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HI all,
hi all,
for many days i ahve been working on performance review format for our key employees,
meaning---- KRA's /targets have been assigned to key employees (mostly from marketing/sales dept) in annual appraisal at start of financial year,
now Management /HR needs to analyse how the employee is performing towards achievement of targets ie quarterly appraisals of employees need to be done.
how far has he achieved the targets.(qualitative as well as quantitative analysis)
Can anybody provide me an format for monitoring the performance of sales team in acheiving their KRAS ?/
pls provide help/assistance in this direction

From India
Human Resource And Industrial Relations


Dear Sara,
Well first please go through my KRA post in this Site. There is a difference between objective and target setting and KRA.
Well now coming to you problem, Sara, unless you have quarterly targets how will you measure. If you have set annual targets, then you can only appraise them annually, to monitor the progress targets must be set on daily, weekly,forthnightly,monthly,quarterly,half yearly basis as per requirement.
Now the whole system of appraising on the quarterly basis will be same as annual basis with changes in rating and corrective actions.
Revert back if I have not been able to answer you.
Kind Regards,

From India, Thane

SC is right. Unless the manager has set specific quarterly expectations, the manager will not be able to evaluate formally progress towards target. For example, if a sales target is set at $50,000 sales for the year, and most sales are achieved during the Christmas period (i.e., sales are seasonal), then the manager cannot assess sales for the first quarter unless a first quarter sales target was set specifically.

As for the format, it will depend on the format of the initial goal setting structure. Format options include a three or five point scale: Did Not Meet, Met, Exceeded. Or you could use a percentage quantitative calculation. For example, if the quarterly sales target is $10,000 and actual sales is $9,000, then degree met is 9,000/10,000 by 100 = 90%. For another example, if a report needs to be completed within 30 days and it was completed with 25 days, then percent met is 30/25 by 100 = 120% met.

I’m not sure what you mean by “qualitative” analysis. Qualitative comments can be given about reasons for result, developmental opportunities etc. I hope this helps.

Vicki Heath

Human Resources Software and Resources

From Australia, Melbourne
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