My friend R.R requesting you to kindly maintain a decroum while addressing others,

Wat do u think abt a person

How can u coem to a conclusion about a person whom u never know or how can u judge a person by only seeing the posting done

they same shows how well you tolerate the against statements of your colleagues or subordinates.

the same also shows how much you know about urself.

Please maintain a decorum while in public forum.

Never ever try to do this again,,,,

From India, Coimbatore
Hi ,

Its very general when two or more people work together there can be a rift of thoughts but more rational & logical has to be considered for behavior, In my opinion the basic solution will be self introspection, if you think you are right & this guy is abnormal in his attitude then you got all rights as a leader to bring him/her back to normalcy & ensure the integrality of your team as its your prime responsibility.

I would suggest before you have one to one as suggested by many , pls ask him to answer a questionnaire related to his job satisfaction or the way he wants to see his leader ,once you get his/her introspection you can invite him for general discussion .In this discussion i feel you should opt more rational nature & also clear him/her doubts towards work.

The other approach will be role-play strategy where in discussion you can put certain practical issue you had with him/her to make him/her understand his /her behavior is wrong & how it is or might affect the team.

See our main purpose is to make him/her aware or feel what he/she is doing is wrong, it is not punishing the person so use termination as the last resort. Make him/her aware that if he/she is not serious about his/her job in HR then he/she has to be human first by adapting a positive attitude


From India, Madras
let u hand him a book on how to behave with team leads and let him check his behaviour with his superiors if he misuses it then better call him out ofthe organisation. kishore
From India, Hyderabad
General Manager-HR & Admin

Hello Everyone, I am working in Consultancy where i am handling a team of 10 Team Members under me. rest everyone is fine , there is one member in my team who if asked for anything (may be related to his Work / any other) start arguing and giving answer back in front of everyone. Now i am afraid as this may create a bad influnence on others, if not today, may be later other team Members will learn


This is Raghunath from Bngalore, I would like to suggest you the following points as a HR professional:

Problems you are facing:
1. Out of 10 members one person you are finding it difficult to handle becuase of his audacity to listen to you and you are hurt as a team member.

2. The reason could be his/her attitude problem, because persons come form different family background also play a vital role, in the present context it is also diffficult to spend on backgrounds checks veirifying their antecedents
3. The reason ofr this kind of indifferent attitude could be situation or work profile one works.


I would suggest you please speak to him/her in personand try to understand the reason for his indifferent attitude. As team leader due to work pressure you might have gone worng while advising the person.
Try to maintain rapport/freidenly relationship with the person concerned and you try to explain his position or role he has to play in the organisation during the prime time, which normnally causes stress or any one .

I would suggest, you please donot losse your cool, if you maintain calm and think in a positive way I hope you can surely over come the situation.

Finally, I would like to suggest saking the perosn form the job is not a wise and viable solution, since we are all human beings tendency to go wrong or taking wrong course of action is alwasy there. Kindly keep speaking on every such occassion whether it pleasent or not. Complment the guy for all the good work and guide to correct himself whenver one goes wrong

Please remember sacking the person should be the last priority, you need sack employees you are realoly incorrigible, because you cannot take any productive form such persons since their thinking is alwasy negative.

Thanks & Regds,
B.V. Raghunath

From India, Bangalore

Dear Seniors,

I am working as an HR Generalist with a Visa processing company. We have a process of sending daily work report by EOD in a prescribed format and I am being the HR is responsible to make sure that everyone has to send the report. Couple of days back, one of the employee was leaving without sending the report, I asked him to send it and he emailed the same from his mobile phone without using the same format. I asked him to send it again in the format and told him that he will not get any extra relaxation for this as everyone is sending it. He started misbehaving with me and used some loose comments. I immediately reported this issue to the Director on phone as he was not available in office. The Director assured me that the person will have to apologize in front of everyone and weather he will stay or not in the organization that I need to decide. Next day the Director called both of us and scolded the person and left him just by giving him a verbal warning. He did not asked him to apologize as well.

My concern is, the person involved in this issue has got many verbal warnings before also related to his behavior and discipline, still no action has been taken against him. As an HR what should be my next step in this case. Please suggest.



From India, Gurgaon

Thank you sir...appreciate your recommendation.
I also told Director that I will not take his responsibility any more as his attitude has gone worse but the Director doesn't take this point and said if he repeats it again, he will be fired.
You are also right that the Director is not willing to take any strong action as the person is his friend's son.

From India, Gurgaon
H.R Generalist

According to me every problem have a solution and being a TL its very important the way you find the solution. Because even your solution will have impact on other team members.
Firing someone on grounds of arguments and answering back is not the right thing to do.
At this situation what you can do is to call him in your cabin if you have one or the meeting area where you can talk to him privately talk to him politely regarding the issues he is facing and ask him what makes him so irritated. As you said you have already given him enough chances though there is no change in his behavior, try to observe how he is with other Colleagues, does he talk to all others in the same way or its just you? you will get many answers yourself.
Next time when you have any work related to him or any questions try to call him aside and ask him. After taking all the measure to ensure you dont fire him wrongly if the situation still persist you can terminate him giving valid reasons.

From India, Pune
General Manager-HR & Admin


Terminating an employee is not the solution to your problem. Hardly you are only 10 members not that difficult to manage.

The following are some of the tips

1. Talk to him on a one to one basis

2.Try to understand what exactly his problems are

3. It is true that an average performing employee will always be rebellious

4. Try to educate him a bout his work and motive him at work

5. In a smaller segment it better to work like a family, which provides lost enthusiasm to work as a team than assessing the individual performance ( but no doubt individual is very important)

6. Try to counsel the person and try to understand the background of that individual

7. Sometimes as a Head of the team you have bear these problems

8. You need to appraise to your senior management about the incidences and take their opinion

9. Do not invite legal complication by sacking him

10. All efforts fails, try build up the case against that person legally and constitutionally and dismiss the person in a safe manner

From India, Bangalore

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