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Dear Members!

I have come across very stange situation wherein one of my senior is not saitisfied with the company and the reason that he states is something we are unable to understand being in HR. The situation is:

We have a senior person working at the Director level in the company. There is one another girl who is working at the entry level with us. The two have got married now. As a company policy, we celebrate the birthdays of our employees and in this regard we had celebrated the birthday of the employee who is at the senior level a little differently. During his birthday party, all the management and the senior staff were present.

Few days back, it was his wife's birthday. As a company policy we did celebrate her birthday but not in the manner her husband's birthday was celebrated. This means being at the entry level her birthday was celebrated with other people at the same level.(We celebrate birthday's of all employees together on the last working day of the month.)

This time the employee of ours who is at the senior level got annoyed that we did not celebrate his wife's birthday in the similar fashion as was his. He feels dissatisfied and wants to quit the job.

Now, we are in a fix as we are unable to understand what should we do? We tried to convience the guy stating that his wife is not at the level where the same treatment as his can be given to her, but he just don't wannna understand anything.

Kindly advice what should we do? He is an efficient person and we donnot want him to leave the company.

Kindly advice............................. Waiting eagerly for your suggestions.

Prachi Jain
From India, Delhi

Hey Prachi,
Are you really sure he is an effiecient person...
If he is, why cant he undersatnd such a simple thing, that too, after spending so many professional years of life and working on such a cader...
Well, try and make him understand the situation that it would bring a feeling of discrimination amongst other team members of his wife. Bacause in a corporate one is respected for his roles and responsibilities and not for being somebody's wife or husband. Moreover policies can not be changed for anyone.
If he wishes, he can celebrate his wife's birthday out of office and can invite the entire staff.
If still he does not understand you point, then I would rather say that he does not have the right decision making ability, which is a must for a leader.....
From India, Pune
I too am not sure if he is really an effecient person.In case he is effeceient, may be he also has some good opportunity in hand and he is trying to move out of the company and is hence creating this mess. Otherwise he should understand the companies policy or else request for some change in the policy.

From India, Pune
Hi Prachi,
Some body from Director level , if you have any HR Director should talk to him and counsel him, and explain him the thing positively. Because rules should be same for everybody and that needs to be explained to the concerned person. Also if the rules are broken for one person, this was the case of Birthday party only , if at increment time or appraisal time of his wife again he will have some more expectations, then that will create a problem. So this issue needs to be address now only and a wrong precident should not be started looking at a future consequences.
Also we had rule of both Husband and wife can't work in the same organisation, one has to leave if they get married. It depends upon company to company of course. This also you can keep in mind if any change in HR policies to be made, so that such type of incidents can be autmatically avoided.
From India, Mumbai
Hi Prachi,
I agree with Harshad. If he is an efficient employee and i understand that he must be having good experience - this behaviour is not at all expected.
This is such a small thing and he he is creating a hill out of this mole. We can understand how will he behave at the time of performance appraisals.
I do not recommend couples in one company. This can really disturb the culture of the organization. Why do you think that he wants to leave? Maybe he also has understood that he and his wife should not work in the same company. He might have been facing some issues at home related to office matters. Maybe he also wants to escape.
My suggestion - Find a replacement. He has decided to go. If not today, he will leave tomorrow. Dont allow this situation to get aggrevated. Also, dont hype this isuue. You can find a better professional than him.
From India, Hyderabad
Hey guys,

I have just joined this forum and it already seems to be a very interesting one. Well, in this case, I agree with the views that Prachi, Anubha and harshad have put forth.

However, I also need to say that he being efficient has nothing to do with the unrealistic expectations that he has from the organization. I understand what I am going to say is gonna sound a bit direct and blunt but I guess, you should just let him go if he wants to because this is just going to get uglier with each issue he comes across where he gets a chance to compare the treatment meted out to his wife and himself (with all his efficiency, he obviously does not understand the difference in the levels they both are at).

//Harshad, do you think that counselling and explanation is warranted for a person at a Director level?

It should be a simple diktat to him that what he thinks is totally nutty, if he gets that, you get to keep this efficient guy, if not, it is a win-win situation for the organization anyway.


From India, Mumbai
Hi Prachi,
I agree completely with what Anubha has to say on the matter, couple of points:
  1. If the person at the senior level is experienced and mature he should have respected the company policies and adhered to them, if he hasn't done that then he doesnt deserve to be in such a situation
  2. The company shouldnt change the policies & procedures based on the likes & dislikes of an employee whatever level s/he is at
  3. If this person at such a senior level behaves in the manner he is then he doesnt deserve to be in that position
Sit and discuss the same with him but dont budge on your point and maintain your stand.
From India, Delhi
Hey guys
Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. But, my problem is that he is working with the company for the last 7 years. He is very efficient and he has proved this over a period of time. My company does not want to loose the employee and being at a level where its me who has to interact with him....................i dont know what should I do?
We cannot afford to loose him and at the same time we cannot afford to celebrate his wife's birthday.
Please help me solve this issue.............
From India, Delhi
Hello Prachi,
Its a difficult situation. But the core issue is that this person wants to bend the policies of the firm for his Wife. WHAT NEXT ?? Special Promotions for Her.
Have you considered how it will effect the morale of the rest of the staff ?
I too agree with all the people above and feel
THAT IF A DIRECTOR WANTS TO QUIT OVER an issue like this then let him quit.
Just don't budge and take the gamble and I feel he will buckle, because he would not like to lose two household jobs in one day.
FACE THE CHALLENGE BOLDLY otherwise if you acceede to one outrageous demand of one guy, then you have just triggered a uncontrollable chain reaction.
From India, Delhi

Let him quit.

Celebrating birthdays is a policy issue in the organization. The Director and his wife are NOT on the same level of the hierarchy and can not expect to be treated "specially". His superiors must make an attempt to set his perspectives and conduct to conform to the organizational culture. If the gentleman does not understand this, then despite his efficiency or competence, it is better that either he mends his ways or he goes.

In any case organization is superior to any and all individuals and HR philosophy does NOT suggest that policies must be bent for the whims and fancies of anyone!

The skies are not going to fall, if he goes or is asked to go. The organization will reconfigure itself and continue to exist and grow and excel without him despite some initial setback it may suffer from initially.. That is the cost the organization will have to pay to retain its sensibilities. Who knows, his exit may even be a boon in disguise. Let the thought of life without him paralise the organization.

Finally, if all this was not to happen and he had gone for his own reasons anyway, would the organization not have readjusted to function competently in the new reality?

The answer to your predicament is obvious if you develop clarity of vision as outlined above.

July 17, 2008
From India, Pune
Try and explain the difference between PERSONAL life and PROFESSIONAL life.
How both should balanced.
In Professional environment personal feeling should not supersede professional decisions.
You can also check whether ur policy says that two person from the same family cannot work in the organisation, if that is the case then u certainly can say that its THIS organisation which has already breached its own policy for the contribution ur director has made to the organisation.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Members,
As stated by a lot of you that these are just his gimmicks, he has a better job in his hand & he just wants to leave..........i would agree, but the question we need to ask are:
1. Does his wife feel insulted or raged by the kind of celebration she got???
2. Does she too have a job offer, or does he plan to take her along to the new company as well??????
My suggestions:
Try finding the answer of question No.2????? You may solve this whole damn mess....
Moreover let the guy leave if he wants to, but try retaining his wife..........
Abhishek Bhatara
From India, Pune
Thanks everyone here for your valuable suggestions. Well Abhishek I have done exactly what you have stated. I did had a long conversation with the wife of the Director and as per comments, she is not interested in leaving the job.
Moreover, she herself is unable to understand her husband's behavior. Meanwhile, we have asked the director that he wants to quit he can as we cannot change the policies of our company as per his convience. Also, we have ensured that the wife is still working with us.
Please let me know if there is anything extra that I can do to solve this mess and also retain the guy ensuring their no further mess concerning him and his wife???????
Do reply guys................
From India, Delhi
Hi Prachi,
It looks like from your answer that the girl is more mature and realistic than her husband. But time and again you have said that the Director is efficient and has contributed to the Organisation.

One thing we all have to agree....i.e., though he has married a girl of a lower cadre, she becomes WIFE OF A DIRECTOR and definitely she deserves better treatment. For example, if any Director's wife or relatives visits the company, we definitely takes care of them because they are the family members of the Director. Applying the same analogy in this case, the girl is first the Director's wife and later she is an employee at a lower cadre. You should be happy that after marriage the Director has not promoted her to a higher cadre. You have to treat her as Director's wife in celebrations like this and I am sure nobody will object to special treatment to her because she is the Director's wife.

Under the above circumstances, I feel that you should talk to the Director that this type of situation has come in for the first time and hence this lapse and in future this will be treated in a different way. By this you will satisfy the ego of the Director and I am sure even the Management will not bother.

Lastly one thing is ture - EVERY RULE HAS AN EXCEPTION.

All the best.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Prachi,
Thanks. As I have mentioned, if you go and talk to him and explain that his wife will be first Director's wife and then an employee and she will be treated specially henceforth, he will definitely understand and will not quit. With this, his ego also is satisfied and probably he may also be feeling how to get out of this situation since this unwanted mess has been created by himself.
From India, Bangalore
I think your company should celebrate his wife's birthday in same manner as the directors birthday as now she is wife of a director.I think its not a big issue and to deal with such issues implement anti-nepotism policy where no two members of a family can work together:mrgreen::grin:
From India, Delhi
Dear Sam
But what about other people in her team and rest of the employees in my company................ What procedure should be followed with them then? what will happen to the ideology of being fair with the employees in the company and how should deal with the dissatisfaction that will be created amongst other members????????????????????????/
Do reply.........................
From India, Delhi
Ms. Prachi,
I am not doubting your conversations with the concerned lady, but try reading between lines.....people at times say something, but mean a totally different being in the HR dept., maybe seen by her as a person who isn't trustworthy( because of your proximity to the decision makers & the nature of your job), to be told the real details.............have someone else also find out about her intentions.......someone not so close to her, but of same level or designation.....maybe the results may surprise you....even shock you.....

Meanwhile, what does this director say about leaving the job.........maybe the celebration was just the last straw in the inflated ego this person may have......or maybe his wife naggs him after office is inevitable that they don't carry some office related problems home......& he is genuinely frustrated by this constant nagging at need to tread carefully into this territory....try talking to your HR manager or the company head about this....& they may throw some light about the matter at hand.........maybe he has discussed these issues with them.....

Also try to make all concerned understand that you have no hidden interests other than solving the matter in the most humane manner, without bending rules........rules or SOPs are not to be bended but followed to the last letter.........they are here to handle daily situations....god knows if u accede to this director's demand of a royal birthday bash for his wife, some other chap may want other unjust demands to be fulfilled......

Moreover it sends a very bad signal to the company employees, and they too may feel exploited or over stressed or may feel plainly cheated or not treated fairly......

Abhishek Bhatara
From India, Pune
DEAR prachi, I have also faced this problem in my organisation as we had two brothers working gets annoyed just as the other was not treated at par.the best is anti-nepotism policy.:)
From India, Delhi
Well....... may be u can convince ur mgt to "lead by example" by making one common policy and action for such kind of event checking the disparity between the levels and bringing sense of equality for all..........
From Singapore
Hi Prachi,
Dear Sam
But what about other people in her team and rest of the employees in my company................ What procedure should be followed with them then? what will happen to the ideology of being fair with the employees in the company and how should deal with the dissatisfaction that will be created amongst other members????????????????????????/
Do reply.........................
The other people in the Organisation or others who are in her department also will not feel bad and they cannot feel bad as she is Director's wife first and then their colleague next. There is no need to follow some other procedure with them. Whatever procedure you are following right now hold good in the future also. This is an exceptional case and has to be treated in a different way. I feel our friends have jumped into various conclusion like his wife nagging at home etc.,
From India, Bangalore
hey prachi,
i do really agree with all our frnds but i think its time to play smartly.... i m sure u must have tried your best to convience the director... and hes not in a mood to listen to any1.. then i think that who can get u the breakthru from this situation is his WIFE!
Try counselling her.. i knw u dont have to explain the things to her as she must be aware of it or may be she is only the creator of this problem but still try to speak to and covience her in a way tht she accepts tht this kind of discrimination is not proffesionalism. convience her and convey the message indirectly to ur director.
I think this should work if u protray it a good way.. as u are aware of each and every move of ur director.....
hope this works for you
all the best and keep us informed as if we could help u.
From India, Pune
Dear Prachi,
I fail to understand how a senior person of a director level can act so much immaturish. Secondly how a direcor's spouse is allowed to work in the same premises or same coy. If he wishes to quit i guess he is doing a good favour on the company.
Amit Shelar

From India, Mumbai
Dear Prachi,

If your company really wants to keep him back and agree with all things that he keeps asking in the coming days also. Than i would like to suggest you to speak to that person saying that company will arrange a get togther party (reason for this try to find out some it may be coz they both got married or someother). But important point in this should be you need to annouce that this is organised by that particular person and on the other side company should take all the expenses of that party which should not be known to others.

By this you may get a chance to keep him back in organisation and other employees will not come to know that company will do such things to keep back a person. This may not be the correct way of handling i do agree, but depending on the case you need to go with that so i have suggested this idea.

But as Harshad as mentioned what will your company do if in the coming days he will come back for everything about his wife. So better replace him right now or if your company wants him back try to do as suggested above and also try to convenice your management to start looking for replacement.

I know this idea will certainly not sound good at times, but in case to gain something you need to loose something and in most of the cases like this it will be Money.

Let us know what will be the result at last.

Amith R.
From India, Bangalore
Dear Prachi,
What I feel is company shouldn't discriminate employees atleast for birthday parties. As birthday for every employee is as special as for any senior employee. You should start celebrating birthday in same manner as you are celebrating it for senior employees.
From India, Chandigarh
Rules Should Never Be Bent, But They Can Be Updated To Cover More Scenarios.........
It is also very realistic that a wife may nagg her husband about some office issues, at home...wives who are not working or working in other companies, do that, so it is a realistic possibility that his wife can also do it. No sane professional may act in this way, other than in the case wherin he has found abetter job or has decided to suggestion, let him go or if he wishes to stay, find a new & higher designation outside the company....i am sure you have ways to do this..........
From India, Pune
Dear Prachi,
I do agree with Shaloo but in your case this is not the right time to think about changing Birthday Policy. Well i mean to say do give a thought on this after this problem is solved, you can reduce the budget of seniors celebration and increase the same for juniors this may not effect overall budget.
Amith R.
From India, Bangalore
Hello everyone,
I am also relatively new to the group and this looks like a real interesting scenario. I agree with Riyaz. It is a difficult situation, but prachi, I really think that this behaviour cannot be accepted, at least from a person of that level.
You might need to talk to your management and subtly put your views across on this front. You might also want to check if there are any strings attached to this kind of behaviour, in terms of his attitude otherwise. His being in the organization for a long time should also help you get this info. It might help you get a better dimension to the whole issue.
Also, as Riyaz rightly pointed out, if this has no past history ... the, who knows he may be asking for her promotion next !!!!!
Cheers ..
From India, Gurgaon
Well... Mr. Sri naren,
Every coin has 2 side.
I agree that being the wife of a sirector she definately deserves a special honour due.
So at the time of her husband's bday let her be given a specail red carpet treatment - being the wife of a director
But can u apply the same for her husband also
Can he be treated as a husband of any normal employee?
Can u do it....
If the matter is so sensitive then possbly the chairman, president or the owner of the company take the lead at this level......
From United States
Hi Bharathi Sarkar,
As you said being the wife of a director she definitely deserves a special honour! But she need not be given Special Red Carpet treatment during her Husband's birthday celebrations but she may be given lead to the celebrations.
Your question - Can he be treated as a husband of any normal employee? Can you do it....?
The answer is - Yes, can be treated as a husband of any normal employee provided he is not a Director or a Top Management Person.
The whole issue has arised because the girl is the wife of a Director. Irrespective of in which cadre she is, she deserves higher status in that company as her husband is the Director of the company.
Being the Director of the company, he has every right to expect that his wife be given higher status than the normal employees.
There is no need for the Chariman, President or the Owner of the company to take the lead as they also expect that their wives - whether they work in the same company or not, be treated specially and they deserve so.
From India, Bangalore
hi prachi,
i feel he is getting other good options. or he is an idiot. talk to him.convince that things are done according to company policies.
may be he loves his wife blindly. blind love. ha.ha........ha.......ha
wife must have told him to do this with a "ronewali soorat".
From India, Bangalore
I read ur delimma,and some interesting viewpoints.It appears that ur director level employee knows that ur company thinks him to be indespensable.That is why despite knowing the company policies he is trying to enforce his will.He should be counselled that his wife is simply not his wife,but also an entry level employee with the company.As such she would enjoy perks as applicable to her status as an entry level employee.Also apprise him that u value his services,but he is violating company norms.Preferential treatment to his wife would damage morale and discipline.If it still does not work out an audience with the top brass of ur company would be in order.A person who gets perturbed on a small issue like birthday celebrations,would not really make a good leader.No body is indispensible!But the basic fabric otf the organisation is
From India, Delhi
Hi Prachi,
This not a solution to your problem but a suggestion to avoid such incidents in future. We too celebrate employee birthdays but we dont have two different systems. All employees are treated in the same way.
Birthday celebration is one of the opportunity for HR to show the employees that we are all one and it will help to build good employee relations. Employee morale will improve when senior management people attend and wish during their birthdays.
uote=prachi_jain;458828]Hey guys
Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. But, my problem is that he is working with the company for the last 7 years. He is very efficient and he has proved this over a period of time. My company does not want to loose the employee and being at a level where its me who has to interact with him....................i dont know what should I do?
We cannot afford to loose him and at the same time we cannot afford to celebrate his wife's birthday.
Please help me solve this issue.............
From Singapore, Singapore
Hi Prachi,
I guess child ego should be his problem. You may not be in a position to tackle this. If you feel that he is an excellent resource, you may pursue his wife to convince him. If you allow him to quit, again his wife may follow, which will give wrong signals.
From India, Madras
Hi Prachi, someone at the director level does not understands this, he is not fit to be in that position. let him get annoyed & leave the organization. Regards,
From India, Madras
Dear Prachi,
Now it is evident that the HR policy is right to mention that Husband and wife should never work in the same place. In case you do not have this included in your policy, please suggest this point.
Normally, it is surprising to find a person sitting at a Director Level to behave so immaturely. I am not so sure if he would really put in his papers beause his wife's birthday was not celebrated similar to that of his.
I would suggest you keep this matter at a LOW KEY as it is so trivial ( a personal matter). Wait and see what would be his next course of action.In case he does start to treat his colleagues badly(yourself etc) then put the ball in his court and ask him "How would you want to resolve this issue?"
From India, Bangalore
Here I want to tell one thing- not spl related to this case but in general also.
If somebody complains for anything. His/her complain should be given blind eye if does come with a appropriate suggestion/solution.
In this case- the director is the position wherein he has some UNDEFINE jobs to be done for the Company apart from his core job which is called moral responsibility for example: he could have thought the solution of this problem before filling the complain. But individual personality differe person to person. You can not help if he does not understand this.

Secondly: I perosnally do not belive in doing any demarcation among the employees, let it be junior level or seniour level. If he/she is emplyee-should be treated alike spl on such occassion. B'day/annivesery comes once in a year for all. Does it come for junior staff daily, weekly hence should be celebreated in the manner alike senior staff... If you had same sort of moderate function/celebration (not extravagant) for all, this problem would have never taken place.

My openion. Not decision.
From India, Bangalore
hi Prachi...
Best idea... just forward this topic thread to him.. he will understand what stupid demands he was making.... he will be able to analyse the situation from the majorities point of view...
If you for go this policy..what about other policies that are existing..will u bend each and every policy just because she is directors wife...
Being a director he should have that much of common sense not to bend rules..or show favouritsm...
Only way is convince him on the impact of the morale of the people working there...
From India, Madras
Please refer to the post by you at where you have written something for professionals, if this guy is not a profession then anyways he sud not be in the org. and that to at a director level.
From India, Mumbai
I feel he is not suitable for the post director. If a director want to break existing systems and rule with new one for the betterment of the organisation, then i can agree that he is suitable for that post. If he is really suitable for that post, then he should be told his wife to leave the job the day he got married her, but instead he is demanding some thing against the interest of the company. It is better, such kind of people not to be in such a position becuase in future he will do any thing against the company for his own benefit.
shiv kumar
From India, Delhi
Let's try and put this in the correct perspective if possible. Here are the facts as per Prachi:
1. One senior male employee serving the organization for 7 years, currently at a Director level position
2. Stake holders (Management) are happy with him as he has proved himself over and over again for the last 7 years
3. Marries another employee but who is at a very junior level
4. officially celebrates his birthday and enjoys it
5. Now has a problem with some official celebration of his wife's birthaday

I hope i've the facts correct ? So what's changed? Believe it or not.... Quite a lot has changed. As a matter of fact very few individuals that i know of over the last 17 years of my professional life accross 3 continents would remain the same person in the journey from point 1 to point 5.

First and foremost, it's not his feeling that's coming accross in point 5, it's his wife's. She is the one who is upset at not being treated like a Director's wife and her means of communicating this is through her husband. So here is the first problem... whom should you pacify - The director or his wife? but here is a bigger problem.... Today it's her birthday, tomorrow it could be her appraisal ? It is precisely for this reason that a lot of organization do not allow spouses to work in the same organization. What does your company policy say about spouses working in the same organization? I'm positive this clause does not exist.

Now here is the main problem... Is the wife wrong in expecting to be treated as a director's wife ? Is the husband wrong in expecting a certain level of respect for his wife ? NO not really. I have read all the comments about people talking of professionalism, effeciency blah blah!!! How many of us can tolerate our family members not getting the correct treatment from our office or collegues or even friends.

Prachi this is an opportuntiy for you to understand fast what many people take years in learning. How to Manage Expectations ?

I think you can solve this problem... It's not going to be easy and the solution will not come in day 1 because most of the time change is a time consuming process except when you are changing clothes...LOL

PM me and let's discuss the how's and the what's. Whatever the outcome, we will share it with all our friends in this forum.


Navneet Chandra
From India, Delhi
Is he serious? If he is so bothered about it why doesn't he throw a party for his wife in his own time and at his own expense and invite all the work colleagues.....surely at his level and his salary he could afford to do that!
Is it me or do they start making less sense the higher up the corporate ladder they climb?!

Hello Prachi,
A rule is rule for everyone .No one have the right to bend it.Its not professional.If u r so sure that he is so dedicated then Director-HR can talk with his wife to make her understand that if today the rules are changed for her,it will be very difficult for her to work there .Her collegues will keep a distance from her.If she understands this ,then your half problem is solved .hope this will work out.
From India, Thrissur
Dear Members!

Thank you so much for all your valuable suggestions and comments. I have somewhat tried and solve the problem and am putting step by step process in front of you. Please let me know if I have done it right or wrong. The process that I have followed is as follows:

Step 1: I have initiated a policy regarding spouses not working in our organization. Incase, two people decide to marry, then anyone of them will have to leave the organization. Many members pointed it correctly that our policy structure was silent on such an issue.

Step 2: The birthday celebration policy has been changed. As per the new policy, birthday's/ annivarsary's of any employee (senior/junior) will be celebrated in a similar fashion and there will be no favouritism in this regard.

Step 3: Now, the main issue regarding the director and his wife.

Well, I was missing on something very vital in any organization called as "Grapevine". I had a long conversation with the colleagues (at the similar level) of both the husband and wife. I just wanted to understand if they have actually discussed something with them or not. I was shocked to get some facts from them and could realise that the entire story was a plan of the wife to prove the fact "she is the director's wife" to her colleagues.

Step 4: We conducted a joint counselling session for both of them (in the presence of the mangement and the owner of the company) and put the entire picture in front of the guy. He is apologetic of his behavior now. He accepted that he did whatever he did because of all the wrong attitude of the wife at home. He is currently in a state of disbelief that his wife could actually do such a thing.

Step 5: Understanding all the details now, the management has decided to get rid of the girl since she has used the power of her husband being at a very senior post. The husband has been given a warning since his behavior was also not at all acceptable.

The girl has been given a week's notice to handover all the tasks that she has in hand and leave our company. We have also made it very clear that the comapny will not give her any relieving letter to her as a punishment for her behavior.

A step further, the colleagues under whose influence the girl has done such a deed have also been asked to leave the company and are given a week's notice by the management. The comapny has also decided not to issue any relieving letter to these people.

Well members, I am still in a state of shock and disbelief that people can actually do such a thing consudering the fact that we do try and take maximum care of our employees.

I just wanted to know if I have done the right thing or not and is there still anything futher that can be added in this matter to make it more transparent and a lesson to all the other employees of the comapny. Please let me know if I have done it right or not.

Waiting for your responses eagerly...........................

Prachi Jain
From India, Delhi
Well what if those people whome you think you have terminated, and you are not going to issue a releiving letters, as a punishment, ...if they come together, they may even throw you out of your position / job.
So dont tell us that you did all the above, and dont let the employees know its your idea.
Show that it is a joint decision of management and not yours singly.
Hope you got the hint.
From India, Pune
I think in this case ego has been hurt.You want the director to stay in the company.More then policy psychological analysis is needed.
What can be done is ,If you speak to his wife and try to explain her the problem (not mentioning how imp her husband is for the company).She can convince him for it.
As he is newly married ,he is hurt as his wife has not been given due respect which he think ,though it is not as so.
If you convince his wife I am sure he is going to calm down .As may be what ever reaction he is taking are instigated by his wife only.
As you know Women rules:p
From India, Calcutta
Take my advice, first let this guy go out of your company. These kind of buffoons shouldn't be there in professional environment, his way thinking shows that he not professional, efficient and important he is not matured.
He is in the post of Director and he needs to set an example,
You shouldn't be thinking as to how to retain this guy rather you should concentrate on how to take this guy out at the earliest.
Do update
From India, Bangalore
Dear prachi, You have done a execellent have handled the situation properly and in my views what you have done is best for your organisation. Regards NITIN:p
From India, Delhi
Dear All,
As discussed by me and a few other members, that it is the wife & her nagging at home that is the root cause of this problem. I was ridiculed by a member.... i stand vindicated & hope the person in question stands humbled.....
Abhishek Bhatara
From India, Pune
My thoughts again..... "ARE WE TALKING ABOUT A PROFESSIONAL HERE.????????????" It’s time to give my answer......n the answer is "NO"......... Regards A.B
From India, Pune

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