Hi all,
My Name is Easwarnath and I am an HR Manager for an e-publishing company, Textech International Services Pvt. Ltd. based out of Chennai.
I am in the process of creating a policy for Corrective Action Plans in terms of Behaviour as well as performance.
Are there any templates I can use for unacceptable behaviour in an organisation? This is for the BPO space. Any help would be highly appreciated....
Thanks and regards,
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15th September 2006 From India, Calcutta

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Hi Easwarnath, I am attaching a Template of Corrective Action Plans. Hope this helps you Regards shubha
15th September 2006 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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Hi Shuba,
Thanks a lot for the memo. I am also looking for a list of common unacceptable behaviours in an organisation like sexual harassment, perennial late coming etc.
I do have a rough idea of the same, but I do not want to miss out on anything while I am preparing the first draft of the policy.
Does your organisation have such a list, for example, an employee gets a memo for coming late to office for 'x' days in a month/quarter? If so, can you share it with me?
Thanks again for your response.
Warm regards,
15th September 2006 From India, Calcutta
Hi Easwarnath ,

perennial late coming , you make this rules .


An attendance sheet is provided daily at which the employee should sign the time of coming and time of leaving.

If the three times late combine to get 30 min it will be considered as half day Leave.

If it is more than 30 min and up to next 30 min it is considered as full day leave and the process follows.

A maximum of three permissions also be considered as half-day leave.

For the Sexual Harassment /abusive working environment incules;

1) unwelcome or unwanted sexual adances .

2)Request or demands for sexual favors.

3)verbal or visual abuse, kidding ,or physical contact that is sexually oriented and considered unacceptable by the person subject to such actions .

4) any type of sexually oriented conduct that interferes with another person's work performance.

5)sexually oriented conversations or activities that create an environment that is intimidating, hostile or offensive to any amployees.

6) repeated , offensive and unwelcome flirtation or advances.

7)repeated proposition or verbal abuse of a sexual nature , such as threats , offensive or sexually suggetive comments , offensive jokes or teasing of a sexual nature.

8)Ofensive physical conduct of a sexual nature inculding offensive contact such as touching , pinching or brushing the body.

9)graphic verbal commentaries about an individual body.

10) display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures int he work place .

Reports of harassment , inculding sexual harassment are investigated promptly and thoroughly .All reports of harassment should be kept confidential to the extent possible .Any individual making a complaint , or any person involved in an investigation , is required to keep the inverstigation confidential to the extent possible .

Such disciplinary actions taken :

1) Suspension without salary .

2) Stoppage or deferment of any increment in the salary of the employees with or without cumulative effect.

3) Demotion to a lower grade/scale /position .

4)Combination of the above punishments.

5) Discharge from the services without notice or payment in lieu thereof.

6) dismissal from services.

i think this would do.


15th September 2006 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Shuba, wow that was quick! I think this about covers it as far as late coming and sexual harassment is concerned. Thanks a lot. It was very helpful... warm regards, Easwarnath
15th September 2006 From India, Calcutta
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