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Dear TS
i worked willingly 15 months, but company is not running properly due to joint venture problem of both partner company, cas is going under company law board,
i was afraid, that company can close also, there was no work from last six months, even work was going against joint venture terms.
so there were no chances of growth in sick company thatwhy it happened.

From India, Pune
Dear Yuvraj777,
I have no further comments, except what I mentioned earlier.
In your first posting, you mentioned the word "unwillingly" and now you say "i worked willingly 15 months". I would rather take your earlier word, reading it WITH your other line-"i signed unwillingly can say forcefully for 18 months".
If you can change your stance 2 times in a single day, how do you want all to take your word when you are referring to something that happened months/years ago?
Pl. remember one thing about this Forum--it comprises of REAL good professionals to advise GENUINE cases-not just age-wise but hardened ones. But when one wants to misuse this advice given in good-faith, it's people like you who will be the losers @ the end of the day. Not anyone out here.

From India, Hyderabad
Hello Yuvraj777,
I can see these options available...based on what I know-pl. note that YOU need to decide what's PRACTICAL from your end:
1) Go to a lawyer and work for an out-of-court settlement. See if the old "letter of self voluntary leaving organisation" can be revived...let the lawyer handle this part. They are better prepared for it.
The tack to be followed is: if this goes to the courts, it will be years by the time the company gets the Rs.1 L, even if it does. And you too wouldn't have any peace of mind.
I think the MAIN OBJECTIVE of the company to send you a Lawyer notice is to bring you to this stage...NOT to ACTUALLY go to the court.
2) Rejoin them, if possible.
3) Obviously, look out for another job ASAP, even while this is being sorted out.
I also think you have still NOT shared ALL the related info. But you are the best judge...but put ALL THE FACTS-and not what you think is in your favour- when you meet the lawyer.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi all
Mine is a peculiar case. I had signed an affidavit for a bond of twice my salary in case I left the company within a year. I left the company within 6 months ( in my probation period) owing to unethical and illegal work ethics.
During my tenure, the company was forced to shift to Linux Operating system after a threat from Microsoft for use of pirated software
The premises of the company was sealed by the municipal corporation and we were being made to work from a cyber cafe with no public facilities.
Towards the end of my tenure, I was also made to work from the sealed office with total disrespect for the laws of the land.
I left the company stating the above reasons.
Now they have filed a case against me for stopping payment on a check and claim that the payment is being taken for training etc.... Minimal training was provided
Can I relate working conditions to the bond being null and void? If so how?
thanking you in anticipation

Hello Robin,
Your case does seem to be a peculiar....I think genuine is more, where the Employer is unscrupulous.
Do you have the evidence of what all you letter, municipality selaing the office, etc? If you don't, suggest collect [now don't think why should's upto you to fight the thing in a court-for ages OR just collect the inputs to hit back] all the inputs that could help you to prove their unethical practices.
ONCE YOU HAVE ALL THE AMMO IN YOUR HAND, call your employer and give them a chance to correct the situation-don't threaten plzzz. If they don't, contact the media and expose them. Of late, many employers take recourse to the courts, since all know this route takes years to get to a decision and the employee will be afraid of this tactic. Going to the media is faster and exposes them....such people usually are MORE afraid of public opinion than the courts.
At least, that's my take.
Wait for others' inputs too and then decide.

From India, Hyderabad

I am working in a company called Annova Technologies, Hyderabad. I was in a bond of 1 year while joining with bank guarantee of 20000 INR. After completion of 1 year they are saying new thing that I need to submit my original certificate to ensure that I will not leave company without one month notice. There was nothing being said in offer letter about ensureing this clause with certificate.

Moreover they are not returning Bank Gaurentee unless I give them certificate and told that salary will be on hold untill I submit it.

As per I know nobody can keep any original certificate as per law, am i correct?

What is your sugesstion for my next step?

Please keep that in my mind I do not have any other job as of now, but I do not want to give my certificate becuase there is no surity that they will return me the same as this company has lot of similar cases of not returning certificate though the bond period and notice period is being served.

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From India, Hyderabad
can an employer ask for a prospective employee to sign an agreement that he will join the company on so and so date otherwise he is liable for an unmentioned huge penalty? will this stand good with indian law?
From India, Bangalore
Hi Tej
I have a problem that i have to leave my company due to my personal reason,but the cmpny is not releasing me immediately as the companie's appointment letter says employee can leave with one month prior notice or salary of one month in lieu thereof.
i am ready to pay one month salary but they are not releaving what shall i do in this condition.

From India, New Delhi
Help needed.
I have signed a bond with company on company letter heaad for not joining client for 2 years after completing my onsite assignment and work for six months once I return to india. But now client and my company has some issues and client want me to join them on their payroll. bond says pay damages of 25000 US dollar if i breach the contract. but there is no legal agreement between my company and client right now. The bond signed is in india and I am working out of india.
i want to know does such bond holds any legal value in this scenario. can I leave by resigning without any notice period.
please let me know what should I do.

From Qatar, Doha
Dear all
from last 1st August 2014 i am joining one company, i am writ 2 years bond but present i want to leave that company. actually 6 months Prohibition period, in that bond if you break the bond you can pay the three month's gross salary. so give me clarification

From India, Hyderabad

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