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hi to all seniors,
well as per the posts that i have seen under this forum... they all seem to be of a very very serious nature... but i do feel that the question that i pose can be only answered by you seniors only... as you would have faced the same...
the question is--- Is it really difficult for MBA HR Freshers to get into MNC's or companies as a first break??????
I would be thankful if any senior could suggest ways for freshers to get into good companies which would be helpful for many freshers like me...
and also would like to know as to how is the market presently for MBA HR Freshers with a B.Tech Background...
Thanks in advance...
26th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Dear Rakesh,

Frankly speaking to your question, it is very difficult for the fresh graduates to get in......

There are some certain observations;

1. Fresher's aimed at very high salaries and companies
2. Dont have exposure to the market
3. Reluctant to start their carrers at low salaries.

Rakesh, same happen to us when we left our business school. With dreams of Ideal MNC and handsome salay. To get something in your life you have to work really hard.

Being a senior, i want to convey something to you.

Dont go for the big names. Start your carrer at a place available to you at first. Stick to the company for a while and after sometime when you learn through experiences companies will follow you. Normally MNC's hire freshers as MTO's, internees etc. For this you have to pass their tests and fullfill the criteria.

Once you get in to some experience, then MNC's will definitly approach you, because HR is a very demanding field.

Your second query is about B.Tech background. I dont think so that B.Tech backgroung will help you out. These both are completly different fields. B. Tech will benefit you, if you work for any related technical or engineering firm.

Please, do not hesitate to contact, if you need any other assistance.

Wish you best of luck for your future.

26th May 2008 From Pakistan, Islamabad
Hi Rakesh,
My Suggestion is that there are good number of openings for recruiters-few companies or consulting companies do hire fresh years. what you need to concentrate is on to fetch a job in one of the functional area and then concentrate in that area for a while you start exploring your knowledge on other functional areas of HR.
Please dont jump to conclusions that if you are getting into HR that means you will take care of everything and anything. Just focus on looking for jobs...i doesnt matter if its MNCs or not but to be frank, you will have great exposures working with Small and mid size companies to start with.
Please mail me back if you have any questions.
Good Luck!
26th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Rakesh!
I can fully empathise with you my friend! After completing my PG in HR, I had to wait a full 6 months before I got a break.....but what a terrific break I got!
I would like to advice you not to get desparate and join some consultancy firm: from my own experience of friends, once you get stuck into a consultancy profile it is very difficult to break away and start in some MNC.....do not be disheartened: There are still quite a few companies who do take on HR freshers as Trainees. I say: it is better to get a break as HR Trainee in some big company rather than go in for some small company which may be willing to take you in as HR Executive: you see, the opportunities to work in the various diversified fields in HR and to learn,are much more in a big MNC as compared to a small Company.
But, do not wait if you do get an opening even in a small company: my point is go on hunting but shun consultancies like plague.
My Best Wishes to you for your career.
26th May 2008 From India, Calcutta
Hello Seniors,

Thanks to all of you for promptly replying to my question.... i am genuinely very much elated to receive responses from you all...

Apart from the discussion that we had started in the above post... i would like to first share one intresting thing from my end.... this query that i have written is the first query that i had posted in the citehr.... and I must say that it really feels great to receive responses and help from completly unknown quater... and seeing this even i have made in a resolution stating that even i would go ahead and post in responses for people who need them... in order to give them the same kind of happiness that i received.... thank you guys once again for inspiring me...

and as far as the issue in discussion is concerned... and yes i do agree what Syed has written with regards to his observations

There are some certain observations;

1. Fresher's aimed at very high salaries and companies
2. Dont have exposure to the market
3. Reluctant to start their carrers at low salaries.

somehow i do feel that i am sailing in the same boat of the observations that syed has furnished.... but my question again is... dont you think Syed and RK... that.. isn't it normal for a person who has done his MBA and B.Tech to ask in for... if not high, but decent salaries ??.. and when we go in for consultancies they sometime pay us far less.. specially in hyderabad... and as Brandon puts in.. even the exposure that we get is focussed only in the area of recruitment majorly... then how would it be possible for people like me who are intrested in the other facets of HR to get those kind of roles????....

Syed and RK... its not that i am speaking against your point of view but i genuinely feel that healthy arguments always tend to bring out the best and valid points from both ends whether it may be for or against the topic...

I personally feel that there are many many freshers like me who are in the present situation... and i hope that this post of mine should actually be helpful in creating a right kind of impression in all those confused minds and should be useful for them in knowing the ways to approach corporates and also help them in their decision making...

i would be extremely happy if you'll could provide me your email ids... firstly its because... i need them... as i want to personally thank you people for your responses and secondly it would be of great help to me for any advices in the future...

It would be great to see if more seniors could participate... as every point of view given by you people might benifit others in their career immensly ....

once again thanks in advance....

( )
26th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
hi seniors, 66 people viewed.... and no replies.... :confused: come on seniors... help us freshers.... eagerly waiting for your responses... Regards Rakesh....
27th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hi Rakesh
Thankx for your valuable post.
i truly emphatise with you as even i am going thru the same problems.
I ve done by BE and i am employed with a consultancy firm since 1 yr and all i get to do is Recruitment.I want to learn the other facets of HR and currently the opportunities i get is all for consultancies.I am desperately looking 4 opportunities in a company yaar where i can do bit of Recruitment along wih other HR activities.
Do mail me.I found your post to be very helpful for me.

27th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Yes, its seemingly next to impossible for MBA-HR(freshers) to get a break in a Generalist Profile. All one could find would be Consultancy Openings. But if you are an MBA from a top B School then you neednt worry.
Corporates dont take Freshers, since HR is a work of huge accountability and the need is of a person who has previous experience and apart from this. Why would company want tp incur Training cost on a fresher when experienced generalists are available in abundance.
27th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Vineeta
Thanks for your suggestion.
But does it mean that we should look only for opportunities in Recruitment.
does it help if we hav 1yr of exp in Recruitment and then trying to shift to Generalist role.
I am confused.
Pls help me.
27th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
hi everyone,

first of all thanks for replying to the post.. seniors.... and yes as i said earlier... as to what problems we freshers actually face...

As many of the seniors say that its important to first gain experience in HR.... and then it is easy to climb the ladder thereon... is what i understood from the initial posts... but what do you people suggest when it comes to the problem my friend Simonthy is facing.... though he has a hands on experience in recruitment for a year... he would still be considered as a NO for the role of a generalist...

and as Vineeta says... Are the posts only for the top B-Schools??... but i do have a point to mention here with respect to only the cost parameter ( again with due respect to the people who passed out of the B-Schools)... as per her she says that the cost associated for training a HR is a burden to the organization... but if we look at the other side of the coin... is it not true that these students are paid 2-3 times more than a postgraduate from a not so recoginsed college... and also dont you think that there is always a fear of actually loosing them to other companies because of their expertise....

and on top of it... what do you think would happen to the people who have talent in them though not experienced.... didnt we study that performance is more important than experience!!!...

and how can it be that a person can gain experience... when he is not provided the opportunity:huh:

and though it might not be relavent to the earlier question... i actually want to broaden the horizion of our topic by asking a query

We all generally know as to what a HR round comprises of for other fields like engineering, production etc.... My question now is.... when it comes to the field of HR.... what is that a Senior HR looks in for when he is hiring a fresher candidate for HR entry level position????

the basic purpose of asking this question is to understand as to... what is expected from a HR fresher???... if incase he does get an opportunity or a call from the companies or corporates.....

I would actually urge not only the seniors... but also other freshers like me to join and post any of their queries.... all i can say is that it would immensly benifit all of us... in gaining the correct and timely guidance form our seniors....

All you freshers, I sincerely wish that we make use of the ample guidance that we can get from our seniors...

27th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Seniors.... We are waiting... hope to get more guidance and input from you’ll and see more replies... Regards Rakesh
28th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
U Need To Have Patience My Dear Looking For A Good Job In Mnc At Afresher Level Is Not Well As Ur Not Aware Of Each And Every Aspect Of Hr U Have Just Read It Not Follow It So Go For Hr Consultancy First Then For Recrutiment In Any Mnc Then For Training So Start Searching For A Job In Hr Only Not Go For Any Other Field If U Have Intrest In Making A Career In Hr Anurag Sharma
28th May 2008 From India, Delhi
hi all,
yes i do also completely agree wid u all guys ...........out there freshers,and i 2 also had all those same questions and confusions in my mind.
As coz as a fresher myself ,wid all those above in mind i m unable 2 decide ,if 2 leave my hometown 2 a new plce 4 a career in HR..coz wat i hav seen is d same .............openings 4 recruiters r there in ample.......wid no future opportunities.,n after hearing all yr experiences i m now even more
confused........as wat 2 do??????????????
28th May 2008
Hi Rakesh,
I feel the job scenario for HR is improving now.
But its not always about the qualifications and roles. I would like to share my story here. I started my career as a conselor in a training institute, which is a part of a small pvt firm. Once I assisted the HR executive in some recruitment activities and the management was quite pleased with my performance and thus promoted me to the HR dep. Though I was only into rec but then the Tag of HR Exe of a company helped me immensely. And now after one year, I am working in another company as a Hr generalist. And am also pursuing my MBA(HR) in dist learning
All I wanted to tell you is that recruitment is fine, but even if you are doing recruitments and are a part of the HR team of a COmpany, u do get the scope to learn the other facets of HR. Which is not there in a consultancy.
So try harder, but dont worry about profile. The HR professionals also have to be good at recruitments.
28th May 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Hi seniors,
I completed my B.E in E.C.E.Now planned to do MBA in corres from ICFAI.I am working in an MNC now.My doubt is during specialization in MBA in final semester which option can I choose i.e either FINANACE or HR.Which helps me in my career?I am interested in HR and my friends are preferring FINANCE as finance has oppurtunities even out of corporate services where as HR can only in CORPPORATE.
So I am much confused regarding this.
Please help me by your valuable suggestions.
Thank You.
28th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hi Rakesh,
I am also fresher like you.I attended many interviews.All are consultancies.Position is HR-Exe,but I have to there is Recruitment.moreover they will not pay in the training period,training period is 2 months.Till now I have'nt received any mail even from small company also.As a fresher do'nt expect chance in MNC's.
I have done my HR project in a manufactuing company.He offered me job as a Trainee.In the training period he will not pay,training period is 3 months.I am in a dilema whether to join there or not? my sister is not accepting,because I got this project opportunity through reference.What should I have to do?Please give suggestion.
28th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr.Rakesh,

As experience HR Professional I would share some of my experience because every one has different experience and they advise differently.

I would advise to treat your first 3 years as dedicated to hard work and eexperience. THis is more important than your qualification because this will be your foundation for career. Choose better organization rather than better salary because you will endup doing small nature of job in one corner in big big business empire. Start with medium scale industry with exposure to all facit of HR activities and participation will be an asset.

It's not enough to start career with big names and you survive in their culture and not in the outside world or after the industry or unit closure people found struggling to pace with skill/ competancies to meet market demand. Economic growth and slowdown is always drive your career if you want to move upward. But if you think sticking to one job with MNC tag is also good until that MNC doing well in India and think of what if not.

Instead of depending on MNC security of job try to stand on your own feet will be your permanent security and key to your prosperity.

I never did graduation from B School or worked in MNC until 17 years. I worked in small scale Industry in late 80's move on th medium scale textiile industry further Joined Public Sector at age 36 I become Personnel Manager in Government of India Enterprise, then left in three years further moved to Indian Market leader before myfirst overseas assignment in Africa. Now since two years I am working in worlds largest oil producer Saudi ARAMCO as HR Specialist- Policy &Compensation. 30% worlds oil produced by Saudi Aramco with production capacity 1.28 million barrels per day. I am working in offshore site which has got production capacity double of entire India's production capacity.

This was in order to prove that MNC, B School has limited gurantee and your won strength provides more security and prosperity.

Wish you all the best and good career in the years to come,

With Regards

28th May 2008 From Saudi Arabia
Hi Rakesh,

Firstly,though am not a senior member to talk about the issue,still i dare to put in my comments here.

I have remembered those days of struggle in my intial days to show my mark in the market....to get the good break one needs to have sound social contacts (it will help atleast to get the interveiw calls,& from there we need to show the meettle in interveiw,it depends on us)
yes i do admitt that consultancy pays very less,but i hv seen many ppl who jumped from consultancies to good coampnies (becoz being in consultancies help in building up the rapport,hence getting good breaks)
Coming to B.tech & then doing MBA,to my knowledege these are 2 different fields so it doesnot add much value until & unless its related to engineering field.
HR needs more matured & responsible people which only comes with experience..hence ppl look out for experinced guys.

I suggest sumthing here, in BPO fields they are looking for freshers in HR..so this should help you in getting good breaks....i strongly beleive having experince in BPO will be an added advantage...because experince is different & will be exposed to the world in dealing different types of pple.

Its not impossible to get breaks but definetly it is hard...but hard work pays....beacuse am the live example for it just after i finshed my MBA'06 i have been employed with one of the TOP ITES in HR-generalist role (Its my first company)still am with the same company..

So dont llose hope dear...just try out & BE CONFIDENT...because oppotunity comes rarely so Grab it!!!!!
28th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
it's better to start with a recruitment firm coz. as a fresher it is difficult to get a job as a H.R generelist.At the end if you have a experience of 2yrs of recruitment you can get a good break anywhere.
But make sure you choose a right firm.
28th May 2008 From India, Chennai
hI rakesh
Its common 4 very body that they vl get frustrated if thay wont get jobs in MNc wait for the opportunities to knock ur door for that u must have some experience in HR
Ther r n no of consultancies offering Post as HR recruiters for freshers first try for them after few months of experince (9months to 1 year ) you will get openings for core HR activities
All the best for ur future
28th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Lets understand, its quite tough. One possible way is (which is quite slow)..get into Recruitments..choose a good Consultancy..get a sound Experience, after which start applying in Recruitment profiles in corprate..these days Corporates have diversified HR Functions..Recruitment has become a specific and seperate function..if u get a break in corporate in recruitments, then u can slowly with the dint of ur hard work can ask to be shifted to a HR Profile.
If this doesnt interest, then just get a Good Exp in Recruitments..i have some friends who (good & intelligent candidates), having 2-3 yrs of exp in Recruitments have been picked up for Generalist Profile by companies like Eicher/Educomp/hdfc bank.
On the second thought, Recruitment line is not that bad either, in many cases, Recruitment Managers earn more than HR Managers. So if ur hitting off well with Recruitments u can just as well stay
Rest all is upto u
28th May 2008 From India, Delhi

I have gone through the array of posts on the opportunities available for Freshers ( HR ). I agree all of us have gone through our small or big phase of start up struggle, and one should not be scared of the same. Rather you should utilize your time in strenthening your basics which we tend to passby in our college days.
Recently we had couple of positions in our team and we thought of hiring freshers but to my utter surprise, we could not find simple down to earth MBA who were good at their HR Basics. It took us 4 months to close on these positions !!
And yes!! on thing I would certainly say.may be the colleges and institutes paint the mind of their students about the corporate culture and expectations from them.
I understand you might have to wait for the right opportunity but it is good to wait and use this time properly rather than hurrying burying into any worng place. A decent company with good manager ( who can teach you !!! ) should be the best deal I would say.

so cheer up and all the best.


Ps. I am looking for some good summer trainees ( 07 - 09 batch ) .. so anyone interested??
28th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Rakesh

Thanks a million for this thread!!!!

I am BBM, MBA (HR) graduate, a fresher and am struggling with searching for a job with a profile other than recruitment. Since weeks i have been sending my resume across several consultancies and to companies operating in different sectors. I receive a number of calls from consultants for recruitment profile and every time i receive a call, i am in a delimma whether to say yes or no.

The worst thing i feel about these consultancies is, they dont differentiate normal graduates with graduates specializing in HR or no matter any field (especially when it comes to pay).

As per a few research studies, the % of attrition among freshers is much lower in comparison with the experienced candidates. Moreover when it come to the cost incured by the companies (especially MNCs) in helping experienced candidates to unlearn their old practices and help them to adapt to the new culture, is reasonably high.

All we can do is just wait and watch when our stars turn to our favor...

Thanks and Regards
Natasha P B

28th May 2008 From India, Hubli
Hi Rakesh

Looking from your point of view, it is definitely difficult to land up with a good job. However, what I feel is that one cannot expect companies to hire somebody simply because of a B.Tech qualification or because of an MBA in HR. What is more important is the way you sell yourself to companies. In HR also, it is important for us to find out what is the area that we are interested in, spend time and energy to gather the latest information on it and finally network not just through websites, but also by writing papers, submitting articles in HR magazines and sending these articles along with the CV (in hard copy format) to HR Heads of companies!! Then see the response that you get.

The primary rule to getting selected in any organization is to let the organization know what is in it for them. Only then will companies even think of looking at the CV of a fresher.

however, all said and done, it is the hard work that we need to put in and some amount of luck as well that will determine that chances of getting ur dream job

Warm Regards


T V Rao Learning Systems
28th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Vineeta
Is it necessary for the IT Recruiters to have an IT related qualification background?As many of the Hr freshers may not have the same qulification they may be having graduated from different streams than IT so they might be face problem of placing right candidates at the right place.Plase guide me on the quistion.
Thankin You
28th May 2008 From India, Pune
Hi Rakesh
How r u doin?
I must say tat ur posts r very informative.
Wat i feel Rakesh after talking to the seniors is tat it takes almost 2yrs for freshers or sum1 like us to make a full fledged career in HR Generalist Role.Freshers can start with recruitment(in corporates preferably)initially, and slowly shift towards the Genaralist Role.
Generalist Role requires people like us to have exp in many fields such as induction,Training & Development and many more which we can learn gradually with bit of exp.We can't learn the HR facets all at once.
I guess i am correct.Seniors pls correct me if i am wrong.
I hope Rakesh my post helped u a bit in answering your queries.
28th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Rakesh
How r u doin?
I must say tat ur posts r very informative.
Wat i feel Rakesh after talking to the seniors is tat it takes almost 2yrs for freshers or sum1 like us to make a full fledged career in HR Generalist Role.Freshers can start with recruitment(in corporates preferably)initially, and slowly shift towards the Genaralist Role.
Generalist Role requires people like us to have exp in many fields such as induction,Training & Development and many more which we can learn gradually with bit of exp.We can't learn the HR facets all at once.
I guess i am correct.Seniors pls correct me if i am wrong.
I hope Rakesh my post helped u a bit in answering your queries.
28th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
I am really very very happy…. To see so many people who are still concerned about others problems and are more than willing to extend their support to the needy…. Truly some instances like these… inspire us to do our own bit of help…. Once again Hats Off to all of you and a heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who has posted…..


Hi Anurag… thank you for taking your time out to think and write the post… I guess I have to be more patient… atleast I would assure you that…

Hi Gipsy… well I am extremely sorry that my post did confuse you even more… but lets face it... these queries which we posted are actually facts… and as I said earlier the basic objective here is to gain proper guidance for our problems from the experienced people…. Hence I request the seniors to guide my friend from Assam… and all the very best gipsy….

Hi Sukanya… thank you so much for sharing your valuable experience… I am sure this post did definetly instill some hope for us….

Hi Sowjanya…. As per your Query related to taking up a specialization…. This is again purely out of my own experience that I am telling… as I myself have completed my B.Tech (ECE).. I will not suggest but rather put in a point which would be useful in making your decision….my lecturer only told me one thing… if non commerce people take finance they must prepared in such a way that they you should be able to compete form three different quarters.. that is CA’s , MBA ( Finance ) & ICWA’s as there is always a chance for them to apply for the same positions…. Rest you can take the decision…. Do let me know as to what you decided upon….

Hi Kkr… I am sorry to have addressed in that word as I don’t have your name details…. Anyways what I would suggest… please don’t go in the companies which don’t pay you in the training period… as I feel that we have the necessary qualifications to perform the job and I don’t see any reason as to why they wouldn’t pay you… remember that a job is equally important for the candidate as well as the company… so do go in for any free service….
28th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Sawant Sir,

I genuinely from the bottom of my heart thank you for taking your valuable time out to share your experiences…. I truly feel proud to receive responses from so many people… that too from different places, locations and above all… highly experienced individuals who share in their part of struggle… I must say that posts from such experienced people of your stature will not only boost our freshers confidence…. but also I am sure… would encourage many of our seniors to build their own career…

What I really liked in your post was the advice which you gave in such simple words…

Instead of depending on MNC security of job try to stand on your own feet will be your permanent security and key to your prosperity.

And how you actually disproved the theory of top B schools phenomena… saying that B School has limited gurantee and your own strength provides more security and prosperity.

I sincerely suggest that everyone of you please read the post for self encouragement…

Hi Sujatha… as you told me not to lose hope… I think all this posts are given because we still have hope to get settled in better companies… and I sure with so many peoples best wishes… the day would come soon…. Thanks a ton for the post…

Hi Padmini… there is a point which padmini mentioned… with respect to the BPO’s… i am sure to try my luck in that industry too what are other freshers doing… come on pull up your socks and get ready to wage a war on the BPO’s … thank you…

Hi Aryan & Nanda… thank you so much buddies for your concern and your suggestion… I am sure many freshers are looking at this post.. and will decide what’s best… its more important for me that you are ready for helping us… which is truly wonderful on your part…

Hi Vineetha… thank you so much for replying again and helping my friend… Unlike the earlier post… I am sure that this time no one can dare disagree with what you say… extremely pleased to listen again from you… do keep posting… and JOYTHI has a query for you…

Hi Monika… it was really good of you to make us understand and focus on not wasting our valuable time… ( in a way she has challenged that we are not competent :icon4:.. hmmm :mad:… come on freshers let us use our time in getting our basics right and disprove her… if done…. I think she would be the happiest amongst us… ) thank you…

Hi Natasha… Seniors… Natasha does have a valid point to be considered… WHAT DO WE DO WHEN CONSULTANCIES DON’T DIFFERNTIATE BETWEEN MBA’S AND NON MBA’S… eager to know more about it…

And lastly Hi Simonthy… happy to hear from you again… Vineetha has definetly shared views which were useful to all of us… I hope it was helpful for you… do keep posting…
28th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hi Rakesh
You are puttting reallity but do not frustrate with this situation.
We all were going through this stage, we were also waiting for Opportunity,
But my suggission is do not expect only MNC's , But i would like to say
don't miss/ignore any vacancy whether it will MNC/SMALL SCALE.
register your name in consultacies as well as try to search references.
and Be ready with your basic Knowledge.
Wish u Best Luck for your career.
Vikas Shinde
28th May 2008 From India, Pune

In the earlier post… I somehow missed the name of AVINASH ( sorry for that )… actually this is one of the aspects that I want to focus on…. I mean as to how we could improve our chances of getting the role we wish for… one of the points with regards to article publishing was interesting… I would be happy if you could further elucidate on that area… I think it would be beneficial for students who are doing their course currently ….

Hi Vikas…. Thank you so much for your wishes… and all the best for you too….
28th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
hi seniors...

I actually want to broaden the horizion of our topic by asking a new query... actually i did ask this in the earlier post.. but only found few posts related to it... it would be great to receive the same kind of response for this query too... and the question is...
We all generally know as to what a HR round comprises of for other fields like engineering, production etc.... My question now is.... when it comes to the field of HR.... what is that a Senior HR looks in for when he is hiring a fresher candidate for HR entry level position ( let it be for any postion... whether recruitment or generalist etc ) ????
the basic purpose of asking this question is to understand as to... what is expected from a HR fresher???... if incase he does get an opportunity or a call from the companies or corporates...

It would be great if you people could suggest some topics in HR that needs to be prepared.... so that it could help the person attending the interview....

29th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hi Seniors….

With all these experiences that you people have shared with us… I am sure that there would be some change in the mind set...... and perception of freshers with respect to the first job or rather role… and this includes me also in that list…

I now wish to actually broaden the Horizon of the discussion by asking another query…. Actually I did ask this question in the earlier post…. But I guess many didn’t go through it…. Hence I am repeating it once again…..

We all generally know as to what a HR round comprises of.... for other fields like engineering, production etc.... My question now is.... when it comes to the field of HR specifically.... what is that a Senior HR looks in for when he is hiring a fresher candidate for HR entry level position ( this may be for any position like recruiter or generalist etc )????the basic purpose of asking this question is to understand as to... what is expected from a HR fresher???... if incase he does get an opportunity or a call from the companies or corporates....

It would be of great help to suggest some topics in HR which the interviewee must go through.. before going to an interview....

Expecting the same kind of solid response....

29th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hello Rakesh,
Its not that difficult to get into a MNC or a good brand as being a fresher HR.

The only need of time is to simulate the compatibility between real time Job responsibilities and and your clarification about the specific concepts.

The industry at a grate extent is splitted into three main phases:-

1) Beginner 0 - 1.5yrs experience Executive
2) Proficient 2 - 4yrs experience Sr.Exe, AM
3) Expert 4+ yrs experience Mgr. , Sr. Mgr so on.

As you are a fresher the Third one is not for you by the time.

Now, if we focus onto the First and Second part then its better that you should opt for the first one.

It happens for so many of times that one thinks he can perform the role of the person very next to him in herarchy but its all about the exposure of getting the things done my dear.

To begin with something as a fresher you should first decide that what suits you the most.

a) A HR recruiter Profile
b) A HR generalist profile
c) Both of these

then try with below mentioned

1) HR Recruiter

Join a consultancy/ recruitment firm fulltime @ beginner level as it will implant the needed skills into you like team work, resume mgmt, comunication skills, target orientedness and org. values etc.

2). HR generalist

Join a Labour Law Agency fulltime/ partime as it will provide you an indepth knowledge of the Statutory Obligations a company needs to perform.

3) Both

Everybody wants to be a master, I think that is same with you also.
So, a realtime solution for it is that:

So many of Recruitment consultancies are hirig people offsite for which you need to pay the initial costs.

Work on the assignmets by them in your partimes and start visiting the labour court or redressal forums and join an agent as assistant or so

NOTE: provided is the information for knowledge sake what you can fetch out of it can never be forcasted as its totally your potentials.

yours truly,

29th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
hi this is Chirag ! From AHMEDABAD (GUJARAT).
i am also fesher & Facing same porblem. I have Done MBA (HR & OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT) & M.Sc.(MICROBIOLOGY).
i am also looking for a job..........
So, if you people have any information regarding vacancy in gujarat, plz inform me....
waiting for positive reply.........
my id is chiragmicro1@yahoo.com

29th May 2008
Dear Param
As a fresher,i m also facing the same problems as disscussed/questioned in details by Rakesh and all others ,here.But none of d replies were 2 d point..........as coz everyone has his/her own individual experiences.
i was infact more confused,from all d replies here,but in ur case ,i found it 2 b .................something which would b really helpful, 4 us freshers.Now i m somewat clear .......as wat i should do,n hope d same way others would also feel.
So i really would like 2 thank you 4 ur ...............concern and suggesstions
Thank You
29th May 2008
hey Rakesh,
i have not read all the comments but i would like to share my exeperience. i am 2007 passout. i stared my career with a very small company and my salary was Rs. 9500. i worked hard and learnt a lot now i changed the company and my salary is Rs. 21000 within 9 months.
in small company u generally get a good exposure and learnt all aspects of HR:)
29th May 2008 From United States, Wilmington
Hi Rakesh,
I've been following the posts given by the senior and other members.I'm in a similar place.I've got 2yrs HR & Admin exp.And pres.Im pursuing MBA(HR) Ist year.My HR exp.was in a consultancy for MNC BPOs recruitments.And that did give me a great opportunity to learn abt recruitments.But when it comes to Generalist Role,Im still a Fresher.So,best bet is take things as it come,and the same time keep looking for bigger opportunities.
One thing,always rem.there is no thing as "Perfect Job" or "Dream Job'.Bcoz if it fulfills all your dreams then its not a job.Becoz "JOB stands for Just Obey ur Boss"(in the lighter part).
Keep in touch.I'm also new to citehr.
29th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
hi dearSweta ur words........... ""JOB stands for Just Obey ur Boss"" i really liked it........................... Regards Gipsy
29th May 2008
Hi Rakesh,

I went through your post and although m not a Senior member i would just like to give my point of view...I started my career by working in a BPO. After 2 yrs of night shifts , I decided to do MBA but i didn't want to stop working so i decided to go for part time MBA which was not possible if i were to work in a BPO so i started to look for a job...fortunately i met a friend who was setting up his own small co. and he asked me to join him as a HR Executive as i was doing PGDBM in HR....I handled recruitment,Induction, Salary etc...but he didnt pay me for 3 months after that he just winded up his co. and said he is not able to manage the resources...we somehow adjusted our employees in our clients offices.
Again my search for Job started ...i was not getting any offers coz i didn't have any experience and i had just started my PGDBM...then i got a call from a different start up co. and they took my telephonic interview..i got through..since 1.3 yrs i'm working with this co. and i have learnt a lot and CITE HR has really been very helpful to me. Whenever i had doubts i would get my answers here...so in the end i would just say that u need to keep looking for opportunities and MNC's wouldn't give u one w/o experience. I would suggest that u should try for small co.'s or start up's and then jump to a MNC.

Hope i haven't bored everyone.

29th May 2008 From India, Pune
hi Rakesh,
I have gone through u r post. Well it is true that for HR Freshrs it difficult to eneter in a core gneralise HR.It can be possible through College Placement only OR some times on your own but chances are very less. I am also a B.TECH AND MBA in HR, I WAS UNEMPLOYED FOR 5 months after MBA.got many chnaces in Consultancies but i have not accepted it and finaaly i got a chance to work for a Soft firm As a generalise HR. Though firm is small but i am learning lot and also have offer of big companies now. so bottam line is keep trying dont go for money first go for profile.and also dont be unemployed during this period accept consultancies or do marketing and keep searching for desired profile.
Best Luck
29th May 2008 From India, Pune
Hi Rakesh,
Its true that requiremnt for HR generalist is very few. But If you properly search every day there are opportunities but with less pay.once you have experience the you can easily grow.May be freshers dont get in MNC but many middle and small scale industries are available.Just dont lose hope.have positive attitude and go a head the definetly you wil get .
29th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Rakesh,
Let me share my experience from where i started and where i reached now, hope this would answer few of your questions. I understand the desperation of the freshers but we cant help it, lets be practical first.
Jobs in HR General as such are less compared to whts your area of strenght unlike sales marketing and techi jobs.

When i Joined my college i joined with a gap after graduation as i was working at that time and i was into sales then later realised my competencies and then i opted for MBA. Once i Joined MBA-HR it was my obsession and passion do be different...i took initiative in all areas in my college and gone to extent of taking initiatives of conducting surveys and OD workshops for my college itself. For me MBA-HR was my future n bread n butter for me for rest of my life compared to bad phases in my past- I got Gold Medal for being outstanding student of my acedamic year.

Since the time i joined college , my learning was not merely whts books says its was more of research work by own and while i was at that stage i was getting inspired with few functional areas of HR and starts developing skills, later after MBA for almost 1 year i was jobless with any clarity though i approached good number of indusrties, including couple of cement factories where i was able to find job but at the time of appointment i was been told position has been cancelled.
After that i seriously thought bout getting into research but there also i was not able to get admission into fellowship program as they wanted somebody with immediate teaching experience.

From there on first break in HR i got in Recruitments area that too international recruitements from them on i was getting passionated for getting a break. i really worked hard in my weakers areas and at the same time luckly the kind of companies i joined i started doing SWOT analysis on the companies i worked and suggesting lots of HR related activites at the same time doing justice to the responsibility on hand as Recruiter, Within one year i proud lots or people wrong who were from varied backgrounds and got Best Recruiter of the year awared.

From there on i only had one goal in my mind how to get into HR General and for that what am i currently lacking and what should i still develop on...the companies i worked with my only task out of my self initiative is to understand the processess in place and come out with best possible solutions and start taking initiatives where ever i got the opportunites.

After gaining 3 years experience in Recruiters- i clearly knew where i should move on from there, then i started looking for similar jobs..recruitments, process understanding, general HR Functions and exposure of current market trends and HR Policies and helped me a lots to pitch in to say that i was suitable for HR- General Role, and i joined a mid sized company, with full of confidence as Asst Manager-HR....from there on there was no turning back for me ....i spend most of my time in research but today i can proudly say that i have implemented lots of good things in my company and proved my mattle. Today i am working as Manager-HR in Software Development Company.

I am telling you with my experience, all you need to have self confidence and zeal to think and do things differently.
All freshers should learn one thing:
  • Dreams are good but your need a path to reach the same- Vision is what i want to be and if so Mission is how i want to reach that....
  • Always be open and flexible to take up any challenges
  • Show that you have that potential and dont be over smart- there is a thin layer between being confident and overconfident...
  • Knowlegde and exposure to the current trends in market will always helps..
  • Communication its not how well you can take but how well you can translate your idea
  • Flexibility is always needed
  • Maturity is a must- Analysis and decision making skills
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Creativity on the Job
  • PP: Patience Pays: Its the strongest that that you need to adapt as you are dealing with people.
  • Work Ethics: HR is supposed to be confidential Desk
  • Be a Mobile Manager.
I can only suggest you it doesnt matter where n how you start but the start makes a difference but once you get started...and Stop not till your Goal is Reached:I am nots saying that i have achieved everything but my passion has not died ....Learning is never ending.

Please look into this career path ...it might differ from one company to the other but surely it will help u plan yourself accordingly.

Career Path: Attached for your review.

It is just three functional areas identified, no matter where you start you will always get opportunites to move into any cross functional areas...all that it needs is you open your eyes and mind and start planning and taking right decisions in rights time.

you can reach me at
Good Luck!!
29th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad

Attached Files
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File Type: doc careerpaths_Business Operations.doc (54.5 KB, 433 views)

hey rakesh,

first of all dont worry , even i have done my B.Tech (ECE) and then MBA HR. it was really a good suggestion tht u first get into consultancy in the first hand. i do understand tht u will be worried abt the aspects HR, generally all HR freshers say they are looking out for Core HR role (even i did it).

please take time to understand the industry before taking a break into MNC, i suggest recruitment firms as you have very good exposure and main thing is you can very interact with many people. u can understand many case studies.

dont worry abt the salaries and ppl coming from IIM's u will give them a tough competetion if u have one year experience. u need to work like more than ur manager expects from you. should never worry abt the hours of work and ur value additions makes the difference. in the ineterview u should be able to describe wht u have done to the company apart from from ur basic KRA's (key responsible area's).

even if u join at a very less salary u can ask for even 150% hike in your salary, by tht time even you will undestand how to negotiate and various aspects of HR.

i am telling u this with my own experience:-)


Executive HR
29th May 2008 From India, Vijayawada
Hi Rakech,
Iam happy that u brought this out.
I passed MBA last year n I denied all the marketing profiles in my campus placemenmts because i was a stuanch HR. fINALLY i DID GET PLACED IN CAMPUS for a HR rpofile but my first job was a night mare. though I ve 6 months experience as a HR generalist I am still searching for a job. seniors tel 'dont join consuultancies but how lll they tackle employment gap related questions in intervews. IF u quit a company in 6 months the hr asks why u quit in 6 months but if u search job for 6 months(because u dont wanno join some concern where u dont ve any learning n then quit in a few months) they ask wwhat did u do for 6 months?
why s that a marketing fresher gets 25 to 30k but a HR gets only 15 to 20 k.
what actually happens s that talented interested people also shift to marketing because of low opportunities n salaries(which happened in my college)
30th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hello everyone,
I have got my 1st job after completing my online MBA in HR in a small company where I handle almost everything admin,hr as there are only 8-10 employees,but I am not getting exposure to salary preperations as there are no deductions over here but I am learning all other things nicely,please help me to know wether this is a good start for and if I gain experience over here ,will it be helpful to me in the future for HR jobs in big organisations.
please reply
30th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Really I also faced the same problem but i would say if want to go in generalist then please trap some small or mid size company. and at least make exposure for min. 2 years.
all the best
Sanjay Sharma
30th May 2008
Hi to all
Its really good to see all the replies Here i want to give an advice to all the freshers is that join any of the company or consultancy as Recruiters and for other HR- Activities. Join in an institute which provides all the functions of HR. Once you complete 6 months in one company then look for the opportunities make sure to add other HR-activities in Resume,which you learnt in institutes.I hope this works for you.
30th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Rakesh,

Gone through your post & its quite true that its difficult for MBA(HR) freshers to get generalist position at the first instance. I too faced the same situation last year when i passed my MBA from Mumbai University. I then joined an MNC consulting co in Mumbai and then after working for 1.1 years in recruitment & client relations got a great opportunity in a retail company in a generalist role as an Asst. Manager-HR.

What i believe that for MBA freshers, if they are not from any top B schools, they should grab opportunities in recruitments as recruitment is the beggining for a HR person. Try to get into some big consultancies which has a brand name in the market. Don't run aftr money first. Wht you should concentrate is the profile. Money will automatically come if you are good enough. Even if you don't have any practical experience of a generalist role, try to get your concepts right. I followed in this way and today i am very satisfied in my position as an AM-HR.

HR is all about learning from the scratch. Believe in yourself,be confident and you will surely fulfill your goal.

All the best !!!


30th May 2008 From China, Qinhuangdao
Hi Param… thank you so much… the way you explained about the phases in a HR career and the ways to achieve the role we want is truly excellent… this information was one of the things that I was looking for to gain clarity on… as to what we need to do to achieve the role we want…. And I am sure that this post will be helpful for many freshers… to decide…. as to what to focus on….

Hi Reetu… great going… and thanks for posting..

Hi Swetha… as gipsy said… I really liked the way you abbreviated JOB ( Just obey your Boss)..
Thanks for posting…

Hi Jaggu, Kalpana, Yogesh, Rekha… thank you so much for sharing your experiences…. It’s really very interesting to go through every ones growth ladder… it definitely instills confidence and more importantly hope in the minds of Freshers … thank you seniors and do keep sharing and posting your experiences….

Hi Rkandadai…. First and foremost… I thank you for showing your concern towards us freshers which reflects in the way that you patiently have written that long post of yours… when things like these happen its makes me feel so happy… I am really getting many points from all of you… and I am sure that this guidance of you all will definitely take not only me but also other people forward in achieving their dream roles…
30th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad

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