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Hi Everyone,
I am attaching 13 Power Point Presentations which I have termed as the Bible of Training and Development.
They will be in three separate posts as the maximum number of attachments per post is limited to 5.
I am sure it will be of great help to everyone especially to those who are in Training and Development.
Rohit Lakhotia
3rd June 2008 From India, Calcutta

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt Introduction to Employee Training and Development - PPT 1.ppt (586.5 KB, 25881 views)
File Type: ppt Strategic Training - PPT 2.ppt (3.92 MB, 15322 views)
File Type: ppt Needs Assessment - PPT 3.ppt (4.48 MB, 13551 views)
File Type: ppt Learning - Theories and Program Design - PPT 4.ppt (4.66 MB, 12587 views)
File Type: ppt Transfer of Training - PPT 5.ppt (4.19 MB, 11074 views)

Hi Everyone,
I have re-attached the Training and Development Bible Power Point Presentations.
It is put up in the three different threads in continuation as the maximum attachments per thread is limited to 5.
Please go through all the threads.
Rohit Lakhotia
3rd June 2008 From India, Calcutta
Dear Rohit, Thanx for sharing the ppts. I think they’ll be of lot help in my coming interviews as I am looking forward to a training profile. Anika
5th June 2008 From India, Delhi
hi! Rohit, rashmi here it’s really good ppt as well as very important which can improve the knowledge... once again thanx
5th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
I'm a PGDBA student doing my project in HR. I have selected "Training methods, techniques and aids" for my project, could anyone help me with where can I get information and details to make my project or if anybody has already got any project made for HR. In great need plz help.
5th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
dear Rohit, Thanx for posting excellent material. It gave me all types of clues for a program which I was preapring. Best Regards, Ashish.
5th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
I m new to this site, please help me i want to publish my query on Sales Training Staff. i m working with a retail company as Manager-HR and working on Sales training Module. Reagrds, Mahima
5th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
hi Rohit
Thanks for your valuable contribution to our knowledge
but as i am new to the forum
may be
hence i am unable to find your 13 presentations
{I found just 5 of them}
Please do something - I dont know what- but pz HELP
5th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hello Mr.Rohit!
I am in dire need to complete my task (project) on Reduction in cost on recruitment and to evaluate the training programme.
Please, guide me which is the best inexpensive way to establish a reduction in cost on the recruitment methods to the enterprise and the methods to measure the training programme whereby both the company and the employess benefit.
Thanks in advance and hoping to here from you asap.
6th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Rohit ji, Very good information you have posted. This will helpful for all the T&D people. Keep such posts. Regards, PBS KUMAR
6th June 2008 From India, Kakinada
Great Buddy but the last three power point files are not open. If possibel Pl sent this Bible to my mail id: .
Again I say this is a great effort. I will be highly greatfull to you if you pl sent all the slides to my id

6th June 2008 From India, Patna
Hi Rohit,
It'll be a great help for me if you could able to mail the attachments to .
None of the files are getting opened.
Thank you.
Kumanan. A
6th June 2008 From India, Madras
Am in to the training Security/ safety and Intelligence training, whether in the corporate or the professionals in the field.
Am alo in the field of Corporate Training.
Should any one need any assistance from our organisation, we shall be glad to come forward for the HR Fraternity, do e mail at
Pradeep Bajaj
6th June 2008 From India, Lucknow
Hi Rohit,
Thanks alot for the excellent ppt on the bible of training and development. I have viewed the 5 on this post but wonder where i could see the other 8?
Again, bravo for the great contribution
7th June 2008
Hi Everyone,
There are three threads containing 13 Power Point Presentations.
The are named - Bible of Training and Development
Bible of Training and Development (Continued 1)
Bible of Training and Development (Continued 2)
Please go to the search field and look for it. You will easily find it.
Rohit Lakhotia
7th June 2008 From India, Calcutta
hello and thanks. i think the presentation is awesome. can't wait for more. however, i have one question...what book if any did you get the info. i notice it says after you read this chapter. thanks again.
8th June 2008 From United States, Kenner
I am working in a hospital as an administrator. The following is the most important concern, experienced by almost all hospitals, for which we could not find a way out since last ten years.
Concern: Doctors leave the job after taking the salary without even informing the authorities.
At the time of appointment, they are not willing to either sign a bond or submit their original certificate.
Such a practice is very disturbing for hospital, patients and employees.
Any help on developing a strategy to cut this practice.
9th June 2008 From India, Vijayawada
Hi Rohit,
Its very nice of u for contributing sound stuff on Training.
But I can also view only the first 5 ppt.
If possible can u mail them to my id i.e. .
Thanks & Regards,
Manish Thakur
9th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Friends: I have to deliver a training seminar titled 'Mergers and Acquisitions'. Can you kindly help me by sending relevant information or PPT to : , Prof.M.S.Rao Cell No: 9949710632
9th June 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Thanks Rohit,
Instead of downloading so many ppts and uploading on this site it would have been better if you had provided the link to the geocities site where these ppt are present. These ppts are chapters of the book Employee Training & Development by Robert Noe.
9th June 2008
It is good to know that this post of mine has been beneficial to quite a lot of peole. I appreciate everyone’s gesture in thanking me. This is a wonderful website. Cheers, Rohit Lakhotia
10th June 2008 From India, Calcutta
Thanks Rohit This could be a very useful tool for people who are day by day trying to find out more improvements in their training methods. Lakshita Gaur
11th June 2008 From India, Jaipur
Dear Rohit, Very good collections! Congrats!! Please also post rest of the ppts.... Best greetings!! Arumugam
12th June 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Rohit, Really amazed to see the width and depth of the content! Congratulations for taking up a worthy project. Suggestion: Rules of viewer-friendly powerpoint may please be followed. MRS
12th June 2008 From India, Madras
Your PPTs were very enlightening. Thanks a lot for the effort taken in putting them together and for sharing with all of us.
However only the first five were available for download. Pl let us know on which threads the other PPTs are.
With thanks once again.
Subhash Bhasker
13th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Lakhotia,
Thanks for the presentations on training.
I have been abkle to unload the five, on the first mail, and have not been able to locate the balance of eight.
Request send to my mail ID.
Thanks for a great contribution.
18th June 2008 From India, Lucknow
I am an executive in a reputed University in the Examination dept. I have completed my Diploma in electrical, BSc, and MBA(HR) programme from KSOU,Mysore. Earlier to the Joining as a Executive I use to be an Asst. Lecturer for 8 years in a well known Polytechnic . I have undergone NSS programme officer training at Mysore and was NSS programme officer for 6 years in the polytechnic appointed by AICTE Bangalore. I have even completed my B and C certificate in NCC in my college days.
As I am in a administrative Job since 2 years as Jr. Executive I want to upgrade myself to higher position of Asst. manager / manager in HR profession as it suits my degree.
Kindly advise me if any opening or suggest me the way.
18th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Quite a knowledge building exercise by way of sharing useful PPts... You should reach the pinacle of HR Position Dev
19th June 2008 From India, Madras
Hi Sunanda, I have just uploaded 62 formats. Please check them out. Cheers, Rohit Lakhotia
19th June 2008 From India, Calcutta
hey ... m still not able to get other 8 files... i ll b glad if u can help me out wid the sam.....
26th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi, I am new to the forum. I would like to have the remaining ppts too. please help. Regards, Nithya
30th July 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Rohit,
This is very excellent posting by you for this citehr members but the old attachments were not opening and I can't see the new ones. Will it be possible to mail/forward these to my address: ?
Thanks and regards, Rupendra Verma
Asst. Manager HR
Posted via Mobile Device
1st August 2008
Thanx Rahul It was very nice could you plz. tell me where are the remaining ppts plz help us and provide some towards it it will be very helpful and useful
24th August 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Rohit,
I cannot open a few ppts of this series. Would appreciate if you could mail me at if you have a ziped version.
The message that comes when I try to open these ppts is "text converter is not available for this ppt."
Thanks for the help, Oswin
7th October 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Rahul Excellent PPt. But we have only five please advice where you had posted the balance Regards Bharti
1st July 2009 From India, Faridabad
Dear Rohit,
Keep up the Goodwork.. It's helping everyone enormously..
Could you pls send me some format to plan the Training of the GETs (Graduate Engineer Trainees). In fact its to monitor and evaluate their perfomance and learning.
Thanks n Regards,
1st July 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear Rohit,
Thanks for the ppts.
Rohit could you please advise me some good institution from where I can do diploma in Training & Development. Presently I am pursuing MBA (Final Semestar) from Amity, Noida through distance learning.
1st July 2009 From India, New Delhi
Hi Rohit,
Appreciate your passion for sharing knowledge.
I'm still learning how to use CiteHR. I've dowloaded the 1st 5 of the lot. can U plz help with the rest of the series.
mail id-
Tks in advance
1st July 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Hey Rohit, this is a wonderful set of ppts. really helpful for us in the T&D arena. I’ve got the first five, now to locate the remaining eight. Thanks a ton. Ashok
4th July 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear Rohit, I could only get 5 presentations, could you put all the presentations in zipfile so it will help for downloading. Thanks & Regards, Bugs Bunny
10th July 2009 From India, Mumbai
hi there rohit , i have tried extensivly to get all the 13 presentations of this thread but i was unable to do so , could you kindly direct me where and how do i go about readin the rest of the material
20th July 2009 From Germany, Gütersloh
Hi Rohit,
I am Aditi, I know this is an old post was wondering do u have some notes to share on performance management, learning and development plans evaluation, reporting and remedies as a result of failure.
Tks Aditi
7th September 2009 From Hong Kong, Central District
Hi Rohit
Good stuff! & Thanks for sharing. Looking to train HR staff on general topics. As Head of L&D - I'd like to take my team of HR folk on a couple of 1 day trainings -something along the lines of 'Team-work' - but more strategic - aimed at HR folk (who are part of UAE Emiratisation / Personnel & Admin and Recruitment) - ROhit -think you can throw some light through a presentation ....thanks
14th March 2010 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
The members of HR fraternity would have noticed that I had mentioned my being in the Training of Security management. The things have progressed since. We are now recognised by IGNOU for conduct of three levels of DLPs on Fire and Safety and Security Management.
These three levels are certificate, Advance Certificate and Diploma. Courses are in Hindi and English respectively. These are credit courses.
Should any one in the HR Fraternity be interested, they may seek additional knowledge on the subject.
The examinations are conducted by IGNOU, as such the successful candidates are issued IGNOU certificates.
In addition, we also conduct Corporate Training on Fire, Health & Safety, Defensive driving and Medical First Aid.
HR and training fraternity may adjust us in their Training Calendar organisationally.
Nevertheless as a member of CiteHR, should any one need individual assistance, I shall consider myself honoured to be of such an assistance.
Pradeep Bajaj
18th March 2010 From India, Lucknow
Dear Rothith,
It's so informative & Enlighting source for, those who are wants success in T & D. Please share the similary once always with us. so that, we will greatful for your effort & sharings........
1st November 2010 From India, Bangalore
I am a new member of this site but I am very much delighted to to be member or part of this site. I think that who want to build up their career in HR professional for them is very crutial.
2nd November 2014 From Bangladesh, Dhaka
I have been working as an Executive ( HR & Admin and Compliance) at Azim Group, Chittagong, Bangladesh since December 01,2012 till now. My aim is to be a professional HR in future. Now I want to do Power point presentation on Employee Training & Development in our industry to master the knowledge, skill, behavior emphasized in training program. That's why, I have a great keen to know about different topics of HR. So My first query to member of this site is knowing about Employee Training & Development. Would you please sent me update Power point presentation on Employee Training & Development with lively example.
Finally,I need your earnest help to make lively my training program
Md. Hasnaim sohel
HR& Admin
Azim Gromp, Chittagong, Bangladesh
my emil Id :
2nd November 2014 From Bangladesh, Dhaka
Dear Rohit,
Thank you very much for your valuable Presentations on Employee Training and Development. Very valuable one.
With warm regards,
P. Karunakaran
30th March 2018 From India, Chennai
Dear Ramesh,
Unable to open the ppt presentation.
Don't know what to do.
Can you help/guide.?
Vinayak Nagarkar
31st March 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr Vinayak Nagarkar and friends,
I have converted all the five ppts posted by Mr Lakhotia into pdf form.
Contents have not been changed. Only five ppts could be located from the above ten year old post.
Files have been compressed.
Hope all these will be opened easily.
5th April 2018 From India

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Introduction to Employee T and D.pdf (437.5 KB, 124 views)
File Type: pdf Learning Theories and Programm design.pdf (945.4 KB, 94 views)
File Type: pdf Needs Assessment - pdf.pdf (759.3 KB, 97 views)
File Type: pdf Strategic Training.pdf (889.4 KB, 95 views)
File Type: pdf Transfer of Training.pdf (931.4 KB, 99 views)

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