Hi All, I see a lot of you have posted articles and ppts about training effectiveness and evaluation. Most of the posts seem very theoritical, how do we do it in practice. How can Kirk patricks model of effectiveness be used in practical training?

I drew up an extensive excel sheet, it was cumbersome but i got result, i could evaluate how the training has done? Was it worth the time spent? I could evaluate the trainer and the vendor?

But how do i take it to estimate the ROI on training? Am i right? or what are the modifications that i would have to do?

Please help!!

effectivness - sample1.xls

From India, Bangalore

hi monica. thanx for the usefull post, but the effectiveness exl file is asking for password. Kindly provide the password
From India, Delhi
Hi Monica,
This is a crux and good source of measuring training from the trainee's point of view.Therefore it will be not fair to measure the ROI from this data.What you need is gather feedback of the same from their reporting authority.Also analyse performance data from post training.
This in my opinion would be the right way to measure the ROI.

You have not written which type of training you want to measure.. its a behavioral training or technical training...Bcoz technical training you can measure quite easily but measuring behavioral training is difficult .. bcoz as evaluator we can not see or feel the change in person immediately bcoz change will be there but it will be gradual. chanign attitude of a person through one training ....DIFFICULT....but still measures are available which will be scientific.. but very less corporate opts for it.
Or best way is to take a feed back from trainees.. but still we can not relay on this.. and how much corporate will benefit it is a big question mark.. but still training is require...:)


From India, Salai
Monika, am i right in assuming that you have put the avaerages in the inital columns based on the participants feedback? If not please give details. looks like a very good job....

Dear All You can download this file from here. Password is faruk
From India, Mumbai

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Hi Guys,
I always have one question while working on training evaluation ...
Please think over ..
When we evaluate training we do so by the means of evaluating different parameters but unfortunately because of the variety and nature of the trainings there can be no standard quantification of the effectiveness of the same..
Thus how do we arrive at a consensus that a rating say 1 by "X" and a rating I by "Y" represents the same measure of quality of the training.
Somewhere I think that every type of training must have a different evaluation matrix exclusively for itself and essentially made by HR in consultation with the trainer..
A tedious task but looks possible..
Your Views please

Hi All,

Thank you Faruk.

SUpret, the trainings that are evaluated are Soft skills. Every time i send out this qustionnaire i need to keep 6 things in mind, that is: Learning objectives; Knowledge Increase; On the job confidence;Materials and methodology used; Overall result and also facilitator's skill.

This is kirk patrick's model - but everytime a soft skill training happens and we need to get the effectiveness i need to get the objectives of the course and then make sure it fits into the questionnaire. the metrics is very simple; it works according to my companies overall metrics.

But it is very cumbersome and only i could work on it because i created it. It was well recieved but then i landed up doing metrics more and more and less and less of training and content development.

Hence thought i would post it in this forum and simplify things further

From India, Bangalore
I myself has done effectiveness measurement for a big organization. For behavioural training--u caN DO IT in a -the 2nd level-pre & post training format. U can also ask trainees supervisors on standardized questionnaire basis to see employee's improvement for 3d level of model.. for the 4th level--obviously--ROI is not possible so see the parameter & decide as per organization's need for ex. why they conducted the trainig at the very first place & is their any reduction in that like complaints form clients etc.
First level always involve trainee's feedback bt training contect, faculty etc.
Hope it helps.
If done properly & without causing difficulty to trainees, it really helps. Ask for an action plan from them only

From India, Delhi
One very imp. thing while dong pre & post assesment at 2nd level of the model. Apply statistical tool 't' test that gives you a measure of any scores' change is due to training or by chance factors.
From India, Delhi

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