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Dear members,
I am new member of this website, I am reading almost all posting and response comments. My observation is some members like Madhu TK and Rajiv etc are experts in labour laws and I must appreciate their advices.
But most of the subjects being posted are repeated and very basic fundamentals of HR which is being tought in the MBA.Diploma or Certification in HR.
This surprise me How people with so poor and lack of basic HR knowledge work in HR in India?
Is it possible to work in Indian Companies without being Certified HR Professional. Its not possible in the west at all forget about HR even famus charactor in US Election -Jo the Plumber cannot work without proper license for plumbing which also required certification in Plimbing.
This is surprising...

Dear Captain Cook
I agree with you. We are a Talent Acquisition Support Service, providing Recruitment and Staffing support to some well known large companies. And our experience with the HR fraternity, especially at the root level has been close to appalling.
While most of the HR executives are duly qualified and have MBA HR, more often than not, unfortunately, the practicals skills have not been taught or learn t during this education. This leads to a huge gap.
Above is not meant to criticize anyone but just to share my experience.
Warm Regards
Marut Bhardwaj

Hello friends,
I agree that possibly MBA course curriculum is not able to address all the needs of the industry. In fact there is very little interaction between industry and acadamic institutions. [ at the most a few guest lectures are organized from industry and summer projects are done by students where not much is possible to be learnt.]
Here is an opportunity to improve the curriculum of the MBA - HR.
Another difficulty is that the variety of the work expected from HR has increased tremendously - HR includes in addition to normal HR subjects - legal and statutory compliances, Industrial Relations, Dealing with various government agencies and local bodies, routine adminsitrative activities relating to people - the list seems to be endless from discipline, uniform, salary processing, etc etc.
It is quite difficult to imagine how all these can be covered in regular MBA syllabus - and even if included it will only cover theory - ultimately the learning will need to happen at work place.

I would agree with the comments of the original poster. Not only am I astounded by the lack of knowledge demonstrated by "supposed" HR professionals here, but also the lack of simple IT skills needed to download and open files posted here.

The other major failing I see every day on this site is the constant asking of the same questions over and over and over again. CiteHR is a fantastic reference source and contains a massive amount of material posted by the members, yet no-one ever seems to use the SEARCH box located at the top of each page to check if the material they want is already here.

We are all busy people, that is a given in today's fast moving world. But expecting other people to take time out of their busy days provide answers to questions you yourself can readily find with a few key strokes on CiteHR is an unreasonable imposition.

It is also an unreasonable imposition to expect posters to personally send files to you that you for some reason or another have difficulty downloading. Some threads have dozens and dozens of such requests AND 99.9% OF THE TIME, THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH THE FILE. Check with your IT department first. If you are prevented by firewalls etc, then go to an internet cafe and download the file on to a USB drive. It is important to learn how to solve problems and use initiative, not expect others just to spoonfeed you.

No training course, no Diploma or MBA etc can ever cover everything someone needs to know in a job, be it HR, Engineering, IT, Medicine or whatever. The real learning starts the day you start work on the job.

Part of the problem also is that people take on jobs that they do not have the skills and experience to do. That is a major problem in recruiting and selecting staff. Anyone can lie at an interview, I have seen it time and time again. It is up to the interviewer(s) to ask the right questions to weed out those sort of people. I might be wrong but based on my observations, there's more than a few people here that would not survive an job interview with me.

The problem is also exacerbated by employers expecting their staff to work beyond their capabilities instead of spending money and hiring the right people.

OK, that's my take on the matter, for better or worse. :-D

Happy New Year to the CiteHR community.

John in Oz

Dear Friends,

I more than 100% agree with all of you. Infact yesterday only i really got bugged up with one of the posting on a Non HR subject - Bhagvat Gita as a Ebook. The initiator of the post has forgot to attch the file and now the post is running more than 8 pages long and still people are again and again requesting for the same attachment. Although i had posted one similar file a couple of months back in a similar thread.
People do not take pain of seeing a duplication of thread before posting a new one, secondly people dont take the pain of searchin in the search box - as rightly mentioned by John.
If people just take a little paibn of searching then the no of new threads on the same topic could be avoided.
The cite is excellent but members have to take just a little more of pain to make it still better and more important not to make it also like many other community filled with rubbishness.
There is an interesting thread on DO & dont's to be observed while posting on CiteHR - how i wish people adhere to it!!!


Bharathi Sarkar.

Dear Friends,

I agree completely with what is mentioned in the posts.

I still struggle to understand that does the personnel dept. in India has evolved into HR?
The HR executives are exploited across the industries. They are treated as a clerical stuff and are used as data entry operators. The knowledge sharing is a big question mark and the kind of impression the seniors in the field pass on is that HR means only the clerical activities particularly with regards to PF and ESI.
Any innovative initiations are discouraged by giving quoting examples and using phrases like "don’t be a dreamer; be practical", "this is not going to work here", "do u think our guys has the brains to understand and appreciate?"

Some time back Mr. Peer Mohammad posted a very interesting post. "An eagle in the company of chicks".

This cannot be used to defend oneself for his/her poor standards. We believe that people who are trying to evolve into HR professionals despite of the poor standards at their work place find a treasure in CITEHR.

Pl be patient and kindly share your knowledge and wisdom to help the troubled fraternity to empower itself.

Hello All,
I do agree with Mr. Jhon that by updating our technical skills and HR knowledge we can avoid many problems. But still would like to mention that on this cite we do have freshers, or students those who like to know abt sm HR concepts and thats why few basic questions has been asked which i feel is very good. That our juniors are trying to update their knowledge with such an authetic source.
So by guiding them properly i feel we can surely make it a best place to spread knowledge.
Do agree with MR. Aakrit that HR profile or concept is still nt clear with many people in our industries...but lets hope for the best. By our active efforts problem can be resolve though i knw it will take time.

Yes, I agree with Bhargarathi and Aakrit, and John; and have observed that some HR professionals have nothing else to do, than to post comments on this site.
We as HR professionals need to be discreet, discerning and mature up a bit, and be taken more seriosly than just glib talkers (posters posting posts for the sake of it:icon5:

Dear all,
I agree with all your points, but most of all I think Ms. Vijeta Shukla. There are many freshers and many students coming to this cite. And, yes it takes time for them to understand how it works. Not all companies have an IT team to explain firewalls and pop-up blockers. Sometimes it is just the accountant whose only computer education is 'Tally' and MS office, "picked up in bits and peaces" , who handles HR as well.

What I mean to say is, I agree with you guys about; the MBA - HR (Theory - Practicle) Gap, by people not knowing how to use this cite better..... but I disagree with the main title which says disappointment.
No! The main purpose of this beautiful cite is, transfer of knowledge. Here is where the student/ seeker will come to seek knowledge.Then how can one complain about the depth of the knowledge? His asking questions itself is a proof he agrees, he does not know and would like to know what he does not know. We give, where is required to give and take when we think we need guidance. Does it not work like this? Then how does it matter even if we spend one second pointing him to the the right thread, where such discussion may have the information he seeks?

I believe we would only discourage people from asking, if we restrict/ comment upon, what they may ask.


Correct Spellings are many a splendoured thing, at times it can give whole new meaning to what is intended. Pradeep

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