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I thought of sensitizing you all to this. It has been noticed of late by me that there are some un-wanted threads being posted on this site. Each one comes up with his version of story / stories like:
  • Females wearing sensational clothes in office………
  • Found Couples in my organization doing………
  • Fancy introductory mail sent by new comer to all in his office..

And then urge some on this site to give their views and counter views …

I believe the main intention of this site is to share value added knowledge to the receipt, cooked up stories do not have space here…..

I hope you all are with me on this.. and that I succeed in getting my view across to one n all…

I am eager to catch up with your views on this:?:

Kind Regards,

Jagdish Vasta

From India, Mumbai
Hi Jagdish
I am with you in this. In fact I have posted this in one of these threads, that this "sensational threads" are unfortunately attracting lots of viewership and responses, as compared to some of very nice and useful threads are simply going unnoticed.
I really dont understand the motive of all this ? If they want opinion from seniors, they can post it in appropriate forum.
Thanks for bringing this topic to limelight, afterall much awaited.

From India, Madras
Dear Sowmini,
Thanks for your views on it.
I am sure all our freinds out here must have too thought about it too in the same way as you and me.
This cite offers us a platform to put forth and share constructive knowledge and articles thereby building talent of yours and the individual going through it too.
Let us use this cite in a constructive manner.
Once again thax Sowmini for your views ...
Jagdish Vasta

From India, Mumbai
Hi Jagdish and Sowmini,
Thanks a lot for posting this thread, even i agree with u that certain threads which really needs replies from experienced people, go unnoticed and threads such as sensational gets everyone's attention, and almost all of citehr members, probably including me also, answer to such posts and wont'answer to the ones which really need suggestions.
let us ask the moderators of to put these things in a separate folder of sensational but not much of use news and let HR ideas into rest of the forums. And there are lot of queries from youngsters and elder people in this site which goes unanswered, lets take up that and try to answer them. Few persons in this site posts excellent things, which really make sense in reading and answering.
thanks to all who make this site a happening place in HR.

From India, Delhi
Hi Jagadish, Sowmini and Sadhana,
Thanks for airing this issue. However, it would have been useful had you given examples of threads that have gone unnoticed and needed replies.
These may not be bogey ones as you suggest, but may be real ones as the work culture is changing due to the influence of Western culture.

From United Kingdom
Hello friends,
Thanks very much for the useful contribution. In fact, this morning I replied to MARUTHI -
Welcome Maruthi.
This forum is basically designed to help the HR personnel across the globe share important notes, complement one another in the problem solving process and learn new terminology, techniques, concepts etc. But, as you are fully aware, some youngsters use this forum to gain popularity by posting 'trivial' things and try to keep the thread on for long. Am sure, you would utilize this OPPORTUNITY to interact with the thoroughbred, hardcore HR professionals and learn from them. Welcome again, and have a successful career ahead.
It is sad, that some of the 'readers', I repeat, readers, they actually are not real participants in our forum do this injustice to the forum. We need to voice our opinion even more loudly, may be loud enough for the 'visitor-member?' to realize his/her folly.

From India, Madras
I beg to disagree!

"Issues are issues" and they could be of any nature, we dont have any means to prove that they are cooked up, even if they are really cooked up, we cant deny that such things do happen in our workplaces off and on..Why would a person cook up and post a thread, what good it will do to him or her?? Is he/she going to get a promotion or a hike by doing this..Nothing!!

So i dont think we are in the position to blame the thread creators who make such threads...its "US" members who take utmost delight and pleasure in discussing such rocketing the thread views..enjoying the debate on such tangy and indecent topics..but yes, it calls for Moderators to come in action...ideally these threads shouldnt float for a long time, once enough suggestions have been given, such threads should be closed in order to avoid them from getting over populated

Back to what i was saying "Issues are Issues", employees' spoling the work environment with their indeceny is as much a topic as Salary break up, PF, Gratuity etc.

One more thing, we all are quite sad that many threads go unnoticed but the spicy aforementioned threads hog all the attention..other useful threads merely go unnoticed or unreplied/just viewed...come on, its the member's discretion! you cant force people to reply in threads, its their wish where they want to reply....why to brood over a problem where you cant help..all we can do is request people to not allow themselves to entertain much the spicy topics,,, rather they should focus on HR related topics because thats what Cite HR is about!

From India, Delhi
Hello everybody,

This is a forum where members of the professin are free to express views, concerns, fears and disappointments also. I find nothing wrong in that. This kind of sharing is expectedly done to elicit views and opinions other members of the professions. So far, so good. This process can and should go on!

The member of the this profession is a professional in the man management field. He can be an employee at ANY level, an advisor or for that matter, even a student. One thing is for for sure. Each contributor must attempt value addition to the profession. Asking a question and keep on soliciting for responses, or thanking for the responses is quite silly really! Another matter is that none of us is a novice! The range of our individual experiences may differ but that is as far as the professional field and book knowledge goes. For life issues our values are already fairly formed. What is there to ask others for their opinions and guidance for action?

Similarly, I often find open ended questions at the end of such insipid and indeed peripheral issues. One should ALWAYS first take a position and then invite others to react and be prepared himself to change depending upon the response.

I am NOT being individually critical, but we must raise the bench mark of our professional stance! I hope, people find new ways that are more effective than the present ways of soliciting popularity and visibility on the board!

I rest my case.

June 29, 2008

From India, Pune
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