Hi friends
we are a leading insurance broker with a huge clientele.
we can structure group mediclaim policies and also rework existing or expiring policies.
we are based at chennai but we can handle policies across the country.
you may mail us to or contact 919884034555 for any information on general insurance matters like property insurance, liability insurance, group perspnal accident policies .

From India, Madras
Good to see your contacts..First I would have few queries infront of me.
Iam raju from chennai working in a private firm. My question is
1. what is the percentage limit that i can frame as a budget in my life like for example
Expense breakup from my income
Daily expenses x %
Food Items y%
Entertainment z%
Medical expenses
Vehichle maintenance
House maintenance....etc.
This will be very useful for all Citehr members if u can frame it out in detail. Which will really trust you even better to have a good contact as well. also i do have other personal quires.
1. Can an individual have any no. of mediclaim policies if he is interested.
2. Waht is margin limit in the taxable income for mediclaim if he has
I. Individual policies
II. Group policies
3. Can mediclaim amd health insurance policies taken at same time.
4. what would be the realtional limit under taxable income.
Please advice.
Thanks in advance

From India, Madras
Dear Mr Raju

for your first question, you cam search for a Financial Healthcheck calculator on net. anyway i can work out one and post it next week.

answering your questions pointwise.:

1. there is no bar on taking any number of policies but you should be honest and disclos because if you more than one policy you will be eligible for proportionate payment. It is better you take a top up policy on your existing mediclaim policy being issued by United India or Star Health.

2. There have been changes in the limit for dependant parent coverage deduction. Your limit is Rs 15000 under Sec 80-D if you have paid for your individual policy.
if you are under a group mediclaim policy then it depends upon your comopany, ctc and terms of FBT.

3. i dont know whether you are thinking mediclaim and health policies are separate. in commercial language health policy is called mediclaim.

4. regarding taxable limit, the deduction is a separate section 80D which is part of your computation.

a personal advise is that even if you are in a group policy, it is always better you have a personal family policy so that if you are out of job or shifting to another and you are sick in the period in between, the personal policy would be handy.

for any queries you may mail me at

From India, Madras

Hi Krishna,
I would like to take family mediclaim for My mother (62 age) myself (35) wife (31)
elder son (6) younger one (1.5); wht is best one in the market and what are all documents required? do u have any body in north ie Delhi or Noida? pls revert at the earliest.
Thanks in Advance

From India, Delhi
If you are looking for your mother, then she needs to undergo tests prescribed by the Insurance Company. for you and your wife, you only need to declare your present state of health
you can mail your details to or call 09884034555

From India, Madras
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