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Dear Seniors,
Here is an intersting doubt of mine. Kindly clarify.
As per Ramayan Hanumanji was the Head HR & Senapathy to Shri Ram.
We all knew that Hanumanji has got enormous power and is unbeatable.
If he decided he could have destroyed whole Lanka singlehandedly and brought Sitaji back. He need not to even touch her while bringing her back to Shri ram. He could have lifted the whole Ashok Van where she was imprisoned in single finger. Whereas he did not do so?
When he was asked why did he not do it, his reply was I was not told to do so.
Being a Head HR is it not his duty withourt being told to do something.
Even otherwise Shriram should have asked him to do so. He also didn't do so.
Then who is to be blamed?
Kindly reply in HR point of view and not like a atheist who do n't believe in God and other things. Let us not diviate the issue.
Thanks and regards,

Really interesting issue!!!!!!
HR is not suppose to do everything. They should see others gaining confidence. They are suppose to motivate others and to create ways and situations to motivate others.
Hanumanji could have been easily won the battle alone but, If he did so, he would have been wasted the life goal of lakhs.
HR should utilise each ideal situation to build confidence in others and thus using their full potential. HR is a managerial job he should not act like an ordinary worker who will do everything which will come in his way.
This is my perception in this issue and looking for seeing some intersting posts.....
Bilahari A

Dear Kumarasubramanian,

Let me ask you to view the situation putting yourself in both Shri Ram's and Hanumanji's position.

If you enact the role of Shriram:

As Shriram is the CEO of this operation, he devised role of each and evey individual under him. Now the onus was on each Individual to pave way and support their team to find Sitaji.

1) As a CEO you could just instruct, you can't really poke nose in each and evey issue, which is out of scope.
2) If you start poking nose in everthing single thing, you are demoralizing your team.
3) If you can do everything, surely you don't need a team.

Now in the perception of Hanumanji

Hanumanji was instructed by Shriram to search for Sita and gave his ring (like visiting card of today) for identification and clearing the confusion.

Now Hanumanji as Head HR could have taken any decisions, but if he would have donned the role of thousands of his employees, he's not only demoralizing the team, but making them jobless and hence penniless.

The thousands of employees working together can bring success to the operation and that's one of the reason why Hanumanji even being the strongest and unbeatable did something wherein each team member get his due recognition.

The example is similar to the debate I had with my friends regarding Sachin Tendulkar and other player in Indian team. Although Sachin can win single handedly by his bat but surely by not the bowl.

I hope I have made sense.


Dear members, 60 views to a HR related topic and only two replies. Jai HR. Regards, S.Kumar
Shree RAM was a avatar of vishnu.If he wanted he could have destroyed the whole lanka and ravan without even the support of anyone.Now the question is why a god needed help in searching his wife? well,it was all planned by god himself and to act like a good leader he gave chance to everyone to do his work.Hanumanji could have solved the problem in a single trip to lanka but as he was also a good leader and a good leaders work is to motivate and take care of his team so that each and everyones potential should be fully utilised.

HR role is different as per the situations the HR in Stories like ramayana, Hr in Family , HR in Politics etc.... are different ofcourse some may be related, now when we take the issue of HR Hanuman , it is entirly different from an organisation, in ramayana as the rama is in vanavasam(Forest) so there is no organisation and hanuma is just as a vendor to rama but not head Hr ramas organisation is ayodya (eg: u will take the help of recruitment agencies for manpower) there duty is to just send the candidates but they can't

i think Hanumanji was intelligent at this point. he knew that RAmji has decided to conquer back Sita by fighting RAvan. In this Ramji will have dignity and victory both. so Hanumanji decided to do only what was told to him, cuz he new that the MD (Ramji) has bigger plans than just stealing our own thing back.

Organization is build by the human resource.The organization need Head (tats Rama) who make order and guide the other(department) and the person who manage the employee (tats Hanuman) who makes work get done and show the path. Hanuman can't take decision without considering his head and he alone can't perform the task because other will sit idle without any work.
If Rama alone can destroyed then there is no need of Ramayana (organization) only.
If Hanuman has destroyed then there is no work for other. Then the entire process of HR will not come in picture only.Like Hiring,Motivation,Appraising,courage to face new challenges etc..

The objective was not the destruction of an empire, but to demonstrate the lesson, with every action in the sequence.
As Hanumanji followed the instruction given by his CEO, religiously. Yet he was aware of the bigger picture. The mere intention to deliver the ring (visiting card)to Sitaji was coupled to also leave a feel to Lanka about the 'might', the power & the 'dare' of an individual, who can lit the city into ashes.
So a brief meet, to test the ground and return back with all details.

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