What is the role played by the HR department in an Organisation?
Who ia the most indispensable part of a Company? HR or Functional Guys?
What qualities should a person cultivate to become the BEST HR?
How well should a HR equipped with as far as Knowledge is Concerned?
Hope My questions seem sensible
S.Ram Prakash

From India, Bangalore

I have seen your questions and are sensable coz person who enter in this area always have these questions in his/her mind.

What qualities should a person cultivate to become the BEST HR?

Ans: right now i m able to recollect these only:

Qualities of Best HR.

1 Sensability

2 Ability to express

3 Market knowledge

4 Confidence and winning attitude

5 diplomacy. etc etc

sensability means: a hr can become good hr only when he/she has the ability to put him/herself on the position of other to understand situation/problem better.

ability to express: HR plays roal at back stage in the success of company. if hr have ability to express their vision and if they can make others understand about their as wellas co's future, then only employees 'll accept policies and stay in co for long time.

market knowledge: relative knowledge of market is must for an HR person. so that they can deside co. current position and can prepare stretegies for future

Hr is a thankless job coz we have to cut one sided pocket for increse others. but hr person can easily manage it with their understandings.

have to go right now explain more later



From India, Jaipur

The role of HR in any organization is that of a "catalyst" or a "facilitator". By definition and by nature it is NOT a line function anyway! The HR person is largely concerned with philosophy, policies and practices that an organization adopts while dealing with the human beings it employs at all levels and beyond that it may become the connecting link between the organization and the commuity around.

In that sense HR's basic role has to be that of a conscience-keeper!

It would be errorenous to try and determine as to who is indispensable or dispensable-the HR and or the Functional Heads. For sustainence and success, the organization needs both and they can only be in a complimentary role relationships and never in conflicting relationships, as that would be disastrous to the organization!

The HR person is essentially a "people person". Knowldege of psychology, sociology, organizational behaviour, interpersonal relationships, including group dynamics and conflict management are the foundation of his competence, but he will also need fair comfort levels with other disciplines like, finance, law and must acquire familiarity with other functions within the organization.

HR person like everyone else, is perpetually in a "learning" mode. The Management Institutes, with due respects, do NOT provide a fully prepared HR person, simply because they cannot! For a good HR person, organizational perspectives are a must. These perspectives form the contex in which to examine and resolve people issues is the basic commitment.

HR qualification is just like a driving licence. You get one by following a routine and then on practice your knowledge and abilities to acquire a level of skill. That is why for an HR guy/girl there is constant learning that is almost mandatory.

This is brief answere your queries. If you desire more elaboration, kindly put up a suitable mail!



July 16, 2006

From India, Pune
Thanx A ton for the awsome inputs as what an HR does in a co.
it seems, SAMVEDAN is an efficient HR prof. in a co.
n SAMVEDAN !! u r samvedanshil too ....
thanx again ....if possible pl send me some inputs as how to fo for TISS gd/pi round(s)

Thanks for the good words.
I am personally unaware of the seletion process at TISS in present times, but I am attaching two of my articles on Group Discussions and Interview (how to prepare and face one) for your and everyone's benefit. Hope you all will like these and also find these useful!
February 25, 2008

From India, Pune

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In many organisations which are run by individuals it is noticed that HR does not have any key role to play they are overlooked in many ways.It is like they have to be there so they are there .Being a management representative and also voicing concerns and issues of the employees is apart of the HR function but it is not accepted that way...........
From India, Bangalore
Human Resources Play Important Role In Compay To Organise Resources For Roti, Kapda And Makan Of Employees. Rashid
From Saudi Arabia
Human Resources play important role in Company to Organise ROTI, KAPDA and MAKAN for employees. Rashid
From Saudi Arabia

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