Exit Interviews

The HR Solutions' exit interviews are a fully custom, four-part assessment system which can enable organizations to more accurately and more confidentially measure the reasons why its employees are leaving.


HR Solutions' exit interviews assessment can result in:

Improved Employee Retention/Reduced Turnover.

Increased objectivity, both perceived and real, since the Exit Interviews Assessment would be handled by a fair and non-partisan third-party.

Benchmarking against industry norms which HR Solutions maintains for the majority of the exit interview survey items.

Additional benchmarking for exiting employees' scores against overall Employee Opinion Survey results to determine if employee satisfaction impacts turnover. If your organization does not currently administer an Employee Opinion Survey, HR Solutions can provide this service.

The exit interview data can be run on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. This on-going feedback will allow you to determine and quantify where improvements have had a positive impact, as well as identify where other improvements are needed. In addition, this comparison will exhibit any trends which have formed regarding employee dissatisfaction.

The multiple sources of data gathered throughout the process can provide your organization with a richer foundation of information.

A savings of time for your Human Resources department, since the Exit Interviews Assessment can now be outsourced.


Each item in the survey is combined with other related survey items to produce dimensions. The exit interviews Assessment can solidly measure reasons employees are leaving your organization in the following key areas:

Supervision and Management

Work Satisfaction

Workload Distribution and Schedule Flexibility



Training and Development

Career Advancement Opportunities

Organizational Culture

Organizational and Work Group Communication

Assessment Process

The assessment process can include up to four major components: the Exit Interview, a Comparison of Jobs Questionnaire, Employee Interviews, and the HR Solutions Exit Analysis Report (HEARTM). HR Solutions gives you the option of selecting any or all of these components, dependent upon your organization's specific information needs. The HR Solutions Exit Analysis Report (HEARTM) component is included with each option. A description of the four major components are as follows:

A. The Exit Interview

The survey will be fully customized based upon your organization's specifications. Typically, the Exit Interview will ask the exiting employees about themselves, their reasons for leaving, their satisfaction on several aspects of the organization, and if any changes would have enticed them to remain at your organization.

B. Comparison of Jobs Questionnaire

Ninety days after the exiting employees complete the Exit Interview, they are mailed a Comparison of Jobs Questionnaire. This questionnaire asks the employees to compare their new job to their previous job with your organization, examining whether the "grass truly is greener."

C. Employee Interviews

This is a critical step in completing the Exit Interview process. It requires a sample of exiting employees to be contacted by an HR Solutions consultant for an exit interview. Typically, the interviews are conducted by phone. During the interview, the exiting employees will be probed for more detailed and specific information regarding their employment experience at your organization. HR Solutions recommends a minimum sample size (dependant upon the size of your organization) of exiting employees be interviewed to collect valid data.

D. HR Solutions Exit Analysis Report (HEARTM)

The HR Solutions Exit Analysis Report (HEARTM) contains the tabulated survey data in statistical and bar graph format. This report is included with each option and will allow your organization to identify the necessary steps to take in order to prevent future employee turnover. The report can be designed to include any number of demographic or work group breakdowns, which gives your organization the luxury of identifying which work groups may be more vulnerable to future employee turnover. Most clients order their HEARTM report on a quarterly basis.

Write-In Comments

As a supplement to the HR Solutions Exit Analysis Report (HEARTM), we will include type-written summaries of the feedback our consultants received from the employee interviews. These comments can carefully be categorized by subject matter, department, and demographic grouping. Transcription makes the comments easier to read and classifying the write-in comments by subject matter permits easier identification of themes that may develop and pinpoints subject-specific departmental concerns.



From India, Bangalore

Sample Questions for leaving the job
1. Salary
2. Type of work
3. Benefits package
4. Workload/quantity of work
5. Inflexible schedule
6. Lack of career opportunity
7. Lack of recognition
8. Conflict with supervision or management
9. Conflict with coworker(s)
10. Poor supervision or management
11. Favoritism from supervision or management
12. Poor working conditions
13. Poor or little training
14. Health/medical reasons/disability
15. Commute/location
16. Moved from area/relocation
17. Return to school
18. Personal reasons not related to job
19. Family responsibilities
20. Self-employment
21. Military service
22. Retirement
23. Involuntary leave
24. Other

From India, Bangalore
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