Dear All,

You are requested to help me out in below mentioned concern:

I have joined a co. two month ago as Manager HR. From the very first day i am sufferening from the attitude of some old employees.

I am unable to maintain cordial relationship with Head Accountant till date due to following reasons:

1) He is the only senior most executive in company before my joining. As per internal discussion with other employees I came to know that he was supposing that I should call him Sir.

2) He wants to command each and every employee of company irrespective of designation.

3) He never gives respect to other staff member, always scold on subordinates, which I feel bad about it as Manager HR.

4) Being a senior he never motivates subordinates in any aspect.

5) Never give support to any system.

Now a days there is no word exchange between us and two day ago i have given the remarks in attendance register after this act his assistant is also not talking with me.

Now I find myself in a fix many a times as we are not talking to each other but as per the direction of employer I have to do some work with him, which is very hard to handle. Previously I have approached to him in professional way but he didnot reply in decent manner.


Vikas Kumar

13th October 2008 From India, New Delhi

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Its always good to be self sufficient and well equip to fight alone. You have to take this as challenge to change his attitude. Let me tell you that Accounts or Finance is not rocket science that he feel proud of something [post martum job.
As HR manager you have limited dependancy on him except for budget and approval of monthly bills etc. which is his accounts domain.
You should not bother about his work but must bother for your work and if he is not cooperating sent mail to your top boss or copy to him to bring his non-cooperation on record to prove he is not repsonding. Schedule meeting to discuss on the joint assignments by marking copy to head of unit/company.
I don't know why you are tempted to talk without any purpose this is your problem. I think you believe you should greet and meet is your job profile that is not HR Managers job.
Remove your misconceptions on HR.
13th October 2008 From Saudi Arabia
Dear Vikas Kumar,

This is a “EGO CLASHING PROBLEM”. As your Head Accountant is old in the system he must have some hold over the unit and after your joining his ego is hearted somewhere and because of that this kind of problem arises. No need to worry it will smooth after some time but you have to kill your ego also. Saying Sir to anybody costs nothing. It will improve your values in the eyes of other.

Try this and if this will not work then accept the challenge and be typical professional. No need to go to his seat till then compulsory, mark mail to your senior indicating that you have discussed the same with Head Accountant and mark CC to him also. Do each and every thing in black and white. Always update your tasks related to Accounts like budgeting and bill processing. Don’t give him chance to pick any error or delay in your work (may be he tries for that). Be friendly with each and every employee. When any employee give you good morning / good evening wish them be bold and give him/her reply good morning / good evening (not just smile on the wish – it create the impression that person is in proud).

After some time you will definitely feel the changes.

Rather I will suggest you never never never never give up!!


Pankaj Chandan
13th October 2008 From India, New delhi
Dear Vikas

The situation that is confronting you is a serious EGO Related issue. Though the Accounts Manager is not performing his duty as a Manager with regards to treating others, motivation etc, one should not forget the fact that he is a senior person in the organization.

Try to forget the differences and get along with him. For instance, having a tea or lunch with him, travelling with him would provide you an opportunity to understand him better, providing you a chance to sort out issues and bring about an alignment.

"Attack the issue and not the being". If incase, if your manager doesnt respond then escalate to your top management. Being in HR we cant shy away from people related issues as it will have serious impact on the organization.

Candid / Open / Constructive feedbacks would be of some help. If u find it difficult then request your top management to look in to the problem. But dont forget to convey the message.

As pankaj mentioned "Never Give Up".

"If not you then who, if not now then when". Employees look up to HR Personnel to sort out people related issues, so we should champion the cause and find better alternatives.

14th October 2008 From India, Mumbai
My Frnd, Simply Ignore N Do Ur Job Well.no Need To Dig More Or To Interact If It Is Affecting Ego Problem.
14th October 2008 From India, New Delhi
This happens with the elder people. Just avoid him until you don't have a work. Try to communicate maximum thru mails. Never give a chance to Asst, keep him on line. Still if you've a problem with the old man, talk to seniors.
14th October 2008 From India, Hyderabad
I find the situation described here is just routine in any organisation. There are instances in my experience where office boys who are there from beginning and got close aquintance with senior management. These boys ride on every new comer irrespective of their position and calibre. Hence the thread starter should feel comfortable that he is dealing with Head accountant :)
14th October 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Vikas,
I agree with K.Maninandan's points...You should not go with ego..be mature think positively...even I had managers who never repond to your call or they dont look at you...because you are new...see it takes some time..just hang on..the person being a senior both in age and to the company there is no problem in addressing him as SIR..see HR's not at all on top in every industry...In our organisation Accounts Leads all the Tables..differs from company to company...In Hotel Industry..HR's need to use the back exit...they should not use the main door..there are certain things you have to know...make the situation bearable..dont get personal emotions into the job..fight with the situation and not with the person... The best way is plan and look out for the best suggestion from K.Maninandan. You can solve the issues.
Thanks & Regards,
14th October 2008 From India, Srikakulam
Hai Vikas,

Please try to do case study with his profile
1. Is he handled HR before you are joining the organisation
2. Is he having any additional qualification on HR

My suggestion to solve your problem is

1. Please try to discuss with him directly ( one to one ) and explain your views diplomatically and seek for co-operation explaining the nature of duty, you suppose to perform as per Mgt.requirements
2. Attitude of the Human beings cannot be changed with in very short time. You have to work very closely with him. Please don't avoid him, Please treat him like the person who need help( He is having weakness, which is not liked by others).
3. Please try to help him to come out of his issues. Being the senior person, definitely, he may accept the issues, if you explained in a right manner.
4. Please try to develop the rapport with him ( official and personal also). Being HR person, we should avoid the IGO, which can affect the organisation performance
5. Please try to study his behaviour and take counselling session with him


V. jagannathan
15th October 2008 From India, Bangalore
My sincere thanx to all reacters:
One thing I want to know from few experienced people who are suggesting me that there is no harm to call him Sir.
Friends if ur a department head and second person is also heading the other department then there is no requirement to call him sir, What about your self Dignity. (he is younger than me by age)
( if you r capable enough and performing well in your field then what is need to loose your dignity to curtail the ego of second person.)
I dont konw what other HR professionals think about the office environment, as per my HR perspective being an old employee you should act like a mentor of new comers rather supposing that one new devotee of you is entering in office.
"I love my self dignity and if I am doing well in my profile then there is no need to adjust with anyone whether he is egostic or anything else"
Thanks once again.
Vikas Kumar
15th October 2008 From India, New Delhi

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