I am working as a HR in an IT company. I am given the task of reframing the leave policy in my company...Someone please help me with some good suggestions reagrding the leave policies.
We have 5 days working in a week and no leaves. i.e. if anyone takes any leave then it is deducted from his salary. Earlier we were alternate saturdays working & had 12 leaves in an year but we had some problem in that due to which we had to bring some changes & it was revised to 5 days working without any paid leaves. This was done with the consent of all the employees. But this is creating a problem for the new joinings as they ask for the leave policies, etc & they are not fine with it...
Please give me some suggestions to bring some amendments in the leave policy of the company...
Thank You

From India
Dear Arushi,
You can reverse the policies.
As per that, you can again have the alternate saturdays working. This would gain you in having 24-27 extra working saturdays. So as per the management, you can make it 2 leaves per month which could be carried forward per month, (which would not result in any extra leave) and the employees can plan accordingly.
Maximum 5 Leaves could be carried forward to the next year.
Make atleast 20-22 Leaves mandatory so that the employee takes a short break purposely and can come back to work revitalised.
Further more you can add or subtract the no. of leaves as per the suitability of the industry.

From India, Jaipur
Thank you for your promp reply, we had thought of reversing back the policies but then the present employees would not be willing on that as this new policy (5 days working & no leaves) was formed with their consent. So we cant step back on moving from 5days working back to alternate saturdays.
Can we have some policy having a few leaves in an year around 8 - 12 leaves (as it is we are more than 108 days off in an year & cannot afford many leaves) which cannot be availed on any continuous basis as the employees/new joinees misuse them by utilizing all the leaves in 2-3 months & then leave the company...that affects the work of the organization as the manpower in the company is only 35-40 employees.
If we give 8 - 12 leaves in an year also, then what other criteria should be added so that the employees dont misuse the leave policy.
Thank You

From India
dear arushi
basically i was thinking to reply to this topic or not .to be very frank the companies in IT sector/software does not follow law of the land .whether u observe five days week or six days week does not have any concern with leave.legally,as u are located in delhi ,than u have to follow delhi shop and establishment act and u can not give leave less than mentioned in the act.as per delhi shop and est act 7 cl,
7sl and 15 EL.
sorry for the harsh word used.
j s malik

From India, Delhi
See, law is law....
27 leaves are mandatory for any organization to give to their employees.
If you have made up your mind not to follow the rules , then I suggest you must be gicing leaves on gazzetted holidays, make a provision of providing 4 flexible leaves to the employees, that can be availed by them on some occasion, or emergency. Plus special leaves like B'day and Anniversary...
Hope it may be of any help to you.....

From India, Delhi
There are changes to be made and adaption to the changes is also required.
If you want to gain something you should be ready to loose as well. So if you want to keep the working days as same you need to have the alternate saturday working...
To conveince the employees you can always say that it's now a flexy leave for them which can be carried forward as well. so they can enjoy it in a better way... All those who does not want to avail the same benefit can apply for the leave for every working saturday which will keep the things same as before for them...

From India, Ahmadabad
Most IT companies do not follow the Shops & Establishment Act while framing their leave policies. They are supposed to.
They work on '40-hour week' format. The law actually allows them 48-hour week.
Some companies have 5-day week. However, they work 9 hours a day (excluding lunch time). Most of these companies have leaves ranging between 20 to 30 days per year.
The only solution I can think of, for your situation, is to increase the daily working hours by 45 minutes to 60 minutes a day. This allows you to provide 2-3 leaves per month for your employees.

Thank you all for the useful suggestions.
Please also let me know the daily working hours as per the government rules. Total working hours per week has to be 48. We are 5 days working, so can we have normal working hours to be 10 or 9.5 hours per day.
Thank You

From India
9.5 hours should be alright. But this may be too long. Efficiency may come down. 9 Hours + Lunch may be ideal;

Hi, I am working for a trading company. I am forwarding my leave policy you can have a look. regards Swarna
From India, Hyderabad

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