Dear Professionals,

I coordinate all the activities of Training & Development at my company. As a part of which i take feedback once the program finishes. But recently when program finished, I missed to take the feedback of few participants in which even GM's are included.

Initially when i sent a mail requesting the participants to send their feedback on the program, two people from senior position had sent it immediately. One is in General manager (Funtional) and the other is in Manager position. But even after 2 weeks, as i did not receive the feedback from rest of the participants I sent a second mail asking them for feedback. The mistake that i did was, I also addressed the mail to the GM & Manager (who already sent the Feedback) asking to send the form.

Immediately i received a call from the manager saying that he already sent the feedback and asked to check me once. I checked, felt bad and realised that even GM had sent the form. So I send a mail to the GM & Manager apologising for the incovienience caused. Immediately I spoke to manager and accepted that it was by mistake and apologised for it. He obviously felt bad and warned me to be cautious in sending the mail when it was addressed to the specific participants in the group in such situations. He further added that others are questioning him about it inspite of sending it. I had no words to speak. I agree to it.

So I thought to accept my mistake and gave another mail to all other participants conveying that GM & Manager had sent form along with my apologies. I thought now no one would question about it and feel that i had accepted my mistake. But the situation was reversed.

Among the participants, one who is a Comp. Secretary called me and asked "Is that required to send the apology mail to every one? It is fine if you send it to the concerned people". Uhhh i was surprised again... no words to speak.... I cursed myself for creating such a mess in the office..........I thought of being sincere in accepting my mistake but it bounced so hard... that now i feel guilty of my behaviour......... I am worried that people definetly pass on this issue to co-employees and i look stupid before them...

Plsss do tell me that did i do wrong/mistake/blunder........ am i bothered too much... it was my 6month in this organization.... what to do........ :?:

Your response either -ve or +ve would surely bring some relief to my concern..... pls suggest.


28th June 2008 From India, Hyderabad

Dinesh Divekar
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Thanks fro posting your qustion Sravani.
Yes, in a way. When you sent the original mail, you should have added that the mail was a general one to the participants on your mail list and those that had already responded should ignore it. This step would have avoided the problems with GM and the other manager.
When you sent the second mailshot, there was no need to have mentioned the GM, etc. You should have said that you were sorry for not including the above statement in blue.
Do not worry, time is a healer and people will forget this omission.
Have a nice day.

28th June 2008 From United Kingdom
Dear Friend

I remember a story while reading ur stuff.. i would like to share it with all

Once there was one young boy, his father with there Donkey was on the way to coming home after laborious work.

On the way they met a friend who ask that why dont u guys sit on the donkey and conveniently go. The father and son realised this and both sat on the Donkey.

They came across one more friend on the way who ask that Why u guys are harrasing/exploiting the poor Donkey like this. The father and son again realised this and father ask his son that u be seated and i will go with u by walking.

They again met one of their friend on the way. who immediately start criticising the son that u r so young and energetic and still sitting on the donkey and ur poor father is walking on foot.. shame on u!! Realising this son ask his father that the man was right and so now u sit on the Donkey and i go by walk.

They again met one more friend on the way who start criticising father that why r u treating his such a young son like this.. the poor child is on foot and u r sitting so comfortably and enjoing the ride on donkey.

After this both father and son was so confused and think what should they do now...

The moral of this old story is that u never keep all people happy...
I hope u got the message i want to deliver through this old story.

28th June 2008 From India, Vadodara
Well you must have got confused or rather too guilty and must be numb at that time and not known what to do. Dont worry, from life we learn. Happy learning
28th June 2008 From India, Pune
Hey Sravani,
We all are human beings and we all commit mistakes.
I understand that you were too worried that you sent wrong mail to senior people. However, this is not a mistake - per se. it happens with everyone.
Yes, you could have handled it better. At the same time sending an apology mail to all was not a big issue. It's actually good that you accepted it. Its foolish on the part of other employee (computer secretary) to have called and asked you. You could have laughed on his fussy behavior. this shows he does not mind his own work.
Just forget the incident and laugh it off. Dont take it too seriously. But yes, learn from this. Dont talk at all abt this matter and people will forget. No one has time to spend on these things.
relax and keep up the good work.
28th June 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Those who are doing work only get mistakes and they will rectify. Fellows don't do work will not get any thing. Once u accross such type of hurdles u won't repeat once.
Think positively and be happy.
Future is always in ur hand and convert in ur way.
29th June 2008 From India, Nellore
Dear Sravani,
Forget all these, you have done wrong or what so ever you did, Mistakes comes where its worked, not their there was no work, So be pro-active to send these type of mails or any written communication,
Go ahead, Sometimes we have to ignore what people think.
29th June 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sravani,
Whatever happened is happened. There is no point on brooding over it. We always commit mistakes in life. But for god's sake never repeat it in future.
What you should have done is to circulate hard copies of feedback instead of circulating E-mail. This would have ensured that you would receive feedback from each participant.
What is principal of communication? Check the channel of communication. Your "E-mail" as media of communication created more problem for you.
Secondly, as a manager you need to improve checking skills. If you don't improve now mistakes like this will continue to repeat.
Future is never dark or bright. We make it dark or bright. Take this as learning lesson and move on to make your career bright.
All the best.
Dinesh V Divekar
29th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
hi,u appear very worried about a small thing. Only those people who do virtually nothing ,do not commit mistakes.U asked for a feedback,a manager replied and u sent him another e mail.Once u realised ur mistake and spoke to him about it, the matter should have ended there.There was no need to post ur apology on e mail to him or worse, to rest of the employees.It appears u may have panicked just a wee bit.Dont worry,such things keep on happening.Remember always that an apology is between two persons, and as far as possible, verbal.Written apologies are very official and are tendered in reply to show cause notices,and for big blunders only.U appear to be a little tense on the job. Relax a little, these are small issues
29th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear Sravani,
Yes. Initially you committed mistake - sending reminders to GM & Manager who have already sent feedback forms.
Second time you did a blunder (could be of nervous & guilty feeling) - sent the apology to everybody (may be with a view to inform others about the receipt of feedback from them already and to prove that you are open enough to accept your mistakes).
OK. what to do?
It should be the learning curve for your rest of the career.
So, forget the past; Concentrate on present!

30th June 2008 From India, Madras

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