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Dear Friends,Please see the attachment of a guest lecture on PERFORMANCE APPRISAL which will be very useful for the stuidents of MBA or any Management cources. Regards,PBS KUMAR
30th October 2008 From India, Kakinada

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Dear Mr.BPSKumar
Your lecture on performance appraisal is indeed very good.
Please see my note on HRD.
Best Wishes
Dr. H.K.LakshmanRao
Why Human Resources Departments are not popular?

Human Resources Department (HRD) is among the vital wings of any PSU, Corporate organization for corporate Growth, customer satisfaction, harmonious industrial relationships. Employees are the internal and vibrant customers of any organization and must be treated and developed fairly. It is not hire and fire policy. It must be hire develop and use the human resources to the optimum extent, HRD should adopt a marketing approach in dealing with internal customers.
HRD, in most organizations still feel that they are a supportive Dept, a Cost centre and unduly shadowed and dominated by other departments- Particularly, Production, Marketing which are considered as profit centers, although the situation has dramatically changed towards Human Resources Management(HRM).
HRD can do a lot in this area and to arrest the trend of large scale attritions. HRD should become the backbone of organizations and carry out their functions in a creative, dynamic and assertive manner rather than doing a postman job.
HRD is expected to provide good & effective supportive function to other Departments in Corporate organizations and ensure that the right persons are recruited, trained, motivated and retained to enhance manpower productivity and harmonious interpersonal relationships.
Unfortunately, the HRD, in most corporate settings do what they should not. They develop a fire fighting and crisis management environment rather than an orderly human resources development. The team at HRD is generally not assertive, creative and dynamic but prefers to be subordinate to other functional departments by just carrying out what is told to them with respect to recruitment, training etc.
Consultants and trainers who work with HRD of large corporate organizations find the Dept too bureacraratic/ inflexible to deal with.
Here are some views expressed by persons working in the Department and working as consultants:

Keith H. Hammonds outlines in telling and hilarious fashion why HR folk are often ineffective, prevent talented employees from progressing and become slaves to form and legal box-checking.
HR people see themselves as protectors of management from lawsuits and embarrassment rather than nurturers of up-and-coming employees and champions of their companies.
Here’s one example. HR relies on the special and often insidious processes to prevent lawsuits and gather dirt on workers. I was a manager at a company where if a problem employee came up, the “PIP” (performance improvement program) kicked in. But PIP was truly Orwellian since it meant anything but improving the employee. Once in PIP, the worker was as good as fired. PIP was designed to gather incriminating information about the employee to be used to intimidate that person when they were dismissed so they wouldn’t file a lawsuit.
Keith comes up with a number of perceptive reasons why HR departments end up doing these things.
Here’s a brief list:
  • HR people are often the dregs of the corporate world. Not the “sharpest tacks in the box,” HR bureaucrats get to those positions because they often can’t handle jobs requiring more talent or imagination.
  • HR pursues efficiency in lieu of value. Efficiency is a lot easier to justify numerically and doesn’t require a true understanding of what a corporation does.
  • HR tries to get executives sucked into their system. These include pro forma, annual personnel appraisals. Raises and advancement depend upon them, but who’s to say that annual is the right time frame or you even need them?
  • The corner office doesn’t get HR. There’s often little communication between the C-Suite and HR, but given the state of many HR departments, maybe that’s just as well.
To be sure, there are some firms that do HR well, such as Cardinal Health, Yahoo, Procter & Gamble and General Electric. But Keith’s scathing magazine piece still rings true three years later.

“I am an HR Manager, and I feel that HR can be too bureaucratic! The last company I worked with was Orwellian, as you say, to a "T". Sometimes I was embarrassed to introduce corporate's to latest HR program (I was the HR Manager at a plant). They were a waste of time. I figured most of their programs were "protect my job" programs at corporate headquarters, so they would introduce cr*p to prove their value there. I was miserable. The current company I work with is much easier going. Yes, I need to try to protect the company from lawsuits, but I am also a huge advocate for the employees and employee involvement, a big culture change here. I actually had someone tell me here that I was the first HR Manager he had worked with that "didn't have a stick up their butt." It was one of the best compliments I ever received

“HR departments are not independent oversight committees that can operate under their own guidance. They are given their marching orders by executive management and, if nothing else, HR is capable of following orders. If HR is told to keep their noses out of employee relationships then they will keep them out.

A lot of people in management continue to adopt the view of that first popular corporate management book "Up the Organization", which opened its chapter on HR Departments with the statement "Fire the HR Department". And if it can't be fired, then it can be ignored.

HR has no clout except in areas affecting legalities. But the management-prerogative areas like employee relations, performance reviews, dispute resolution and the like are ALL driven by executive management.”
Corporate organizations make large investments in HR area but The HRD operates in a ritualistic and a bureaucratic manner distancing themselves from the personnel whom they are expected to develop.
What Can HRD do?
  • Stream line the Recruitment procedure
  • Conduct a professional Interview and make it casual
  • Provide insights into organizational culture and climate, confidence building, Skill developing orientation program before positioning fresher
  • Develop and implement a Dynamic performance evaluation system with transparency
  • Identify relevant training and skill development programs to meet the emerging challenges
  • Evaluate the impact of T& D in an objective & Systematic manner and not just getting a feed back a the end of each T& D
  • Utilize the services of Consultant for HR planning and Evaluation
HRD must take periodical and systematic evaluation of impact of training programs and HR strategies besides getting a realistic feed back
It is time that the HRD takes a positive and assertive role to help the organizations and the employees
-Prof.H.K.LakshmanRao.Management & HR consultant
33, krishnapuri, R.A. Puram, Chennai 60028
Comments/views can be passed on to: hklrao@gmail.com

31st October 2008 From United States
What can HRD do to revitalize and reposition?
What Can HRD do?
  • Stream line the Recruitment procedure
  • Conduct a professional Interview and make it casual
  • Provide insights into organizational culture and climate, confidence building, Skill developing orientation program before positioning fresher
  • Develop and implement a Dynamic performance evaluation system with transparency
  • Identify relevant training and skill development programs to meet the emerging challenges
  • Evaluate the impact of T& D in an objective & Systematic manner and not just getting a feed back a the end of each T& D
  • Utilize the services of Consultant for HR planning and Evaluation
  • Utilize Qualitative and Quantitative methods/ adopting Stat and OR techniques for HRM.
There is immense scope for adopting Stat & OR techniques in HRD and HRM.
Effectiveness of T & D as also HR strategies can be compared and measured through formulating and testing hypothesis. Using employee data base, it is possible to identify performance & motivating factors, develop correlations and take ABC analysis of skill set of employees and to take appropriate policies. OR models such as: LP, Transportation, job allocation Assignment can be adopted for optimum utilization of human Resources. Adoption of OR models can increase the transparency and employee confidence among employees and remove the notion of arbitrariness in appraisal system. Periodical OD intervention through a sample survey of employees will have mutual benefit to the organization and staff as well.
HRD, in addition to carrying the reutilized functions, of recruitments, training & development, carrying entry and exit interviews, settling the accounts of parting, can use the fund of personnel data in several ways by adopting Quantitative Methods
For instance:
· Periodically, Categorizing the employees department wise, developing a frequency table of the number of employees who have been with the organization in several class intervals; less than 2 years, 2-4, 4-4, 6-8, 8-10 and over 10, computing the averages, model and median values and also standard deviations will reveal the attrition rates, the loyalty, and the skill bank of experienced staff, planning for training, recruitment, compensation strategies etc.
· Tabulation of data of number of employees in a tabular format containing qualifications, years of experience, salary range would bring out the skill set and to compute correlation among key variables
· The data can be used to develop regression analysis on the contribution made by different classes having different variables .This will spot out the action plan needed for better utilization of HR
· An analysis of the trend of recruitment and separations over the years and the creation of new positions will help forecasting the manpower needs of different categories.
· The impact of training programs on the work with the enhanced competency can measure through statistical testing of hypothesis. This would enable modifying the T & D plans
Periodical sample survey of the employees
HRD must take periodical and systematic evaluation of impact of training programs and HR strategies besides getting a realistic feed back
It is time that the HRD takes a positive and assertive role to help the organizations and the employees
-Prof.H.K.LakshmanRao.Management & HR consultant,33, krishnapuri, R.A. Puram, Chennai 60028
Comments/views can be passed on to: hklrao@gmail.com

3rd November 2008 From United States

We are conducting PMS training. Details of same is here under.

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Performance Management System...

Performance Management System





Performance Management
The heart of "people management" process

We invite you for the most in-demand training in HR and leadership subject, PMS and its certification.

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Performance management system (PMS) is the heart of any management particularly the "people management process in an organization. But many recent surveys reveal, globally, that most of organizations need to revisit the bench marked new age performance management systems. Companies are revolutionizing their effectiveness with their newly discovered ways of managing employees' performance.

Performance management systems, if properly designed and implemented, can change the course of growth and pace of the impact of organizational growth. It can generate revolution and create waves of growth.

To understand the general concepts relating to Total Performance Management
To understand the relevance of Total Performance Management to own organization
To decide on PM framework for own organization
To design PMS & its implementation for own organization
To make participants learn how to implement and how to measure the effectiveness of the newly implemented PMS

The war has begun,get into the trenches- the What, Why & How of Performance Management
People & Performance Management
Quality & Performance Management
Take the arms-Measure Performance, Monitor and win the race
Begin the Revolution- Determine the Performance : Goals, Targets & Bench Marks
The Revolution Must Win-Change & Performance Management
Making Performance happen :Stout, Options, Tests & Trials, Review, Design and Implement
Intractable Performance Problems
Performance Directions, goals, & strategies
Team vs. Individual Management
Competency based PMS
Performance Projects
Goal Setting & KRAs
Tools & Checklist for idea to work : Tools & Techniques
Employee Development and Performance Management
360 Degree Appraisal and HR Score Card
Performance Counseling
Carry the Tools and Weapons-Take Home Lessons


PMS will help to measure & improve the effectiveness of people in the workplace.
It will help you achieve more productivity.
It will help you generate more revenue from available resources.
It will help you improve quality without incurring huge cost.
Success in recruitment.
Evaluating employees & motivating them.

You will also get Various Tools on Enhancing Corporate Performance


Eminent and highly experienced trainers called thought- leaders for PMS will conduct the workshop.

Certified PMS Expert (CPE)

We will provide additional reading material and assignments to be submitted back to us and appear for our on-line test to get certified as expert and trainer on the subject. The time duration will be of 2 months. This part is optional for the program as you may go for training exclusively and take attendance certificate.


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Early bird discount INR 800/-(eight hundred) or US$25 in case of foreign delegates for each candidate if confirmed registration along with cheque is received at least 20 days before the scheduled dates at different locations.

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Salahkaar Consultants is committed (for over two decades) to the cause of enriching the human resource and believes in reaching out to the organizations and community to make them dream and visualize beyond all possible and help them achieve in order to not only turn around their organizations but also to turn it into a world class system. We provide complete HR, HRD, OD, and TRAINING solutions.
SALAHKAAR CONSULTANTS takes care of organizational needs with a philanthropic zeal. It has given consultancy in the areas of training need analysis; training evaluation; selection; and various kinds of surveys apart from providing behavioral and HRD related trainings to all levels of employees. It has trained thousands of employees, managers, executives and supervisors. We offer guaranteed training programs and OD intervention strategies. Our client list covers a wide range of almost the who's who of the Indian organizations.


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Smarika Kalbande | Human Resource Services

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13th January 2010 From India, Pune
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