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Thread Started by #Manju27

The new and existing employees that are hired in an organization have a certain responsibility towards the organization, society, and the nation, at large. Therefore, it is important to induct the ‘right’ employees in the organization. The traits that these employees personify include teamwork, integrity, commitment, and work ethic.
Roles & Responsibilities for Employees
1. Do Early Homework: Every employee is responsible for understanding the work allotted and determining if it is appropriate for him. He/she should make sure whether he/she has mastered the skills required to perform the task completely. If he/she is not sure about how to handle the work allotted to them they should talk with their superiors and get suggestions and directions in fulfilling the work allotted to him/her. This will help the employee in building good relations with not only their superiors also with their colleagues.

2. Plan with the Manager: Having a proper work schedule or time table for the work allotted to the employee helps the employee in Time Management and reaching the deadlines on time. Also, when a new work is allotted

3. Take Responsibility and Use Available Resources: The employees should have sense of responsibility towards the resources of the Organization. As a part of the Organization every employee is equally responsible for the long life of the existing resources, for which smooth usage and suggestions for usage is required, which in case is not provided should be requested for.

4. Participate: Active listening and participation in teams will ensure that all employees become good team players and work with unity towards common goals of the Organization. Whenever a new work is being allotted all the Employees should be eager enough to take the initiative rather than trying to avoid newer tasks. This will facilitate in employees learning new skills and reaching the Organizational goals with much effectiveness.

5. Be Punctual And Regular: The Prime responsibilities of every employee must be Punctuality and Regularity. You can be better organized by being punctual and regular. Unwanted and unexpected work delays can be dealt effectively

6. Cleanliness is Next To Godliness: One should maintain the cleanliness of their desk, and also premises of the Organization. If you and your premises are clean you will find it more encouraging to work and also it be convenient to work for other employees.

7. Washroom: Please use the washrooms bearing in mind that you are not the only person who is using it. See to it you don’t spill the water across the wash basin when you are using it same with the premises of wash room. Health and Hygiene of you and others should be your prime concern.

Please be organized and contribute to the growth of the Organization. Everyone grows with the Organization. So, Organizational Growth is our Growth.

4th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad

Maintain Office / Organisation Decorum.Maintain A Quiet Environment And A Clean Desk.

Maintain Proper Hygienic Environment.Adhere To Punctuality On Duty And Lunch Hours.

Inform HRD In Case Of Change In Address,Telephone No. Any Other Relevant Personal Information.

Handle Office Equipments Carefully.

Switch Off PC's And Electrical Appliances Before Leaving The Office Premises.

Strickly Adhere To All Rule And Regulations Of The Company.

Maintain Confidential Information Gained Or Received During The Employment With The Company.

Assist In Maintaining Good And Healthy Relations With Associates And Clients.

Inform The HRD About The OD,Absenteeism,Etc.


Use Screensavers / Backgrounds On PC,Which Are Not Good Taste / Sensibilities Of The Other Employees.

Speak In Any Slang Language,Making Conversation Looking Personal,Thereby Offending Others.

Make Personal Telephone Calls Except When It Is Absolutely Necessary.

Utilize Internet For Requirements Not Pertaining To Office Job.

Gamble Or Consume Alcohol While At Work.Going Out Of The Office For Any Personal Use Daily Twice And More.

Use Of Company's Property For Personal Purposes.Use Of Any Information / Documents Gained Or Received During The Employment For Personal Benefit Or Profit.
4th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
4th August 2008 From India, Pune
Dear all, What to Say My all H.R Needs are fulfilled here. it is a ONE STOP SHOPPING For all H.R. Queries
4th August 2008 From India, Nagpur
Hi Manju..:icon1: Belated Friendship Day wishes..:-P All your posts are very useful..:icon1:
4th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
HI Manju & Harsha,
ThanQ for your valuable inputs.
Just to add on few:
Be Initiative: Employees can take initiatives for the efforts made by Organisation.
Knowledge Sharing: Not only about the work about also about organisational acheivements , policies etc....
Healthy Competetion: Its inportant to be competetive with our conterparts; at the same time it should be a healthy one
4th August 2008 From India, Madras
I think Ravi, u have gone through some bad phase with HR hence u think HR is something which is useless or not working properly. but mind its not that every one in HR or all organisations are not same. I think why dont' u join my organisation and watch me working hope ur all problems will vanish.
this is just a suggestion. and sorry if i am hurting any of ur motives.

5th August 2008 From India, Delhi
Chill Sadhana.. world is full of admirers or stone throwers towards you.. one has treat them all alike..:icon1:. So just forget the bitter pills and keep smiling always..
5th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Sure Harshu..:icon1:. And people have enjoyed reading valuable inputs from you also cheers to you too..:icon1:
5th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
hi thanxs for sharing the usefu info... Many of us are aware of this but getting our selves polished by these aspects is very important & should be done timely as well Rgds/Shweta
6th August 2008 From India, Coimbatore
There is nothing new in this article as the original article was written in October 2003. This article is not an original article written by Manju but has been copied from The New World Of Employee Responsibilities: A Guideline Of Expectations, from Electronic Recruiting Exchange - Business White Papers, Webcasts and Case Studies | BNET , without evening mentioning the source, which as per the policy of CiteHR is Mandatory.
This is a cheap stunt to get noticed and publicity.
All the best.
6th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
There is nothing new in this article as the original article was written in October 2003. This article is not an original article written by Manju but has been copied from The New World Of Employee Responsibilities: A Guideline Of Expectations, from Electronic Recruiting Exchange - Business White Papers, Webcasts and Case Studies | BNET
This is a cheap stunt to get noticed and publicity.
All the best. , without evening mentioning the source, which as per the policy of CiteHR is Mandatory.
6th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
According to me even if manju has copied from some of the source mention by Mr. Sanjeev then also i dont think it is wrong because she must have got this knowledge from the said site and would have think to share it with citehr members i dont think it has mandatory. And there are so many person in this threads who was unknown of same and appreciated manju for her contribution. And no where she has written that she has composed that. Hope you agree with me.
6th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Mr. Sanjeev,
Definitely I can say one thing. You may be a learned and intelligent person. But I think you forgot the word called courtesy somewhere.. People will definitely take some inputs from the pioneers. Except for the 1st paragraph can you prove it that it is picked from some source. I spent 2 whole hours to prepare this for our Organisation. Please mind your words before coming to any conclusions about any person.
I should wish you all the best because for your bitterness of words..
6th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Look dear...if everybody is doing something wrongly for years...that doesn't make the act correct or justifyable. Now you felt the need to justify your action or make clarification...why? Yes, we refer next-books and other materials to learn but we don't say that the material is created by us.
Teacher in a school and professor in a college, uses books written by other authors but they never claim that it is written by them.

Kindly read the policy of citehr, which is mentioned below the message box. It clearly states:
"Posting Guidelines - Post Responsibly:
<li class="smallfont">You are legally responsible for anything you post so - do not post anything derogatory about any company or entity.<li class="smallfont">Posts made by you belong to you as per our disclaimer policy - do not upload copyrighted ebooks or copied material..<li class="smallfont">To refer to any article on the internet - post a link to the article along with a short excerpt and your comments. [this is legal]<li class="smallfont">Upload - only material created by you.<li class="smallfont">
I hope this will give some clarification. HR doesn't work on emotions or feelings but on facts and performance.
All the best to you.

6th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Thank You so much for the enlightenment Mr.Sanjeev.. I think then all the authors of the books who dint create the actual concept should say the source as the one who started it.. It means that you don't own yourself as God has created you and everyone else... And I am sure you must be creator of the food, clothes and rest of the things you use.. How good.. I think I should feel that I am lucky for getting such a wonderful piece of advice which tells that all the authors who gave their point of view on prior created concept should be sued and publicly told that they are using CHEAP PUBLICITY STUNT..
6th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Do you even know the meaning of words such as acknowledgement or bibliography?? Did you ever used these words?
If you have ever read any good book…at the end they mention pages of bibliography…giving a detail list of articles, books, magazines or any other source that they have referred to write that book. Same goes for white-papers.
I know people on cite-hr…many a time they have copied my articles and posted as theirs.
I think you are among those employees in your organization who do not hesitate to take the credit for the work done by others.
6th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
For your kind information in our Organization every one's roles and responsibilities are predefined and no one is permitted to do other's work. Anyway why am I wasting my time with you..Its not wise on my part to waste one more minute. I am sure all the members who have gone through this post will advise me not to waste my time giving clarifications to people like you who doesn't know the words like courtesy..
6th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Manju, The sayings beneath your signature is really fabulous:-) truo saying:-) Regds, Prabha.G
8th August 2008
Dear all
I am in the process of preparing Induction Process for 1st & 2nd line managers in Pharma selling.Your inputs for the same will be highly appreciated as it will be of great help to me.
9th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Cite HR Organizers. Thankyou very much. You are helping Cite Hrians to gain knowledge through this network. Good job. Wish grand success for future. You are shing Star in the Universe
Thanks Manju & Harshu nice postings.
Asha Manjunath:)

9th August 2008 From India, Bangalore
Manju & Harshu
Thanks for your sharing.
As a new dept. head of HR, I feel it very difficult to make our employees taking responsiblities of their roles. You information shows me an idea on this.
Thanks you once more.
10th August 2008 From China, Foshan
Hey Manju & Harshu, Thanks for the information, wanted to add one more important part that is communication channel & email-etiquette.. Regards, Nitin Jagdale
10th August 2008 From India, Pune
Dear Manju and Harshu,
Thanks for your tips! Quite useful !!
manju liked your quote aswell!
Small help can you gurls suggest how can we celebarate Independence day in my office!!I was thinking of holding a fancy dress competition in thes ense who wears the maximum tri color dress or something....
any suggestions????
11th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Thank You shyahara and neets..:icon1:
Neets you ask all your colleagues to decorate their work places which will bring out their creativity. Felicitate the guy/girl who decorates their work place with lots of tri colour and efficiency.. See to it that the employee who uses environment friendly materials to decorate will get a special word of appreciation and a small gift. Apart from this you can carry on with your fancy dress concept and also you can conduct a singing competition..:icon1::icon1::icon1:
I hope you will like my suggestions.. All the Best..:icon1:
11th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Neets,
Thanks for your response my suggestion is the main focus of office goes reception area so you take care you decorate that area with tricolours, nice thought, proverbs , poems of this day on notice board. It will look attractive to every person visits to your office on the day. And also you can keep a dress code as white colour or if there are departments then you can tell one dept to wear white other two as saffron & green. And i like the manju's suggestion giving appreciation letters to outstanding perfomance person or the best achievers etc.
Hope you like my suggestion...

11th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
hello To All Of You Any Body Has Presentation On Mutual Fund Targets Or Ppt For Motivation On Mutual Fund Sales/marketing Than Kindly Give
11th August 2008 From India, Gandhidham
hey manju harshu ..ou guys are too quick:):) Thanks a ton buddy!! How are you guys celebrating Independence day at your work?? Have a great day ahead! Cheers, Neets
11th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Neets, Our Pleasure.. In our Organisation we will be celebrating in a similar way as suggested..
11th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Thank for your response. Ya i agree that no one who is perfectly following the donts. But your line that Hr people make most misuse or personal use of office properties is wrong because they know that if they expect all other should follow this rules we suppose 50 employees then they are well aware that this 50 employees will always have an eye on that HR members to catch their mistakes. Ya HR members must be making mistakes but not as of others. And i agree with your comment "writing is different by adhering is different.." But we HR members are for making policies , implementing them and take care that we should make others to follow that and same concept for ourselves also. I am sorry i am not arguing on your concept just making my concept clear for writing this. Hope you dont take it negatively.
Thank you once again...

11th August 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Harshu and manju, Good Post. Very useful for me .Could you help me out,how to prepare a Trainer and Trainee Feedback Form after the Complete Training Session . Thanks, Esther
12th August 2008 From India, Madras
Hi Esther, Thanks. Please find the formats you asked for attached..:icon1:. All the best..:icon1:
12th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad

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File Type: doc Faculty Feed-Back Form.doc (37.0 KB, 463 views)

Hi Esther, I ve told about the Independence Day Celebrations in this post only earlier..:icon1:
13th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
can anybody send me the mail format for keeping work desk neat and clean
4th June 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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