and he accept each other we have no opinion then....

We must acknowledge the fact that life is game of possibilities. Just because of social taboo we can not form any opinion and justify or critise people because our conservative beliefs.

Due to change in lifestyle in big cities people accept new norms to become successful in life and who cares what matters same likeminded people do not come on citeHR to share successstories becuase its their personal matter.

Here we think in conventional manner to maintain old economy social decorum of SriRam Sena kind of dogmatism which is not viable and practicle.

Its thinking of progresssive minded people and conservative thinking whether you accept or reject its not our problem.......

We should keep our subject clean and consious of whats our focus and objectives.....


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