Hi all,

Would like to hear from you on your views on some of the issues that happened in my office environment. I work in night shift for a software company in south India. Every friday around 2 in the midnight my colleagues around 5-7 guys in the office get drunk in the backyard. Though they dont disturb, i feel it should not happen in the office. We are 3 girls in the office who work for night shifts.In the absence of higher officials this happened for nearly a month on every friday. All the girls informed my immediate lead and no action was taken. I found that happening again and again and i raised this issue to the HR of the company.

He said he would talk to the concerned people after a couple of days and keep me posted. I never got a response on this. Again friday came and i got a news from the office boy that even the concerned manager in the marketing team is drinking in the back yard. But since i didnt see that neither smelt it, i didnt take up this issue to HR. I was talking about this to my other 2 girls in the team. They called me for a conference chat in yahoo and got all the info from me. They extracted this chat info from my machine (2 girls and the marketing manager) and raised the issue to the HR saying that i am creating unnecessary issues.

The next day i was called up and severly warned stating that i have an attitude problem and the HR said "i am bloating the issues".I was really disappointed on their way of handling the issues. the whole situation was turned to me as if i am unnecessarily talking ill on the colleagues.

Now the point is, Everyone in the office is against me and i am really cornered. I would certainly love to quit immediately for another fresh opening with good moral values. Having had an interest in the company, now i amin this state. The company has my educational certificates and i have an agreement period of 1 and a half years out of which i am done with one year. this being the case, i am asked to talk to the MD and VP of the company on this. Kindly lemme know what should i do on this and should i get out of this situation and get releived from this office without any problems getting back my certificates. HR managers please help me on this.

Thanks and Regards,
21st June 2008 From India, Madras

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HR must sack them. No messing, being drunk on company time/property is not on. Leave this unattended and you will have a real problem. Just gather your evidence prior to talking to the more senior managers. The HR rep is nothing other than a goon.
21st June 2008 From United Kingdom, Glasgow
Hi Gayathri,
Seems ur in deep trouble. :icon7:
Those ppl will not stop boozing in office and may also create problems tomorrow. They should be stopped immediately.
By the way are you in HR, then surely all will hate you . Now I think out of the total three girls including you, the other two girls seem to have no objection to the drinking, so they have fooled you by giving the chat details to the Marketing Manager.
Your HR should have brain to think, which is lacking in most HRs..
Another mistake u made of submitting your certificates.
Let me tell you one thing, if you are in HR, then surely you must be knowing where ur educational certificates are.
Take your certificates from your personal file, immediately.
And if they dont give, threaten with all your friends, and make it a big issue, and threaten the people with dire consequences outside the company.
21st June 2008 From India, Pune
I appreciate your immediate response to this message. Evidences.... Huh. Hope you understand the delicacy of the issue. I can only smell the alcohol and i saw them carrying the bottle back. But this seen evidences by me may not sound and hold good as an evidence. Moreove, the marketing manager is over 8 yrs experienced in the same company and the higher ups are trying to put me down so that they wont loose them.This is what i think. Please shoot me with your suggestions...
21st June 2008 From India, Madras
Lemme tell you onething. I am working as an IT Recruiter for the US clients in the NIGHT SHIFT and i don really have a chance to get into the HR department. So i think i have no limits on taking back my certificates. Since i said the whole company is against me(night shift team members) i am held back with no clues to move forward. Pls suggest.
Thanks ,
21st June 2008 From India, Madras
hi ,one thing i would like to suggest u that u should have to inform this to all the hr concern people in written that this is going to be happen in their absence , if this does work then it's ok AND IF THIS NOT THEN U JUST GO TO THE PERSONS AND LET THEM KNOW THAT ACCORDING TO THE HONABLE SUPREME COURT IT'S AN OFFENCE DRINKING WITH IN THE OFFICE HOURS . U MUST HAVE TRY TO BE A LITTLE BIT HARD ,.DONT LET UR MORAL DOWN .INFORM ME WHAT HAPPEN AFTER THIS .ANURAG SHARMA
21st June 2008 From India, Delhi
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