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I am working as HR in Software Company with 15 employees .There is lot of absentism in our company.Apart from salary deduction it seems that it does not make difference to them.Because of such absentism our projects are getting affected very badly.We are working only for international clients.
Please give me solution for this,mail me at
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Employee's absentism in your Org may be because of various reasons. You need to do a through analysis of what is actully going wrong. Absentism is only the symptom, not a problem in itself. You being an HR peron have to identify the root cause.
You can start with, doing a employee survey, skip level meetings with team members, meeting with concerned managers/project lead and then corelate various matrics to conclude it.
Again, I want to say this, HR perosn alone can not implement a syatem in place, this needs top management and concenred dept head co -operation. Since managing Human resource in not only HR Professional onus but its ever indidual concerned person responsibility.

Other then Manavsi , I would suggest that you should make a time evaluation sheet as we have in our office...Where in you need to mention all the project you have worked and no of hours you have spent on that particular project....We are also US based company and work for international Clients only.....

As far as the deduction goes you may deduct the more in let's say that employee has taken a day off without informing then may deduct salary then If person come 2 days late in the morning then you may deduct half day salary (Like: Our Office starts at 9 Am and if 2 days in a week we come after 9.15 am then our half day gets deducted in terms of salary no matter we have paid leaves in our A/C and also if we leave before 3.30 Pm in the evening then again half day)..other then that bonus...Appraisals..It will surely effect on present scenario....

We maintain track of every hour of every employee.....Then 5 days working then do give compensatory leave if not that then give OT,Food,Cab Facilities if working time limit exceeds......

Hope that by doing this things will certainly change....We have opted this and it results good....

Shweta Jaitly
i agree with manavsi and shweta.......but incase these fundas does not work out then you have only 1 choice....and that is issuing a letter saying that you have been going on a unzuthorized leave and there strict disciplinary action will be taken....
make sure you do not mention the disciplinary action.....
i hope this step will ensure the reduction of absenteeism in your company....
but also make sure that this step is taken as a lst resource when you dont have any other option left....
enclosed am attaching a draft of the letter for unauthorized leave....

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Thanks a lot for giving me valuable solutions. Shweta can you forward me the evaluation sheet,hopefully it should work in our company also. Regards, Kala.
I think you need to look in to the reason behind absetisam
Some of the Employees may have valid reasons
The best way to handle this indiscipline is, by getting a ex armed forces person to control
Great inputs, apart from that I would suggest to discuss with them in a friendly manner to indentify their probes and suggest them the right solutions.
Try to maintain good employee relation in order to make challenging & healthy work environment.
Dear Kala,
I think, checking the Employee Relations at office, work culture, Environment plays vital roles in COMMITMENT OF EMPLOYEES.
A passonated Employee will naturally turns into Work holic(irrespective of quantity of time ,they work sincerely with quality of time) becoz they dont require pushing or pressure from top, but they love their work and gives excellent output and same for opposite case.
So, check Employee Relations at office, work culture, Environment .
Hi ,
Time evaluation sheet attached...In this just see that how clearly mentioned where you need to fill in project of hours...Vacation (If taken)...Billable & Non-Billable Hours....
hope that it will work for you...

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In addition to all these valuable suggestions, can we make our workplace more vibrant,interesting,friendly & jubilient by engagement activities & amicable,enabling workatmosphere so employees will enjoy attending office?
There could be various reasons for employees to behave in a negative manner including absenteeism in an establishment.
Among other things could be the following:
Inadequate compensation and other benefits
Unfavourable working conditions
Lack of Management's support
Job becoming monotonous
Low employee morale
It is up to Management to find out the root cause of the actions of the various employees. Senior Management's involvement is very necessary in this direction.
There could be a lot of reasons why employees will deliberately absent themselves from the workplace.
Among other things are the following:
  • Inadequate compensation and other benefits
  • Unfavourable working conditions
  • Lack of Management's support
  • Employee finds work boring
  • No laid down procedure to channel grievance
Top Management's support is needed in this direction.
Dear All.

One important suggestion friends...........we have all discussed about controlling the Absentism due to the monetary aspects. I am working as a HR Person for a company. Let me narrate some reasons why i have been taking leaves (Not absentism)

1. I stay alone here, i have some important couriers to be made today.
2. I am the only son of my parents and i have to take care of the household things like paying off my electricity bills, phone bills, etc.......
3. I have no one who can help me in certain situations where i have to deposit money in my bank and have to attend some of the issues which a reliever in my family coulld have attended to if i was not the only person who was supposed to do that task.
4. i have to attend some interivews.
5. I am fed up with my work and there is a hell lot of monotony in work.
6. I have been slogging a lot and i feel its my right to take a days off regardless of the approval as i have put in so much of efforts in the last week.

there are lot of reasons why i take a leave / days off as a employee.
so deducting salary some reasons like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6...woudl not motivate me but woudl lead to a negative feeling about the company which i can propogate to the peers, colleauges and subordinates......i woudl fee.......i lost a good chunk of money today because i had to go to RTO for my driving liscence........the company is not eally good in policies etc....such perceptions are detrimental for the companys growth.

The above are the reasons why someone takes leave, so i suggest.

1. allot a staff boy to attend a help desk of HR in your organization " May i help You"

2. this person will collect the bills and money from the employees for the electricity, mobile, landline, courier, travel tickets.......

3. as HR you have to get in contract with the respective agencies like travel mgmt.

4. call the respective local DSA collection person of the service operator to collect the bills in a week twice.

5. call the courier person to the office to collect the envelops and parcels etc.

these things will reduce the abentism.............i am sure this works............this has cut down absentism in my org.........

Pl reply...............if you find this helps ........

Samir Kulkarni.
All given suggestions seems to be okey but I have other frame of mind:-P.
Money is the most important thing to shape up the system in the corporate.
Start giving "Attendence Allowance" :- If employee is regular & punctual in the month then the employee can be given the attendence allowance of Rs. 1000/- as a perfect attendence allowance.
You can review over it.
Why dont you try attendance allowance:
For those, present the whole month with no leave = fix some amount
For those, only one leave during the month = fix some amount.
Sometimes, incentives work more than deductions.
Also you can do one thing: Check your policy of leave encashment. If not there, announce this policy for annual + casual leave etc. You can get desired result this way. Tariq
Ours is also a smal organisation. We started weekly meetings where everyone was to participate including MD and any issues regarding office culture, systems, policies were discussed. After the agrred action, we started sharing daily attendnace among whole staff. It helped in sharing information and bringing discipline.
Dear Kala,
Since you are only 15 members, you should try and speaking with them individually. Start talking to them about their work, their level of satisfaction with the work, their team, the working environment. Depending upon their response talk to them about their late arrival to work.
This worked for me to a certain extent. Our staff number to 130 and although initially i got a good response, with the hardcore latercomers only salary deduction made them be punctual.
Keep in mind the first action you take should not be salary deduction. Try to talk it out and if that doesnt work out, warn them and then deduct salary.
Hope this helps,
Dear Kala,

I think they need freedom. They don’t want to restrict themselves into the work.
So, you have to study your employee needs, problems, behavior and their relationship in the office.If you can fulfill their needs, your problem will reduced.

Dear Kala,
I share your concern on heavy abenteesim. We cannot elinimate absenteesim but can controlled by following apart from Ankit, Shweta, Manasvi listed various options
1. Open communication between HOD and subordinate.
2. Clarity of work
3. Fixing repsonsibility
4. Create ownership for the jobs done.
5. Learn to appreciate in public and chide in private.
6. Never, lower the self-esteem of the employee.
Please understamd that in any organisation, it is 5 to 10 % of employees responsible for 95 % of total manpower loss. Another point is that the employee doesn't leave the company but they leave the supervisors.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share with you. I can be contcted at my mail for any queries with regard to HR issues.
With best wishes
R. Sreenivasan
COPC recommendations are:
late coming and leaving early is not an issue.
only unscheduled leaves affect adversely
have an attendance bonus eg 1000/- if u tk 1 leave deduct 500 and on two or more leaves becomes zero.
counsel the employee in presence of line manager and maintain documentation
cos reserves the right to get the employee examined by a competent medical authroity
cos reserves the right to send 1 of the seniors to visit the place of employee, will cut leaves drastically
absenteeism is a gate, quarter not considered for appraisals.
track absenteeim by trends eg by day of the week, dates, festivals, work area or task based or process based, immediate reporting manager, etc and you will be able to get a fair picture of employee dissatisfaction and predict attrition too.
first of all try to find the reason, some time the work environment will affect.provide some benefits to employees through the team leader,what i mean is a team leader can give some monetary or non-monetary benefit to his employees according to there performance and as well as if performance is not good then should send for training and can go for get together after working hours regularly,this will help in bring a team together.
There is a strategic way to bring down the absenteeism. You will have to analize the data, then find the route cause and then plan for an action. It doesn't mean that the employee alone would be a reason for absenteeism. There are many factors.
a) Organizational Factor - Culture and policies
b) Personal Factor - Attitude and interest
c) Relationship Factor - Relationship between employees and employer

You will have to analize the absenteeism data in the following basis.
Take the data of the employees who have taken leave more than approved leave days in a year.Take 3 years leave details of the employees who have taken more than approved days days.Take month on month leave details of those who are taking leave each and every month continuously for 4 months.Classification of absenteeism based on Age, No: of years & Position.Classification based on the type of leave (EL/ML/LOP/Absent)Department and Machine wise Classification.District wise classificationShift wise ClassificationQualification wise ClassificationFamily status wise classification

Based on the above analysis you will have to take decision.
Possible decisions:
a) Counseling
b) Loyal Employee award
c) Insentives based on attendance
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