Hi Guys and Gals,

Ok, I'll start from the begginning! Im English born and bred and last year i worked for HCL & Infosys BPO's training soft skills and V&A. The job was interesting and comprised of classroom training, side by side coaching of advisors and remote monitoring. During this time i developed a number of modules with my team (11 members) including modules on sarcasm, intonation, empathy, embedded reasponses, etc etc.

Great...but then the contract wasnt renewed for one reason or another but not due to my work thankfully - Infosys would like to re-employ me but due to the contract with the 3rd party cant until next year.

So now im working for a new company - and i understood i was joining under a similar role as that of Infosys and HCL - only this time it was just me rather than a team....oops - it seems this new company created a role for me - a role which hadnt yet been defined - my contract is similar to that of the one i had previously but due to it being a smaller company (at least in regards to its BPO work) the role i was expecting is not what they actually want.

Anyway they want me to design a complete training framework starting with recruitment and ending with assessments and results.

Im lost! So far i have designed a framework of sorts but they not only want me to design the recruitment process but the assessments that should be used by the quality team and also what modules should be trained by the training team.

Not only do i have no idea what im actually being asked to do - essentially they want a process map they can show to new clients to impress them and show how i as an Englishman can and am adding value to the service they offer. On top of that they want the assessments, collaboration and training modules - but do they want these in the process map?

Apart from being (or at least feeling) out of my depth, i am not sure what resourses they have and so it becomes difficult to develop anything specific. I am also wary of treading on anyone's toes, e.g. the HR or training team who i am sure think they are doing a fantastic job already.

Im not sure if this makes any sense or just a load of rambling crap - i feel like im totally unqualified for what they are asking - infact im not even sure what they are asking! Having said that i think im heading in the right direction since they have seen the process map so far and are impressed - but where does the presentation go now?

Sorry for the long post - since i am working alone on this i have no-one to bounce idea's off and i think they are expecting miracles from me which i am worried i cant deliver.

Anyone English who has worked in a BPO in India will understand how they expect you to be the mesiah - and often you can add value and improve their service but sometimes not - and maybe this is a not! :(

Any help or advice? I have included what i have done so far...

From India, New Delhi

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Hi Predig!!!

Umm..okay dats one long post.......!! What i understand by ur bombardments of questions is dat they expect u to make the assessments, collaborations, and the training modules.....rite?

Well you did mention that you designed 11 modules for prev organizations you worked with.....so u can definately design these as well...... If these are too technical.....seek guidance from others in the org....i mean...they were obviously working in the domain even before they hired you!!!....

b) Assessments: well im asuming that by assessment you mean assessing the training modules........or We may call it evaluation of training modules ??...

c) Collaboration......well cud u get a bttr platform than cite HR to "collaborate"..you jus need to get a word accross.!!

Dont panic ya....its a simple task....the only mess up being ure expected to do it solely!!!...
Try n figure out what resources they have in hand.....how was the org functioning prior to your entry......what is the HR dept responsible for......?
Try n communicate this to senior members in the org!!

If need be,Tell them what your job profile was like in the prev orgs so they knw what to expect out of you!!!

Hope my advice is of some help!!!

Cheers!!! ( keep me updated howz the work goin!!!)


Masters in Training & Development
Lady Irwin college (University of Delhi)

From India, Delhi
thats the strange thing! iv already redesigned the modules i did in my previous employers and they now want me to design a training framework - which as far as i can work out i have the basics in the ppt so far.

assessments should be easy - hey its only like did they control the call, active listening, empathise etc etc

collaboration should also be easy - take a pre-recorded call and get the quality team and TL's to evaluate it and discuss the different scores.

but do they expect that in the framwork to show new clients? surely that depends on the clients product? if so im not sure where to take this ppt now...

thanks for your quick response tho - im feeling slightly better and dont feel such a fool - im sure im overcomplicating this or re-inventing the wheel - i mean they must have a process in place already?

maybe they are just trying to keep me busy and judge my ability since i cant actually access the floor to listen to advisors calls till my police check comes through...

what i forgot to mention in the 1st post is that the process map for the training framework has to cover different processes including voice, back-end, and blended processes - but all in the one process map!

From India, New Delhi

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