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Thread Started by #juneVagoghr

I'm planning to upgrade my resume..............Do something additional in the field of HR............[I'm an MBA with HR specialisation]
Though software packages are not much greek to me, I am still not clear with SAP in HR, CRM etc........
Can I undergo SAP????????? But ppl say it seems to be very costly and I should select a recognised training institute..........
Its all vague......I dont have a clear opinion on this.........
Can any1 suggest me what to do????? And brief me about SAP HR...........plz............
18th August 2008 From India, Tiruppur
Hello Buddies,
I am M. Shashikant and i am working as an IT-Recruiter.
Yes, SAP is in great demand. But opening for freshers is not so great.
Normally SAP from authorized institute is costly, but you have to try check for other institutes as well.
Check for their faculties, if any projects are being provided, and if placements are give.
If going for hr then go for SAP-HCM (Human Capital Management), advanced version of SAP HR.
18th August 2008 From India, Chennai
Its an good option. You can enquire with SISL, Genovate Solutions. These are some of authorised training companies. Cost will be some where around 3.5 lacs for certified course but there are some giving this at 40k also.
18th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
HI Can any one give me Clear IDEA about that SAP HR stands for many time in the Job portal it shows in the requirments sheet, so what that SAP stands for
18th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hello everybody,
i too have many queries on SAP HR module.presently i am working as a HR Trainee in an organization & as such i have only 5 months of experience now.so i wanted to know is it advisable for me to pursue SAP now or shall i wait till i have 1yr of experience.
kindly give me a suggestion & help me out
18th August 2008 From India, New Delhi
hi all, i m doing mba(hr) , plz tell me something about SAP N whether being a student can i pursue this?
18th August 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Dear all, As u all guys have quoted.......even I’m not sure.whether I can invest such amount........and will that make a big difference in my career?.............If so in what way?
18th August 2008 From India, Tiruppur
Hi Folks,
I have done MBA-HR & have 2 years work experience as HR Operations Specialist.There are different modules in SAP HR. I have worked on a SAP Project on one of such SAP Payroll modules for six months. I am also interested in taking up SAP HCM in future. If u guys come across some good institute then plz lemme knw.
Tke Cre,
18th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Pinky,
SAP stands for System Application and Product in Date Processing. It is like an ERP. But when you get into the course you will not work in front end of SAP HR, it like customizing data according to the client needs. You are going to build a ERP by using SAP.
I just given my idea what i have in SAP, if any one know plz update me also,
Thanks and Regards,
HR Generalist
18th August 2008 From India, Madras
hi vimal, Can you plz give me the description of your SAP HR PAyroll project so that i can practice in my PC, because i am undergoing SAP HR.
18th August 2008 From India, Madras
hi all...............I asked 4 some info....on sap.............plz........help me in this regard.......and suggest me whether I can take it up.....
18th August 2008 From India, Tiruppur
Hi All,
SAP HCM is really very much in demand.
1. Its for Experienced ppl ( at least 1-2 yrs experience)
(Freshers get ur fundamental clear)
2. If u want to go for SAP HCM training
- search for SAP HCM communities on google, yahoo,etc
- get a good training centre with good faculty.
3. Patience Pays... think long term ...
4. Get ur basics clear regd Organisational structure, Time Management & Payroll.
5. Very good material is available on cite HR also.
Wishing u all the Best for a successful future.
May my country prosper.
Parmanand Dayal
18th August 2008
Dear All,Nowadays SAP is very good career option. If anybody interested in doing SAP-HR then I will suggest to go for SAP authorized centers/institutions only. Even authorized center also don't guarantee placement but they assist you in landing up a good job. Cost factor is bit high but I believe its worth doing. I have attached a word file which includes the SAP Education Partners in India with address and contact numbers. One can know more by contacting the respective institutes. Gudluck......RegardsBashar
18th August 2008 From India, Gurgaon

Attached Files
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File Type: doc SAP Education.doc (61.0 KB, 499 views)

Anyone know about best training institute for SAP HR in Pune,Mumbai,Hydrabad just let me know
18th August 2008 From India, Pune
Dear Sirs,
It's not abt query in HR but its relatd to HR. I just wana ur suggestions - actually i hv completed my PG Diploma in Personnel Management from YMCA Delhi & now searching for a job as a hr assistant, i hv 3 years experience in admin but i am fresher in hr, having jobs as hr recruiters. please sgst me should i leave this job of admin & join a job as a hr recruiter to make my career in hr.
my second problem is that i wana do mba with specialization in hr but i m confused abt university or institutions. i dont know the procedures of mat exams and all & when i search on google it shows the details of the institutions. plese help me the procedure to get admission in mba in a good university & tell me which universities are the best for this.
Thanks & regards for all
18th August 2008 From India, New Delhi
U can visit Siemens website and can get ur queries resolved regarding SAP courses in every field and every state.
18th August 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Hi, Can any one tell me plz which are the good SAP institute in Pune, and after having course how’s the prospects in implementation. Kindly guide.....
18th August 2008
Can any one tell me plz which are the good SAP institute in Pune, and after having course how's the prospects in implementation.
Kindly guide.....
Pankaj Joshi

18th August 2008
Dear ,
you should go for SAP. there shouldn't be any doubts about that. Yes the SAP training is indeed costly but it vl give a lot of weightage to your resume. apart from that life is all about learning. keep on learning and enhancing your knowledge.
best of luck

18th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hii Friends, Plz find attached file. Hope this will give you little idea about SAP. Regards, Surbhi Gupta
19th August 2008 From India, Mumbai

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf sap_overview_student_end_user_manual_166[1].pdf (624.8 KB, 369 views)

Hi, If I finish SAP Hr any possiblilty to get job in abroad,Please tell anybody. With Regards, Prabhu K
19th August 2008
Dear Prabu For sure you can get a job in abroad, unless you have minimum 2 implementation or 2yrs experience. All the best.
19th August 2008 From India, Bangalore
hi guys,
SAP means system application product, it is german based erp and very effective. SAP hving different different module like HR,PRODUTION,SALES,CRM, etc etc it can impliment in any industry.
If, any one interested please approach good institute or SAP reconginzed institute only. like dharmesh already mentioined about good recongized institutes.... yes it is costly but it is worth.
19th August 2008 From India, Pune
hai guys,
doing sap is some thing you need to do more concentrate on your patience. oppertunities are less for freshers as well as trainers minmum 3yrs of core experience should be there to enter into the sap-hr.
so i hope you people can understand the situation and act accordingly
Siva Kumar Sarma:icon1:
19th August 2008 From India, Ahmadabad

Just went through the thread. Providing some basic info in simpler terms. hopefully it will b helpful.

SAP is an integrated software module or package developed by SAP AG (German in origin) that enables organizations to maintain a common HR database in scientific manner. This package helps in efficiently managing wide spectrum of HR functions.
The full form for SAP is System Application Products (in Data Processing).
It includes various modules / tools to take care of various functions in HR
    • Organisation Management
    • Personnel Administration
    • Recruitment
    • Personnel Development
    • Compensation Management
    • Time Management
    • Payroll
    • Some Additional Components
Implications HR Professionals
Most of the HR decisions are Data based foolproof maintenance of the same is inevitable. SAP provides streamlined data that can be accessed from anywhere. Integration of data can be helpful in taking rational decision. It can also save the cost of companies from avoiding duplication of work.

About doing SAP course
Doing it from SISL or Genovate will cost high. Its true that companies prefer certified professionals over others but now trend is changing if you have 3+ years of domain experience and 1 year of SAP experience then even if you are not certified, you are accepted.

Again now SAP HR is changed to SAP HCM (next version), though I personally feels its just a change of name with some additional components and basic requirement remains the same your basic understanding of HR workflows and concepts.

If you have any querry feel free to revert at

Sushil Patil

19th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi there,
Even I would like to know about SAP - HR. Since, I am from a retail operations (sales) background, I intrested in switching over to another field, hence some of my friends suggested me about doing SAP - HR.
Can anyone let me know - from where I can apply for a cerified course, also I have heard that its too expensive, hence please let me know about it.
19th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi uma Instead of doing SAP HR you can do SAP IS-Retail.. which is an apt for your profile i think... because already you have domain expertise. Think well and decide.. Cheer up. Malini S
19th August 2008 From India, Madras
Hi All
I would like to share one thing..
The concept of SAP training is for corporate who are already working on the domain...
i would suggest whoever really wants to take up a career in SAP please do it with certification. So that marketing yourself will be easy.
There are openings for SAP Freshers who are having domain expertise
Thank you
Malini S
19th August 2008 From India, Madras
5 months ,1-year exp.nobody counts. these are the training periodes. after complition of 1 year training .then only you can justify your presence anywhere in hr world in perticular functions. if you have understood the things with implimentation.
20th August 2008
I too want to know more abt SAP..i have heard that the course has different phases/modules..is that true?
20th August 2008 From India, Madras
Can u plz give an idea about SAP IS? What is it and what are the career prospects in it? Rgds, Uma
20th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
SAP has 2 product lines: R3 (that's what everyone knows and does), and B1 (which is a relatively new entrant). R3 is very expensive. B1 is for small companies. Amplify at Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune have a good program (built into their university courses) on SAP. Amplify is a SAP-authorized academic training institute for R3 (e-learning) and B1 (part of NSc and PGDM courses). Being academic guys, they chrge much lower than other authorized trainers. and there are many UNauthorized trainers too, whose certification has little value. Check out www.amplifymind.com or send mail to , I guess they should reply.
21st August 2008
Hi All,
Im very much interested in SAP - HR. I have more than 4 years of work experience out of which 3 years in SAP MM and SAP FI CO but as a end user. I was working as a Trainer and have trained people in SAP basics and End user part. I would like to knw about career prospects if I study SAP now.I would also like to know if I should study in a recognised centre who certifies or if I can study and work without certification.
Please help.
Thanks in Advance,
21st August 2008 From India, Madras
Todays Trend SAP - HR had very gud opneinng in all industries and salary scale is very high. But u have to be trained in very good institiution,
Best Institiuion for SAP Training is Siemens even though its costly but much valuable and same time u have too work hard.
So pls go asper your wish.
21st August 2008 From India, Madras

SAP HR is an ERP package where in it has many modules on different domain like HR, Finance, sales, MM and so on.

People in HR if they want to get into SAP, it is always necessary firstly some domain experience. Means to have practical hands on experience in various issues like payroll, time office, recruitments, appraisals, training & developement etc.

Bcoz SAP HR has so many modules of this kind. For eg in payroll, it has break schedule, daily schedule... in configuring break schedule, there will paid break and unpaid break. there will be shifts. for each criteria one should configure one break schedule. In this kind of situation, if one has atleast worked on payroll processing, time management with different shifts, they will have easy understanding of this concept.
So better after getting atleast 2 yrs on HR, to go for SAP HR.

And coming to the opportunities, for freshers nowhere for sap openings are there.
But if get trained its a value addition to the resume and also one can upgrade the skills with an erp package.

For SAP, THERE WILL BE TWO KINDS OF OPPORTUNITIES - as consultants(who will be implementing the SAP for the clients) and another is USERS, like one can work in a company where it may using sap as their software for HR. so it good to get trained.

Further to discuss is regarding certifications. SIEMNES IS the only authorised ones to give certifications. The course fee will be so expensive.
Apart from that all local institutes in all the locations, they give training in SAP modules. THose who can afford for certification, can go for it. Others can get Trained in the latest version of SAP HR in a reputed institute.

Coming to the job profile - As it is a consulting job profile, lot of travel may be there depending on the project allocated also. Sometimes consultants may have to work in the client place and it may be days or months. so people willing to travel and prepared for surprise travel can opt for this.

This is given from my practical experience and knowledge as am also SAP HR trained and also got offer from CMML company for SAP HR.

If anything to be suggested in the above, pls all are welcome.


21st August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi All,
We also implemented SAP Human CApital management recently.But we implemented only the Organizational management module, Time management,Personnel administration and Payroll. It was a great experience for me as well and it is very user friendly. We could access all the 8000 + employees data from one data base. I also would advice anyone who is interested please somehow try and learn it from a reputed place cos there is a huge demand and the salary scales are really high.
21st August 2008 From Sri Lanka, Colombo
Hi all,
Attached are some files for your gen. information.
You can get further information from: SAP HR tutorials
21st August 2008 From India, Ahmadabad

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt SAP_HR_Overveiw.ppt (135.0 KB, 424 views)
File Type: doc mySAP_ERP_HCM.doc (40.0 KB, 460 views)

Hi all,
For any ERP package a sound domain knowledge is highly required. If at all anybody would like to pursue the course so many institutes are availble in the market. At the same time one should also ensure the credibility of the institure & the reputation of the same. Basically so many colleges in Bangalore are offering the courses. But the institutes like Oracle they charge huge in fee structure & even the attempts to pass also vary from college to colleges.
Wth all these preliminary background one can go & have the certification. And again I personally suggest/believe the strong domain knowledge is required.

Praveen N E
Grasim Industries Ltd.,
21st August 2008 From India
Plz anyone can guide me 2 ERP applications of HCM i.e. PeopleSoft HCM or SAP HCM, is futuristic and helpful in career development. As I know the investment in both are high but want to invest tactfully, so please guide me : .
Kamal D.
21st August 2008
Hello Folks!
I'm also considering a transition to SAP HR. I find a great urge to go ahead with it, however I'm not sure of the prospectus regarding growth. I have 16 months experience as a Marketing + Trainer. Currently working full time as a trainer in the middle east.
Could anyone of the more experienced people help me in further directions?
Awaiting your reply.
Thanking you all.
21st August 2008 From Saudi Arabia, Dhahran
dear collegues,
sap stands for SYSTEM APPLICATION AND PRODUCTS in data processing and HR is one of the module among different functional and tecnical modules available in SAP. this HR is totally different from general HR though ur exp. in general HR do count if ur a fresher in SAP HR.
21st August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Dears,
iam intrested to do SAP-HCM, but the cost for doing the same as certified course it costs me Rs. 2,80,000/- for a complete session. IS IT WORTH DOING it pls let me know..... Other normal insitutions are providing the same course for Just Rs. 25,000/- only how come this is possible...
pls post your views....
22nd August 2008 From India, Bangalore
1. Siemens is not authorized to give SAP certificates. SAP certification comes only from SAP, through an online exam.
2. Siemens in not THE ONLY ONE authorized by SAP to train candidates. There's Genovate, Amplifymind, and some others.
22nd August 2008
hi, pls let me know abt various institutes in mumbai to do sap hr.......is hi-tech technology institute recognized.they charge 30k in navi mumbai.
22nd August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear All
If i wrong pls correct me,
You people are discussing abt SAP, ERP, but according to myself these packages can be learned by anybody. Only thing is study the human manhind very difficult. In order to deal with human resources only we have put up in an org
So my opinion pls study the human resources feelings and emotions and try to solve their problems and make them to work happily.
Working with software package is very simple for ex, 2+2=4(will automatically redirect you when u did mistake, but if u did mistake when u deal with HR it will spoil the company growth.
Expects your valuable comment on this.
22nd August 2008 From India, Madras
Hello Guys,
SAP stands for System Application & Products.
For IT Industry if the candidate has implementation exp in SAP with min of 2+ exp, it is fine if he does from any institution
But for freshers they usually go for SAP from a Authorized Institution, especially IBM, but HR NON-IT exp is must.
SAP HR is basically for professionals from HR background.
SAP HR includes various modules such as "time management", "payroll", "ESS", "MSS", "Recruitment" etc.
It is to simplify the way of working.
If somebody does SAP HR from a normal institute then please check if they are providing any projects, especially in "Implementation".
I also want to do SAP, but in my opinion a basic experience of min 2 yrs in HR should be there before moving for SAP.
23rd August 2008 From India, Chennai
My thoughts:
SAP has many modules and HR is one of the Modules( other modules being FICO/MM/SD etc)
Its in great demand...people who work on SAP are in demand too.
SAP is an end to end ERP package..
Minimum of 2 years of Funtional or HR domain experience is recommended to have before taking up SAP HR training.
There are training institutes who provide training on SAP,but the job is not gauranteed.
Seimens in India is Authorised SAP partner for Training people o n SAP.
Ideally if you work in an organization and which has SAP implemented...its great way of learning and then you could get trained.
SAP functional consultant role is some thing which non Techies could look for , as SAP technical roles require technical background and coding abilities.
Hence persons with HR domain experience ( min 2 years) would become a SAP Finctional Consultantwhere as techies( coders) are taken for SAP ABAB role.
23rd August 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Jinamayee,
SAP stands for System application program and it applies in all organizations IT as well as NON-IT.
Its a program which enables information distribution to all levels and verticals in the organization.
For example, A accounts manager needs information about the status of debts in the organization. What he requires is a summary of the whole debt account. SAP will enable him to get this information. Also if his junior requires information about the dealing with particular bank, SAP will provide the detailed information as well.
SAP is like a umbrella which caters the information need of whole organization.

23rd August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Even i want to know about SAP I ve work experience of 1 year as HR Ass,planning to do SAP But, is right time to go for SAP ?can any 1 suggest me what shld i do please.
23rd August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Friends after a lots of search I have found this material, which is in very detail. But latest details can not be made available free of cost and it is old. However it will give you a through knowledge about SAP.
Click on following and then sign up:
23rd August 2008 From United States

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