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Dear All,
I would like to have the solutions for the following issue:
My Company Employee strength is 50
Pvt co.
In the field of Bio meteric.
Currently 3 employees require permission for 1 hour , half an hour , & more than an hour every day for their higher studies & programme.
I perfer not to cut the salary, instead of that i have suggested that company can have the agreement with the concerned employee to work in our company for certain period. this will be usefull in case of the higher programme is useful for our line.
Also they can't be compensate their working hours in a month.
But if the higher studies are not usefull for our line, then what can be done?

From India, Pune
Hi Ramya
First of all look at their perfomance on individual basis. secondly, try to figure out whether their higher studies is relevant to the job profile. you can also have a genuine counciling with them.

From India
dear ramya,

I believe strongly that quality contribution is very important than the working hours. However, we need to adhere the rules, regulation and norms of the organisation.

1. You can talk to them and put the questions before them " if company gives permission, as they require, and dont deduct the salary for those hours, how they are going to compensate. Wait for their response and take analysis of their response.

2. If they really perform well and they are good book, nothing wrong to allow them, but ensure that it should be a special case.

3. Discuss with them whether their course of study would be useful for the organisation.

4. The organisation also must do good for the staff welfare and their uplift mobility. Again it should be within the norms.

5. Perhaps you can ask them to work on holiday to ensure that they compensate.

I am sure you can find good solution keeping in view the staff requirement, organisation position and your ability.

wishes always

senthil raj

From Costa Rica, San José
Dear Ramya,
It is better that you think of developing a policy towards helping your employees pursuing higher studies. Otherwise, you will be constrained to make clear-cut decisions in the event of more number of employees approaching you for similar concessions. You need to talk to your top management so as to understand what is their view on this. The policy will of course need to refelect this view. Develop some criteria for approving such requests.
I would strongly suggest that you do not take the burden of implementing the agreement that you have in mind. Keep your ground clear of such complications that may arise in future. Your intentions today may be good. But, be careful not to enter into a messy situation later. So, it is better to avoid any such agreement unless the higher studies are directly supported by your company financially.

From India, Madras
Dear All
Thank u for ur inputs.
But the higher studies are not related our company requirement.
Also they are ready to compensate butwe are not require, since they are in junior level, during office off or beyond office hour will not supervised properly.
Can you suggest how this suitation are handled by different companies.
Also give me what will be the policy can be framed for this .

From India, Pune
Dear Ramya,
An employee must take permission from his employer to persue any external course or the Employer may sponsor an employee for any professional course which will be useful to the Company. In the latter case usually a Company makes an employee sign a bond stating that thwe employee will stay with the Company for a certain period of time.
So, during the time of giving permission the Company must spell out the terms and conditions in clear term to the concerned employee.
In absence of the above I personally donot recommend people going on for Studies at the expense of the Company's time. It creates a lot of administrative as well as manning problems.

From India, Thane
Dear Ramya,

It is really a difficult situation wherein your top management also can have a dilemma.

You have the following options-

1. You simply refuse stating that when you recruited people you expected them to serve the company for certain number of hours per day as per rules and no concession in working hours could be permitted to few people as per the company policy. What is the guarantee that someone else will not ask for permission on daily basis for some other reason - say for example, medical treatment like physiotherapy, attending yoga classes, to drop children at the school, paternity, learning music or driving or swimming, doing a social service, etc. There could be more genuine reasons for permission than compared to higher studies. You may have to rank which reason is more genuine for granting permission.

2. Put a notice asking how many employees would like to pursue higher studies at the cost of company hours in the next three years, if the company decides to permit. If you receive a overwhelming response, you can quote this to those three employees and have justification to reject their request and kill the dream of all the applicants. You may say that since the response is quite unexpected it will take an indefinitely long time for your company to take up the issue.

3. Tell them that you would permit, but if they don't obtain a minimum of 90% in all the exams right in the first semester or year, then salary deductions will be made for working hours lost with retrospective effect. This way, you can prove yourself to be more caring for them than they expect.

4. Ask those three employees to give in writing as to how your company would be benefited while they do the course of study. If someone says there would not be any benefit to the company, then you have a very good reason to convince the employee that you have no interest to permit him. If anyone says that the company would be benefited in this way and that way, ask for the benefits right from first month and if it is not realizable, then start dedcution from next month.

5. You yourself can ask your management for such permission, shock them and get shocked by their response. Then you will have an idea as to what answer you should give to those three employees.

6. Ask one your relatives or friends in the junior cadre to ask for permission in their companies for higher studies, their feedback will be of help to you to form your own policy.



From India, Madras
Hi Ramya,

The issue can be looked at from different angles. You need to answer certain questions before coming up with a decision.

1. Your company being a small company, can you at this point of time permit your employees taking up studies during working hours.

2. What is the benefit to the organization in allowing the employees to take up higher studies?

3. What is the guarantee that the employees will stick on once they complete the studies?

4. What would be the reaction of the rest of the employees if you allow these three employees to take up studies during working hours?

5. If there is an automatic attendance system, how will you adjust the loss of one hour?

We had faced a similar issue few months back. Certain Diploma Graduates wanted to take up BE and the course timings were such that it included last one hour of the work time. These employees requested to allow them to go an hour earlier to study. We allowed them to study during the working hours on two conditions:

a) They were to compensate the loss of one hour by putting in an hour's work in the same day in some other shifts and

b) to sign a bond for two years.

The difference in the situation was that these employees were taking up higher qualifications that was beneficial for both the organization and the employees themselves. Also, the organization was on a project mode (construction phase) which allowed far more flexibility on work timings.



From India, Pune
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