hello i am a mba student doing a summer implant projecton employee welfare so i need a questionnaire . can you please help me out in this. my email id is snehasarode@gmail.com

8th June 2008 From India, Bangalore

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7th June 2009 From United Kingdom
hi m preeti.m doin my project on welfare as well so i ahd prepared thsi on my own..hope its provide u help

this is d questinare

sorri i cud not attach the company so i had copy past it. hope you it it.

n it gives you valuable guidance here it is................




Name: Age:

Sex: Marital status:

Plant no: Field of work:

Pay scale: Length of service:


1) How do you feel about the washing facilities provided by company?

Good fair poor

2) Are the sitting arrangements within the plant and canteen


Very much somewhat neutral not at all

3) How often first aid box with prescribed contents is available?

Every time mostly sometimes only

4) With how much time the injured worker is given treatment?

Immediately within 15 mints within ˝ hr more than 1 hr

5) How much time it takes to take a heavily injured/ suffering worker to

The nearest hospital in case of mishap? Or how readily ambulance available

Immediately within 15 mints within ˝ hr more than 1 hr

5) How nutritious is the food provided to you?

Highly nutritive nutritive some what nutritive least nutritive

6) How does the food affect your health?

Very positively not really adversely

7) Are you satisfied with the food/snacks/drinks provided to you at different intervals?

To the highest somewhat higher neutral somewhat low to the lowest

Is the hygienic conditions maintained in and around the canteen and workplace areas?

Always mostly sometimes never

9) How often you come across grievances regarding food and other facilities?

Almost always often sometimes rarely never

Other facilities........

10) How successful is the canteen managing committee in handling issues related to


To a great extent satisfactory need improvement

11) How frequently you take rest in between working hours?

After every………..

5----15mints 1/2hr-------1hr 2------3hrs 3-----4hrs

12) Do you move out of work place due to suffocation or other disturbance?

Yes No

13) Are you satisfied with the drinking water facilities provided?

Yes…. If no…. why?

14) Are there sufficient number of latrines and urinals at convenient places?

Yes No

15) How well hygienic conditions maintained in latrines and urinals?

Above average average below average

16) Which welfare activity is most important for u?

Training health and safety other welfare measures.. If yes which……

17) Are you satisfied with the welfare activities conducted by company?

Yes No

1 Which factor affects your efficiency other than technical aspects?

19) Are you happy with the trade union activity?

Yes no

20) Is the HRA Allowance provided by the company satisfactory?

Yes no

21) Is the educational allowances provided by the company is satisfactory?

Yes no

22) Are you satisfied with the functioning of the medical committee?

Yes n o

23) Are the recreational activities arranged by the company is satisfactory?

Yes no

24) Whether workers think company is taking due care of them?

Yes no

25) Do the health and safety training provided by the company increases the morale of the workers?

Yes no

26) Are workers satisfied with the activities at dassera and diwali?

Yes no

27) Do you think facilities provided by credit society are satisfactory?

Yes no

2 Are the commodities available at the cooperative grain shop satisfactory?

Yes n o

29) Whether the workers are happy with the overall health and safety facilities provided by the company?

Yes no

30) Whether the workers are happy with the overall welfare facilities provided by the company?

Yes no

31) How actively workers participate in workers participation programs?

32) What according to you can be done to increase productivity?

33) How dedicated are you to your work?

Completely not completely

34) What type of grievances affects your performance?

35) What is your first objective in the company?

Higher productivity industrial peace and harmony welfare programs

39) Do welfare measures affect your performance? How?

40) Are you motivated to increase productivity?

41) Why would you select this organization to work?

42) Are your visionary met to the maximum possible level while working in this company?

43) Are you happy with the facilities provided to your company on behalf of you?

44) How much you rate yourself in regard of loyalty?(ranks 1-5) (5 highest-----1st least)

45) How committed are you to achieve the company objective? ?(ranks 1-5) (5 highest-----1st least

46) How frequently do you leave your workplace for complains about the working

Conditions in a day?

Always Often sometimes rarely

46) Do you come across stress at your workplace?

Yes no

47) If yes to the above answer…………. how does this stress affect your work efficiency?

Often mistakes made during….. Work,

Mental pressure leading to headache, boredom, fatigue at workplace

Are not able to concentrate on work

Would avoid work

Stains worker…..supervisor relationship.

4 How well the supervisors handle the workers problems in routine?

49) would you like to have a stress management committee to train employees to cope up

With stress?

Yes no

50) is your health affected by workplace environment?

Yes no


Is you would like to add anything to it please do the concern…….

Yours comments………………………………….

Your suggestions………………………………………………..

with regard,

2nd July 2009 From India, Pune
hi preeti i m venkateshi, i 2 doing sip on welfare facilities and i have prepared some questionnaire but on some facilities it is difficult to frame questions to and now i got your questionnaire and i m greatful to you . thank you very much
23rd July 2009 From India, Belgaum
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