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This is a very interesting discussion thread. From my personal experience, I agree that in addition to the above reasons stated here, one of the main reasons is the lack of a HR vision, leadership in an organization. We all like to add value to the business we support & hence the organization we are a part of. As HR is evolving in a dynamic business arena, a HR leader with a clear vision is successful in motivating his/her team. A lack of clarity in what we as a HR team, in any organization, are trying to achieve leads to dissatisfaction and a lack of motivation. Hence, at that time the only better way is to believe that the grass is greener on the other side and move on.

From India, Bangalore
Good information............
Why HR Professionals leave the organization?

We donít get the talent in market easily. You have to search it. The same is with HR talent. The role of HR is critical in every organization. Service and retail industry is growing and also the employment in various sectors and positions. The HR has become a key to control the total Human Capital.

Hence the market demand for HR professionals is also high. The job hopping is increasing across the positions in all sectors. I have seen senior level professionals leaving the organizations due to some reasons within 6 months or one year. I tried to find the reasons from one survey.

This survey is not absolute survey and needs to work more. The sample size for the survey was 150 HR professionals from various Industries and having the experience of 2-10 years.

Why HR professionals leave the organization? What are the key reasons for leaving?

Following are top 7 reasons.

1) Compensation and benefits: 49 percent HR professionals leave the organization for increased compensation. This reason is more dominant over any other reason.

2) Challenging job Profile and Learning new HR concepts: around 40% HR professionals responded that they see challenges in new profile and also the new learning in HR.

3) Freedom to take decisions: 34% Professionals leave the organization because they were not authorized to take the decisions. The decision was dominated by the superior. They feel that they were playing the role of just co-ordinator. These people may be ambitious people.

4) Politics in the organization: 32 % professional were fade up with the politics played in the organization. The definition of politics is person specific but still important to decide the career move.

5) Lack of HR vision: Professionals are not aware about the HR vision of the organizations. 29% professionals say that they leave the organization due to lack of clarity about HR vision of the organization.

6) Good employer brand: Around 25% professionals think that Employer Brand is also important factor while deciding the career move from one organization to other organization.

7) Relations with superior: Employees leave their superior and not the organization. This is true here. 21% professionals think this.


Vinod Bidwaik

From India
Dear Mr. Peer Mohd.
Thanks for the informative posting.I do agree the reason for HR professional leaving the organisation enumerated by you.
Improper fitting, entrusted unrelated assignments, doing lower jobs are also some of the reasons for HR professional leaving the organisation.
With regards

From India, Madras
There may be a number of reasons for increasing turnover but my apprehension is why is it in private companies alone? With limited scope for work and improvement, with absence of team work and with lot of back stabing why the employees in government office work till their superannuation? Are they not guided by such factors? Yes but they ultimately think that they have a secured job which is recognised as 'job' by the society and once they come out of it they will lose the so called respect in the society.


From India, Kannur
Hai Sardar,
what ever you reasearched on the HR people leaving the organization is suits to some extent. because what ever the reasons are common for all employees but HR people leaves the organization some reasons like more responsibilities than other department people. why because every HR is having the zeal to develop the WE Concept in all to drive all the departments to reach the goal.
I hope HR persons treated as very expensive to the organization by the Employer thats why unnecessary issues will raise and burdened to HR.
No Employer identifies that HR is INTANGIBLE ASSET for the organization Growth in short period.
Ya sardar, Plz do work on it to Motivate HR people to over come from these type of problelms.
Thanking you,

From India, Hyderabad
Thanks for sharing this. Your survey lay down the key reasons for HR to leave a company.
I personally think that HR professionals are considered as mediators between management and employees and most of the Organisations are unable to respect HR as a profession. So HR professionals search for a company where they can be respected as a professional n not as a co-ordinator and should their work be appreciated & Valued as other professions.
Thanks again!

From India, Delhi
Hi,Peer Mohd.
thanks for good information. Its a true and i am agree with you but dont forget that we are not doing 100 % HR practice, many company just changed personnel dept name to HR but not work as per HR scenarion and practice, they are doing old personnel practice because of business need,employer wants. HR has a solution of every business problem just need to work as a professionaly.
" Every one has a good conscience when good conscience bothering them they left the job "

From India, Mumbai

This is definitely very informative discussion. To add on to this: I have an experience to share here.

In my previous company, I was responsible for one of the technical team, wherein I was responsible for all in all HR functions for the team of 100 employees. The team was involved in Embedded software testing in a very specific domain (don't wish to give more specifics).

We needed BE's with industry experience in particular domain. As we could not find anyone to fit our bill, we decided to hire freshers, so that we could train them and make them productive within a fair time period.

But all these freshers were made to sign bonds. Signing bond in a way is not a bad option, just in case, if company provides good training and subsequently good projects to work. But with my case neither of the two happened. I would have been happy, if they had to do some rework of other senior team members, which would have at least given them an opportunity to learn, but in stead they were just made to go thru documents / journals and dummy project. And there was no projection of any future work. And add to the misery, in one of the sub teams these trainees were big time harassed by their team leader.

I was majorly involved in EE relations, where in I need to interact with these trainee engineers on daily basis. I was in such a fix, I completely knew what's happening at the management end and of course i was aware about mental state of these freshers as well.

I recruited them through campus/walkins....somewhere i felt i was responsible for their career............It was so frustrating. But from an HR prospective, we did nothing wrong, like never made wrong promises of any sort, but we could have handled some things in a better manner at the Technical Heads' level (a very minor issue).

But this lil mismanagment turned to be such a big issue. Most of my time, for at least 5 months, went discussing about this issue with all possible stakeholders. Otherwise, apart from this issue, in my other responsibilities I enjoyed the new challenges and the entire work and definitely there was lot of learning as well.

As far as I could make out, there was complete lack of planning & forecast on the part of Technical team & of course no coordination with HR team.

But, only because of this issue, I had to surrender................I QUIT, mainly to get out of the stress I was going thru. I know and believe I tried all my best.

I purely agree with Sacheein on: "Every one has a good conscience when good conscience bother them they leeave the job ".

Thank you,

From Canada, Calgary
I think these are common reasons. All the in any profession (weather in HR or not) leaves the organization for same or similar reasons...what is so specific about this survey or these findings???
From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir,
The survey is ok .. i appreciate ur efforts but the point is how to stop this or we can say how to reduce it. coz what i blv that HR professional shall be retianed in the system. I think HR professional shall not take such decision with 6-12 months, if we all start doing this... who else will come and will establish our image in the corp. world. what i think if a person is doing so ... it means he/she is not professional ..
Professional doesn't mean to earn more and more money. We need to learn how to earn respect and value of HR.

From United States

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